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Sometimes, all you need to make some magic is a little bit of "Why not? :)
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Rachael Alexandra

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Might have shared already. Not quite sure. " Just an Intermission " like where I am presently :) Intermissionland!!
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Rachael Alexandra

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Painting dressers, cuddling my doggie n kitty, -33 below outside brrrr , phone is still screwed because people don't know how to run businesses, will try diy but It'll probably break worse ( instead of just the USB port )anyway, shoulders and back hurt immensely - all the time, computer near window too cold/chair makes back hurt more. Trying to sort house. Not dead, or all emo-y or anything just busy between that stuff n work. Will show dresser finished :) just checking in :)
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Hang blanket over window. Enjoy warmth. 
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Rachael Alexandra

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I wonder, if I created a podcast, would anyone be interested/listen to it? It was suggested to me, to tell my "story" . According to the person who suggested it, they thought people might relate. Just throwing the idea out there. 
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Can't wait : )
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Rachael Alexandra

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For a project. These are little fragrance beads from an air freshener on top of upside-down plastic spoons. Little time & energy = using what you have. These are what I used in the previous post , they aren't from Christmas lol Not exactly what I was going for but well enough for now,

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Good shot, and well worth the time and energy spent!
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Rachael Alexandra

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Yes, still unpacking. Until my house is sorted and looking good, I'm still " away" bear with me please :) The picture is only the stuff in one corner lol
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Rachael Alexandra

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I really need to learn how to build a goddamn compter desk. I need to learn and have tons tools to build shit. I want to build but I don't know how. At all. So lost.
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Rachael Alexandra

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Leonard Nimoy's passing gives me a sad face :(

Also , I can't make the dress white and gold no matter what I do. I can only see it as black and blue.

That is all, everyone else on the whole internet has chimed in and I may as well too lol
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Rachael Alexandra

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Cubby painting? I thought This DIY stuff is supposed to be inexpensive. That isn't the case all the time lol

This Is your basic Walmart mdf/laminate cubby that was light blonde fake wood colored. This is my effort to snazz up some old crap for a new place. This is my daughters rooms furniture I'm focusing on. I plan to do this and a dresser , the rest will be black ( her decision since I offered to paint them all to match, lucky me because I don't think I have enough paint for that ) and wood. I'm not painting the wood/veneered stuff because I really like the way real wood looks. Not fake mismatching knock down furniture wood.

I painted/stenciled a pantry once but I'm not an experienced furniture painter. So it's not as perfect as I'd like it to be. The outside is sherwin Williams North Star, the inside is called Storm cloud. I did not pick these colors on a whim, they are my best effort to find a compliment to the wall color (sensational sand ). I think the dresser will be easier since I'm not painting the inside lol I did the crafty washi tape thing to cover up some boo boos lol so sand lightly, wipe, prime, paint, touch up, poly acrylic, decorations and voila! A pretty if not a little imperfect cubby. I don't think it'll be a big deal with stuff in it though!

( yes I know the tree, lol it's pretty and I have no where to store it at the moment, so there it hangs :) )
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Rachael Alexandra

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half asleep pardon me inadvance,

its the blue, i need to fix the blue without stripping it. i wanted suede wall paper but that's way too much $. I dont want to paint the thing, with its thick blue oil paint. Bleh. not doing the chalk paint/shabby chic thing.

 Contact paper? most of what ie browsed is too, not ok for this lol Cant get velvet finish paint here. Wall paper? Why couldn't they just leave the wood alone? Wallpaper and attempt to paint the trim chocolate brown/black? so tired, my only hope for peace in my sleep is the hope for suggestions/experiences  because im pretty sure iv e tapped them all out. I like the contrast, the color just doesn't go with anything. its almost painters tape blue lol zzzz
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Oh no!! :( ....can you send it back at least?  - or have you got a new set of cushions in the making? ;) lol
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Rachael Alexandra

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I think only rich people can be organized and still be a pack rat.

and I am the furthest thing from a minimalist

I have all this art stuff, little do-dads, trinkets, stuff I take macro pictures of. I can't just afford to go buy shit when I want it. So I have to save it. So many pictures I've taken are from bits from broken off jewelry, busted hair things, that kind of stuff. Props, some big, but mostly little. A lot of little stuff. 

Then there is the papers. I have so many papers I have to keep, and I just don't have the space for it all. 

I see all these "affordable" storage solutions and they are anything but. Little photo boxes ? 5.99 a piece. That shoe box bit? I have been there and done that. Doesn't work for me. Then there's Elfa storage systems for oh 600 bucks. Little plastic bins? I got one recently for my calligraphy supplies and 12.99. 12.99 doesn't seem like a lot but when you need like 20 of them adds up. Then I have to stuff it under my couch because there is no where else lol

Those metal shelfy things that go under the sink so shit stays where it;s supposed to? For a decent one 59.99. I don't know what to do. I can't just magically create and/or buy cabinetry . No I can't make them nor do I know anyone that can.

I swear my whole life revolves around cleaning and looking for stuff. My house is one of those sliding puzzle games, to get to one thing, you have to move 10 things.When I'm not working I'm cleaning and organizing so that it doesn't become a monstrosity. I feel like I'm constantly fighting it. I can't even have anyone else do it because I'm the only person that knows where the stuff goes.

My house would be glorious if I had about 5k to spend on places to put things instead of ugly blue dollar store bins that I have no choice but to stack.


I leave you with one of my favorite pictures. The feather to a broken earring.
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Move to London.
If you'd like to keep expenses reasonable, you'd end up renting only a room. That makes a person try to make sure there's only little clutter at almost all times. ;-)
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Rachael Alexandra

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"If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else."
-Yogi Berra

Truer words were never spoken ;p Last B&WSPC . Just a bigger version of my profile picture :)
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Your eyes are like glass marbles... beautiful!
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