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This is for #FungusFriday I don't know for certain what the white fungus t is ,but the closest I cam to ID'ing it ,would be a species Calocera Fungus.
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Awesome find... my favorite types of fungus are the ones, like this, that look like they belong underwater.
Yup,the first thing I thought was that it looked so much like a coral.There is a type of fungi sometimes called coral fungus(Clavarioid fungi),perhaps it's one of that type instead.I couldn't find a fungus exactly like it.
Much as I love fungi I don't know too much about how to identify them... it seems that there are always many similar species, but nothing that matches quite exactly right, atleast in my experience. Here is another potential contendor I found through a quick google search: Again, its similar, but not quite perfect.
It really stands out in the nice green mosses, almost like dusty millers do in our flower gardens. Good Stuff!
I just stumbled upon this +Rachael Alexandra!  What you have here is a species of lichen from the genus Cladonia!  It could be Cladonia subtenuis or perhaps even Cladonia rangiferina both of which are referred to as "reindeer moss".

Oh I almost forgot to tell you how much I love the shot!  The DOF is perfect!  :D
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