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This is my post for #mysterymonday .It's an odd photo,I'll give you that lol and I'm really curious to see if anyone can guess what it is :)
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This is a good one Rachael... think I've been looking at it for a few minutes and I can't say I'm any wiser to what it is than when I started! But if I had to guess, I think it might be a macro view of a watercolor painting. There just seems to be a paintlike quality but I don't know if I'm imagining it or not!
+Chris Mallory & +Sam Heads great tries.It is a macro ,but it is not organic or living in any way no is it a painting.The location it was taken in is also somewhere that nearly every home or building has in it too !
Haha +Sam Heads ,you got the location right ! It is indeed my toilet bowl lol You also got the second part right,it's not bleach but another type of cleaning agent. Three cheers for Sam ! I don't get out of the house much so I'm always on the lookout for interesting things to photograph within the confines of my living space.One night I was cleaning my toilet and the patterns the cleaner made was very interesting,in my eyes.I decided to take a few pictures of it and really liked how they turned out :) I appreciate both you and +Chris Mallory for looking and playing along,I think it's a lot of fun :D
+Shannon Lambert I wish it was something so neat,but afraid it's really mundane lol :) The first thing that comes to mind is carnival glass but I don't think that's the right type of glass you're talking about either.I've seen what you mentioned.If you find out the name ,let me know because I think it;s rattling around in my head somewhere,but I can't put my finger on it.Kinda of like the name of a song you know but can't remember lol Drives me a little batty.MUST know name of bubbly gorgeous glass ! Attack of the cross posts lol !
No actually carnival glass is closer to what I meant. :-D
You know you are a true photographer when you can find beauty in the toilet bowl, lol. That was fun, congrats to Sam for figuring it out (I am still trying to figure out what yours is Sam, havn't given up on that yet).
+Chris Mallory I was like, "Am I really going to tell people that I take pictures of my toilet?" lol?At least you know I clean it ! :) +Sam Heads I'm happy you liked it and I'm glad we were able to have fun with it ,Congrats on getting it right :) !
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