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Between cleaning and trying to sleep like a normal person and instead getting broken weird un-refreshing sleep,I haven't got much done around here in a couple days.My apologies,it's the holiday season got things n' stuff to do lol.Including wrapping and cooking ! Christmas dinner shall consist of stuffed peppers,shepherds pie,deviled eggs and marinated carrots :) Then it's onto dessert.Happy Holidays everyone !
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We're doing Shepherd's Pie also! :) And I'm with you on the weird unbroken sleep and absence from G+. :)
+Kate Church I only recently tried my Moms this Thanksgiving and I was like,YUM lol My daughter also isn't fond of stuffed peppers but she loves deviled eggs and Shepherds pie,can't get enough lol.Peppers in the crock pot,Shepherds pie in the oven,gifts being unwrapped and Christmas music:D .Now If I could only get some snow that would stick it's be perfect lol Have a great Christmas Kate :)

+Carly Erin O'Neil By all rights I should be grocery shopping right now,but I'm still trying to wake up ! lol
Sounds wonderful Rachael! I've never had a stuffed pepper...
Happy holidays 'n merry christmas Rachael :)
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