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If you're just getting into photography or trying to learn the ropes of manual mode this might be useful for you ! And I think it's pretty too :)
If you're just starting out with a DSLR camera, you're probably pretty overwhelmed with all the different settings you have available. This cheat sheet from weblog Living In the Stills will help you k...
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I have this and printed it out on some nice textured cardstock. I thought it was too pretty for plain white paper! ;)
+Rachael Alexandra this is great. I just sent the link to my son. Great share. I hope all is good with you. =] I will say that I have to shoot my Nikon on the underexposed side to get the color and tones I want from the camera.... but thats just me
Thanks Rachael, that helped out quite a bit for me to understand some of the values that I have been using in manual mode through trial and error. Very helpful!
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