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It has been done ! I sincerely hope I did the #SelfySunday project correctly this time! It is run by +Jeff Smith & +Levi Moore ,the rest of the album is can be found here :

Yeah,so here I be :) Sorry if I'm posting and re-posting and all.My settings went a little wonky there for a sec :)

Happy I got this done before my trio of shows ! I'll be back later to look at the rest of the selfy album more closely!
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There's nothing that isn't incredible with this! All I can really say is WOW! :) Just freakin' awesome!
Excellent vision and as as Sam said, well executed :) Must've taken forever to get the paint(?) on/off though!
Well,thank you +Chris Bagley ! The positive feedback means a lot to me.I usually have a certain "picture" face and although it's not bad per say,it's sort of boring lol.I figured the project itself is meant to push you beyond your boundaries and this is certainly out of my ordinary so to have it so well received is very gratifying for me :)
+Sam Heads Thank you Sam,I'm quite pleased that it even caught your eye :D
+Dan Peterson Thanks ! Patience and practice is the key :)
+Chris Mallory Thank you ,Chris ! It took a whole lot longer putting it on than off lol.It's a sort of paint,window crayon paint.I draw various seasonal scenes on a couple of my windows when I'm feeling festive lol.I don't have any black acrylic,so I used what I had and I like the sort of rough way the lines turned out as opposed to sharp or hard edged lines.The window crayons don't go on skin very smoothly(especially the black for some reason)I found out,washed off pretty easily to my delight though :)
+Shane Williams Don't be silly lol :) Thank you though,there was/is about 5 incarnations of this idea,minimal effort and then grew into and undertaking lol
Actually +Shane Williams I did do a bit of post processing.I'll try to recall what I did without having to go in another room to check lol.I healed a couple black smudges on my my face,used a yellow color layer to fill in areas where my skin was showing through the paint,a little burning/dodging,a multiply layer which made the blacks/yellows darker and richer and a light texture over top.^^
Well,I'm no expert but I know the basic functions pretty well.Dodging and burning is essentially lightening and darkening a part of the image :) I'm an autodidact (just an excuse to use the word lol) so I go about it with a lot of reading and trial and error.If you do happen to want some assistance or any questions ,I'll do what I can to help :)
Ah, hadn't stumbled across this one before... This is a brilliant setup and image, Rachael.