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So tonight, there was the possibility of an aurora down at this latitude. Watched for it all night last night and it was so damn clear,it could have been awesomeness. The aurora was much stronger tonight.... when it got cloudy out,of course :P. Nice and low on the northern horizon. The result was still kinda pretty,with the lights of Montreal reflecting on the clouds in the distance:) I may get to those a little later on.

Right now ,I'm getting ready to play with some water in the kitchen. Possibly other stuff too, depending on how frustrating it gets lol Having two tripods and disposable gloves comes in very hand sometimes ! I just wanted to share my goofy little setup with you all :)
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Nice ! you have been quite lately ... glad to see ya back in action !
With my luck I'd poke a little hole in the glove and it would split and spill water all over the kitchen!
I spent all day today doing this very same thing and got 1000 shots of nothing!
Look forward to seeing the results :) Also, have I mentioned how lucky you are for being at a high enough latitude to see the aurora? I've never seen it :|
You need a bigger fridge - that one looks kinda dinky... ;-)
+David Bowden I have a habit of stepping away from the computer for a couple days at a time :P

+Troy Parrish lol I might have that down to a science by now but I still manage to get water everywhere !

+Keith Johnston Well,I got 500 some odd shots in before my camera started losing it's battery and I'll bet I don't have one I'll be excited about.I'll end up posting whatever I can live with as the results lol It's just the nature of these things,at least you can't say it's not challenging,if not a little frustrating at times.

+Dan Peterson I'm happy it could be of some use to you ! :)

+Chris Mallory I wouldn't get too excited lol.It's pretty hit and miss :P I haven't looked at them yet .I've never actually seen the aurora myself,just once have I caught it on camera.My eyes can't gather that much light,and the addition of light pollution does a number on it too for naked eye viewing.I imagine in perfect darkness I'd be able to see some of it :)

+Shawn McClure Don't I know it lol :) I'd love to have one of those fancy kitchens,please ^^

+Mike Moseley That's a perfect way to put it Mike !
Thanks for sharing the setup, wanted to try something like this since a long time ago. After you've shown this, i guess its much easier to start off.
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