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Sometimes, all you need to make some magic is a little bit of "Why not? :)
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Pretty & sparkly .....
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Rachael Alexandra

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Creamy,dreamy blue martini. First words that sprung to mind :)
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Nice colors!

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Rachael Alexandra

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I have a meh few pictures of one of these critters. They are not easy to photograph and I hadn't seen one before then either. They are really quite adorable to me lol
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Rachael Alexandra

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When I reset my phone, all my g+ contacts got imported. I meant to skip but over the past few months I've nearly hung out/called/messaged many of you folks. So if it happens and I don't catch it soon enough. That's most likely why :)

Oh and o wish Instagram shares to g+ I do take pictures of things lol, just mostly on a device and I generally try to post only my fancy cam pictures on here. It's eyedelights if you feel compelled. Have a nice day !
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Those are all really useful things to know actually, thanks guys!
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I was doing a jig test :p where you flap around all silly for the photographer friend ( the best ) you're with. My second wedding. Verdict? I don't take very flattering people pictures but I'm not really surprised lol My picture taking of people game is not strong lol
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Infectious Joy! Shake it 'til...
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Rachael Alexandra

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Quick, what ( besides traction & anti inflammatories ) helps with very unpleasant neck/ upper back pain?

I've done everything I can look up and do on my own as far as stretches etc go. Any ideas? This has been going on for a long time. I thought I just injured something and it's go away on its own. Between that and the sunburn my neck/back area just sucks at the moment. I really like to use my neck. It holds up my head and stuff.

Other specifics: hurts both left and right, up and down, at rest, in motion too. I get a strange and unpredictable twang dead center neck area when I turn my head. Intermittent though. It kind of feels like an electric popping burning that radiates. It makes me feel like grumpy cat.

Doctors tell me I'm young, so suck it up whenever I go for things like this as opposed to something like bronchitis. A little desperate. Any suggestions?
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Look into doing stretches for your neck, upper and lower back, hamstrings and calves. It all conneted. Look at doing the stretches 2 - 3 times a day. Make it a regular part of your everyday life.
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Rachael Alexandra

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My little ode to #NewHorizons #PlutoFlyby #Pluto <3
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How sweet!  I'm so excited waiting for the data to start trickling back.
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Am embarrassing but true story, I'm still squicked out
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Oh....(giggle) I would've waved my arms around but not looked up😂😂😂
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Rachael Alexandra

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This might be my best (most flattering, ahem ) smiling with teeth picture I've ever taken in my opinion. I smile a lot but I don't like the way it looks in most pictures, big teeth, big mouth lol & yes I love my big white headphones :p
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+Peter Day it totally annoyed me too after I saw it lol
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Rachael Alexandra

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Did you know that I am incapable of daydreaming? (naturally no) My mind is never quiet enough for unstructured thought. My mind does not wander, it hops from distinct thought to distinct thought/idea/curiosity. I had no idea that this is evidently an oddity? There is no escape for me.

Maybe that's why I such vivid sleeping dreams (that I often remember parts of if not most of it. I actually feel disturbed when I remember a dream in its entirety and it follows a very linear path) most of those dreams are creepy/unsettling/traumatic/violent/ at that. I remember the worst of them for the rest of my life.

I get to re-live grief and loss , trauma and pain I've tried to move past. I get to wake up in tears, shaking these thoughts from myself, as if trying to dissipate some ethereal nocturnal miasma that resides in my awareness. Trying to see past it and breathe normally. I awake unsettled with these images still alive in my mind.

At the very least many of my dreams are third person or I am simultaneously outside looking in and experiencing the dream activities. As soon as those distractions are gone, I am assaulted by thoughts. This is normal for me, everything from weeks, months, years past up to the present moment (which is usually morning bodily needs)

All day, every day, I feel only fleeting moments of peace that I desperately cling to. The rest is more than can ever be put in words. I exist in multiple time frames in synchrony , very little is lost and unprocessed. There is always and has always been weeping somewhere within me, for wounds that never heal.

I just needed to express, I'll probably regret it in the morning but maybe I can sleep now. Pardon the typos and spellchecker fails. 
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I have had separate dreams that my kids have died's horrible to wake crying & broken.
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Rachael Alexandra

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The amount of information coming out on this case is almost like I'm reading a fictional tale in a novel. Escape from prison, kill the husband of the female worker your seduced to get you out, go to Mexico, plan falls through so you head into the woods breaking into cabins trying to survive, then head north to the Canadian boarder. All this and then on top of it you have drug trafficking within the prison, and other details in the escape. Watching it all unfold is quite interesting. This may be boring to those not living in the area, but being so close to where it all went down makes it all that more exciting.
Recaptured escapee David Sweat has told police that he and Richard Matt conducted a practice run of their prison break the night before they disappeared from Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York, a state official says. Agents with the sta...
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Very little happens around here, certainly not international news. I've been by that prison many times, I wasn't too afraid for my own safety but it's still a big deal to me.
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