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Here comes the pay it forward circle again.I don't mind adding it as I did last night ,but whomever I choose to be on it next might feel obligated to participate when they might not want to.So here's my personal shout out,they don't have to add 500 people for me to pay it forward.I'd rather not take the chance on spamming those who have me circled,anyway .I don't mind looking past those posts but some do and I don't want to contribute to the menagerie.This way I can also put more out there too,instead of just one :)

+Chris Mallory is a cool guy and he is taking his passion for photography to higher levels all the time, a natural.He shares great and often thoughtful content and has a great eye for whatever he chooses to shoot.

+Mike Rector is an amateur astronomer that has a knack for taking the complicated language of astronomy and boiling down to it's essential essence (especially on his blog) and has recently gotten more into time lapse photography(which is really neat).His passion is contagious.His posts are very informative and if you enjoy the night sky,you'll probably enjoy his posts too :)

+Sam Heads is brilliant entomologist & paleontologist with an artful eye and a vast wealth of knowledge at his disposal,which he shares liberally.I learn new things from him all the time !

+Shane Williams has a great collection of macros (many of insects) that I really enjoy.He has a great technique and his photos are crisp and sharp down to the tiny leg hairs on a fly.

I could really go on and on(and be here all day lol),but I chose a few folks who I have interacted with that have relatively small followings and who post great content that I like having in my stream.
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+Rachael Alexandra Thank you so much for the shoutout. It means a lot to me :) I think personal posts like these are much more valuable than that Pay-it-forward thing going around right now, so I for one am glad you did it this way instead.
My pleasure +Sam Heads .You also have a great sense of humor and even though you have a PhD you don't talk down to people who are less academic.You share your knowledge,not intimidate with it.That's pretty cool in my book :)

+Chris Mallory I was hemming and hawing over it because I did want to pay it forward,just not in that manner :) I'm glad I made the right choice.You're well deserving of the shout out :)

+Mike Rector Anytime,baby :) You impress and inspire me daily.
Shane, very well said and thank you for all your kind words. I feel like I have been truly lucky to find all of you here on G+, I can't imagine my experience here so far would be nearly as worthwhile without any of you.
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