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We had some snow for a short while,I had to go get pictures of it on something at least lol.There hasn't been a lot of snow this year, unlike last year.Now it's just really really cold and icy.When it's this cold the air feel sharp as you breathe it in.Everything seems to seize up..Just walking on the deck felt different,like it would shatter if it were more delicate.
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Really like this! One of my favorites of yours so far. Also just noticed that Thomas Hawk included you in his kick ass photographer circle, that's pretty awesome. You're well deserved of the recognition.
Very nice choice of framing on this - makes an everyday subject much more compelling... :-)
Aww +Chris Mallory thank you !!! I was actually pretty meh on this one,I hesitated on whether I should even upload it at all,so your comments mean a great deal to me :) The circle thing,I was pretty surprised,I'm not one to really get star-struck though :) I appreciate being included never the less,though.

+Shane Williams It is very,until it gets up to your thighs then it seems like an insurmountable force lol I wish I could send you some >.< Taking a bite out of some freshly fallen snow is just divine :D

+Shawn McClure Thank you Shawn ! Like I mentioned to Chris,I was on the fence about posting i, so I'm very pleased my every day subject has a good reception :) I still think I should have thrown some glitter on it lol,the snow is now an ice sheet so I might have to wait to try that out when it snows again.Hopefully,it won't be -20F out because I really dread even stepping outside when it's that cold.
+Rachael Alexandra - Hah! No glitter needed - just a talented sense of framing and composition... ;-) Photography has been at a standstill for me, lately. It's been cold, snowy, windy, and all-around miserable. Plus, I'm so busy at my "day job" that I barely have time to post a few things and respond to a few comments... :-) Here's hoping it warms up for both of us soon...! ;-)
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