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Though I fight with tears
My dark moments drift below
And I am reborn

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+David Bowden Just a little bit of milk,soap and food coloring in a dish.This looked SO much more intense in monotone ,but it does have a colorful counterpart.I take a hairpin or something of the like and draw designs in it and take photos :) I have many little science projects I use to create my art ^^
You sure have a way with photographing mixed liquids! Very nice (I am reminded of your toilet bowl concoction of last month, lol)
+Chris Mallory A lot of it comes from science projects for kids actually :) I love a blending of science and art,through interaction come expression :)

+David Bowden If I have a high speed camera ,the video would have been even cooler :P Phantom plz :)

Thank you +Craig Szymanski !
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