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And for #FidoFriday .This is Jasmine.She holds my heart in her sweet ,squishy ,soft paws.I am one of those folks who loves their pets a little eccentrically(you've been forewarned lol).She's a 12 year old Black Labby ,she is also diabetic.Every day ,twice a day she gets her fancy Turducken and prescription dry food and her shots.I also happen to wind up with a diabetic cat too ( ,who is also 12 lol the odds,right?) so that's four shots a day and four different kinds of special food,not to mention vet visits and special blood sugar monitors,sticks and syringes.It's a hefty price to pay,so much that there is nary anything left for extras.Many months,I have thought I'd have to cancel our cable & internet.Luckily with some some good luck,my credit card and a little help I have not yet had to do that.Her and Chester ( the kitty) are completely worth it though.I mean look at that face lol It's pretty much the only reason I want to sell my photographs,one 12 can case of her food is $32 and she has 2 cans a day.I don't need riches and status,I just want a damn case of dog food :) Anyway, I wanted to introduce her,she's such a large part of my life,she gives me and my family such joy.When I am having a bad day or am sad, a little cuddle with her makes things leagues better, and as my tears are soaked up by her fur and I kiss her sweet face and she gives me unconditional love and grace in return,drying my eyes.I can't write much more,as I am already reduced to tears so I will leave you with a sweet quote :)

My sunshine doesn't come from the skies,
It comes from the love in my dog's eyes.
~Unknown Poet
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She is the sweetest dog known to human kind. How can you not fall in love with that face?
Awww, I love that face. She looks so much like our Jakey, a 14 year old black lab.
Oh my goodness, she is the sweetest, cutest dog ever! What an adorable expression you captured! And your post brought tears to my eyes. Your pets are lucky yo have you :)
+Sinead Sam McKeown Thank you,I'd like to think I'm a good pet mommy !I loved the expression so much I had it printed out hanging over the bed along with another photo her and another of my pets,who has passed.
+Rachael Alexandra I can really see the love you have for them through your post! Some people are able to have this special connection with animals and I'm always happy to find those people :) (Adding you to my animal lovers circle now :) )
Aaawww.... I am such a sucker for dog pictures. I love em all. This is great.
Ada M
she is adorable and I totally understand the great love you have for her....(and for your little cat). You are a perfect mama for them and they are the perfect adorable pets for you....wish you all the best :) hugs for them :)
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