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LARP prep stuff for a character who carries books instead of weapons. :D

Can somebody please write more scripts worthy of Viola Davis? Or worthy of Amanda Waller as a character?

#suicidesquad #sobad
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I am looking for the one-day announcement, as I seem to recall there was one posted at some point, covering what the theme was?

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Ganian Playz!

So... on the topic of Gan and it's theatre, I wrote a bunch of stuff that, by its nature, nearly no one got to read (though I think some wound up on the Archive). So have some links!

On Ganian Theatre -- the one that more or less explains the crazy complicated conventions what go on here:

Five Jade Cups -- the one the Alchemists got to see. I really wanted to actually put this on some time, but that, alas, didn't get to happen, because I am lazy:

A Red Truth -- the one that drives you mad. I didn't get far with it, alas alas:


Occurs to me- did I ever post the texts of the Ganian Play fragments what were written? And if not, is there interest in those?

Though let's face it, I'll probably post them anyway.

Secrets of the Deep

Here's the full list of Secrets that we had. I have left in the notes re: what they were about. Apologies for how sloppy a lot of my notes are- there were a lot of things we wanted to get deeper into, and a lot of the personal ones we had things written up more deeply for, but I was putting in quick reference kinds of notes.

Also, some things had more than one meaning, or more than one potential meaning; so feel free to ask.


"But I have seen it," he said to me, and his voice was the solemnity of the sun in my ears, the melancholy sigh of the sun grown too high and too hot to nurture the living things of the earth, the sun that punishes and compels, "I have seen the shadow, and it is not the light which casts the shadow, but that which is between the light and Heaven." (Oriset, yo.)

"You know, of course, that below all of the living world there runs a great devourer, One Who Shatters, and his smiles are blood, and his mouth is as a river of blood, and his laughter spews forth a great fire and any one or all who hears it is consumed thereby?" (The Most Foul devouring the Pillar in the Grim Prison)

To understand these words requires the proper voice to tell you what they mean, a charming storyteller, who may dwell in dark places and in light-- whose face is as a mirror, whose head is as a vault, whose mind is empty of all presupposition, who knows all common things but minds them not and who may turn a phrase from lumpen grist into good and hearty porridge. His tongue must be as common as anything, it must be the road upon which no traveler could ever be lost. (Martel)

It has been spoken of about a path in a dark wood, a forest where there is no light. Day does not exist there, nor does properly night, and neither moon nor stars. There is the cold road, whitish stones and gravel lain in the dark earth. One may remain in the cold, or follow, but it is all the same. (Tire-a-Tun)

Neither hand to receive nor hand to offer, but in this place we have kept our treasure-- locksafe against the Day and the Night, that which passes and that which ends. We have kept it there, safe against prying eyes and changing winds. We have said that there is a treasure, and that is so, but what is treasure to One may to another be Death itself... (Deadmoon, I'm pretty sure.)

Remember that in the land with no mirrors, the whole of the land is a mirror, and reflects the vault of the firmament, which is mighty, and a waste. Remember when you have been scoured clean, and this thing-- these words, are all truly that you may remember. (The Wasteland)

Remember when the doors of your mouth and the gates of your eyes and the houses of your mind have been emptied and opened and set ablaze, when the city of your body has been razed to waste, that it is good to be clean, to be empty, and to be ash. (More about the Wasteland. Facetious.)

I have two souls, I have two bright children. One weeps, for he is formed out of flesh, and the other cries, for he is all carved out of light, and as he is made from light, from light may he not return, else he will cease to be himself. (About Trolls and Celestials, initially, but y'know, whatever.)

The Sanguine Soul says to the Luminous Soul, "Oh take me with you! For you are bright and the sky is your home, and I would be like you, knowing all that is light, illuminating everything, passing through everything." (About Trolls and Celestials, initially, but y'know, whatever.)

The Luminous Soul says to the Sanguine Soul, "The flesh is your cage, I cannot take you with me. Your skin feels the earth, and you have skin. I am the Quick and you are the Slow, and you pass through time as quickly as I pass through your arms and dissipate into the still air, from whence I come. Are we brothers? We are hardly brothers. Do not envy me, for what do I matter, in my brevity, in my loneliness, save that you must see by me?" (About Trolls and Celestials, initially, but y'know, whatever.)

When no human being can say, it is best to rely on the counsel of those that are not human beings... (Just good advice. Also, Dragons.)

What is important, of course, is the light that is brought, that came from Above. How amazing, that both the sun and the storm that blots out the sun should drop fire? (Um, something about Celestials, I suppose. or the Ivory Sun.)

What is behind the sun, all the stars? The blue sky deceives, the red sky begins to reveal, the black sky is the truth of things. These are the devices of On High.

And of the one whose dreaming heart blows forth the rose; the flower is the truth of how her cause is just; the thorn is the weapon of her revenge. (Donia, Redwood Throne)

Beneath his right foot, the rock split and the earth crumbled away, blackened; and from his mouth came the hornets and the screams of the wind, and from his throat the red roarings of the day that will be drenched in blood, and lo did it pour forth, and lo were they all consumed by the words of his mouth. For he is the One who is the Fang and the Claw, the one who Devours even as he breathes. (Ofilire!)

One may not walk alone upon a road. Roads are always, ever twinned. There is a beginning and an end; there are the ones that have gone before, and much that you may not see. And if there is more than one, if there is two, then there is always a third: and infinity. (So many worlds!)

One may not walk alone upon a path. Paths are always, ever twinned. There is a beginning and an end; there are the ones that have gone before, and much that you may not see, for it is all illuminated, it is all of light, and by light one may be blinded. (Ofilire gets what he wants re: Nether)

One may not walk alone upon a path. Paths are always, ever twinned. There is a beginning and an end; there are the ones that have gone before, and much that you may not see, for it is shrouded all in shadow. Whatever you do not see, there is another just out of sight, in the darkness, and beyond your reach. (so many worlds, Nether is kinda dumb)

Through the ages of the Kingdom they shall go, the wandering child and the stationary child. And wherever they go they shall be bound together at the wrist, and the doom of one shall be the doom of the other. (The Tharici and Tharicia/Tarsikka)

The sun is a clock, by its cycles, it tells us when we ought to come and ought to go, it lights our path-- that is all you need to know. (the Light of Heaven)

And in the waste, on the edge of the sea: there are no candles, no bright sparks by which one may see, or remember. (The spirits destroyed by the Waste)

Look thou, the City lies above us, the City and the Road, and at the other end of the road, another city, a thousand other cities joined at the wrist-- like ours, my sibling, and theirs. (The Road of Black Stars and all the worlds along it)

In all the world, there is only one Four which is other than the absence of its Fifth. What is a blessing which is also a curse? It is Four. (The Oracles)

There is One who is Many-- his face is comely, or it is terrible, but his fingers reach everywhere. (Varas)

There is One whose very thought is malice; tell him no secrets, or it will go poorly with you. (Yeudlif)

There is One whose eye you will not resist, should it fall upon you. To be hers is to know the truth of your own being, to love, and to despair. (Chulda, and Lycanthropy)

There is One whose hunger is held by the Children of the blood: may he never be sated. (Ofilire)

There is One whose hate is a wedge, who is heard in deep places. I fear she will hear me. (Harthani)

There is One who stands guard in the North; and he feeds on the bones of the Great and the Small. (Sturkne/Frozen Castle)

There is One who hungers only for knowledge, and whose children devour it mightily. (Jytharic)

There is One who is wasting itself, and the sky peels back in terror from his coming. (Kasirga)

There is One who lies sleeping, her soul in pieces: may she never awaken. (Vyrakotha)

Who knew of the Shattering of Chains? Three knew, that is the right answer. (i forget where I was going with this. :( -- probably the Warden, and two of the Oracles )

Who knew of the Opening of Skies? Five knew, but not all saw. (This too?-- it's about the Descent, anyway)

If the answer is not three, it is five. (this is straight up DtD numerology)

Who remembers Lysara Drasda? No one, not even Remembrance. (It being in the Wasteland)

Those children come from the Dragon: But wherefrom came the Dragon? (The Gauntish coming to the mainland)

Those who dwell in the East have not forgotten their brothers; but in the South, they do not know their sisters (the Empire of the Crane and Mingolay).

The Wasteland is that which has been Forgotten.

Where four are wrong, the fifth will also be moved to error.

Of the world: There are Parents, there are Servants, there are Children. There is no exclusivity in this: I am the ribbon of blood that flows outside. (those who create races, those who are created, and those who are born. The Oracles are removed from this, though they are nominally human)

What is Prophecy? It is Light Embodied, and cloaked again in Shadow. (newsflash: prophecy is obscure as shit.)

The change that comes upon the Immortal does leave blood behind; the Sacrifice is heartsblood, and the lamentations of the ones who remain, who will die and pass from the world. (About becoming a totem, unless it's about the one Celestial who became the Homunculi)

change that comes upon her children is alleviated only by the blood of their siblings; lo! For I did see them kneel before her, and turn one to his brother and to her sister, and devour them. (About Lycanthropes, though this could be about the Children)

O the outcome is unwritten, what has been shall not be again, but by the way all that has been persists: In the Memory of the World, by Experience. (About Remembrance in general)

Where have set the stars? In the east, where the crane once flew. (About where the Pentaverate went)

Three have dwelt with eyes of light: One who changed, one who passed, and one who dwelleth in the South. (about the Light Dragons, or Pent-Fain, Lygora (not a light dragon, but saw through their eyes), and Sept-Thet)

The change that comes upon the skin is the mark upon the contract, and it may not be removed, but it may be Forgotten. (About the Mark of the Fallen, and how Nether can remove it.)

Who forgets nothing? Only the Oracles. (Nether doesn't faze them, because their knowledge comes from outside time.)

It is possible to dwell in dim memories, but to be Forgotten; such is the way of the West. (About Mazhan being eaten by Nether)

That which is dead may yet be a great devourer. (the Most Foul)

In Eskalak, all numbers are as one, and all time as well. To a dragon, four is as good as five. (why there's 4 Oracles)

The squamous child is dulled on its own; but grows brighter in the presence of its parent; kind lifts kind, as wings on the air-currents. (dragons make drakes smarter)

And the last king shall be the King of Forgetting. (Oriset)

And of the one who made the earth his home; he has eyes all of light, but sees the solace of the tomb. (Light Under the Mountain.)

And of the one who followed, her heart hidden in shadows, she sees what is true. (Heart of Shadows)

And of the one who rebelled, that one set up in the sun the memories of that which was glorious, and let all that was not fall away. (Ivory Sun)

And of the one who honors the blood of the ancestors set up in ice and stone, who waits with longing, at the last. (Ebon Aspect)

And of the one who wandered, the storm is his home and the sky is his home, and he hath no home, and the homeless are his own. (unending sky.)

And of the one who dwelleth behind the Loom and Tapestry, white eyes blackened to give true sight to mortals. (Spider Lords)

And of the one who builded the creature, many-headed, and called his name Empire and set him forth to ride, and for his zeal was locked away in time, his banners burnt, never to come again. (Chimeric Legacy)

And of the one who sacrificed herself upon the altar of her errors, whose children forge her flesh with their defiance. (Lavine's Totem-- after I put this out, I'd have been sad if that failed.)

And of the one who walked on scarlet roads and saw with scarlet light, whose hand is open, a soothing balm. (the Red Candle - after I put this out, I'd have been sad if that failed.)

Returned Warnings

Initially, every Returned triggered an Iron Wraith whose job was to drag them back to the Grim Prison, because the Warden was pissed at having been tricked into letting them go. These Secrets were warnings about who that Iron Wraith was, or if there were none, why not (like, you already had a super deadly enemy gunning for you). We didn't get to run anywhere near as much Iron Wraith plot as we would have liked, and in some cases, we went in some different directions, as you'll see.

Cambril cares not to call on his own; but once more seeks His Herald. (yo Whisper, whut up? Not about an Iron Wraith.)

Who seeks the Archer? The love that is dead, and the hatred that does not die. (Reveka's lover = Iron Wraith? (we did not actually do this); also Ebil Livia & Varas)

Who seeks the Son of His Mother? O' though he is well protected by siblings of Ice and Blood, the Father remembers. (Bjorn's Father = Iron Wraith maybe?)

Who seeks the flower of sorrow? The sister whose sorrow is preserved in Iron (Kaitire, Anthea's adopted sister = Iron Wraith?).

Who seeks the Redeemed Warlord? The son who was adopted by the flame. (Linos and Marcus Haemon's son- being race changed into a Marrashi, he was not actually dead, so not an Iron Wraith. We hadn't actually decided how we were going to play that encounter, and still hugely regret not staging him.)

Who seeks the Black Stone? None need seek him; his enemy awaits, deathless. (Rexyl & Jytharic, sittin' in a gate...)

Who seeks the Black Stone? A rival who dwelt ever beneath his notice. (the Iron Wraith Rashkal)

Who seeks the Ivory Quill? The guiding hand that hides the poisoned pen. (Khavar & Dalavere)

Who seeks the Fire's Daughter? She who first quenched that flame, and thirsts for it again. (Nasreen and Parachae - not an Iron Wraith. Parachae is bad enough. Another thing I wish we'd been able to finish up.)

Who seeks the Page of Hours? O none dare seek her, lest her master call her to serve once more. (Caiomhe & Ofilire. Oops)

Who seeks the Herald of Cambril? The Usurper hungers for her overthrow. (Whisper and a story we never got to get into, having to do with Endeiras as the Firstborn all became Werewolves.)

Who seeks the Wanderer in Exile? Who has ever sought him, ever been his measure and his weird? (Ronin and Akaen. Duh.)

Who seeks the Smith of the Sun's Armor? Only the Last King knows; it is a thing that is Forgotten. (Urza, Oriset)

Who seeks the Chameleon? The one whose blood is shamed by her lapse in faith (Kaida and one or more of her Silver Web family members)

Who seeks Sin? The Sinner corrupted by her best intentions. (Sinara and more story we never got to)

Who seeks the Fanged Blade? One who would see him honor his family's oaths a second time. (Kujuro, the guy who killed him last time)

Who seeks the Nameless Outcast? The one who saw his hand and severed it, ere he raised it agains them. (Ogai, house of silver web master. Potentially Threadcutter (indeed, Threadcutter was one of the original Masters of the House of the Silver Web).)

Who seeks the Lover of Death? The one who first wedded her to Death's embrace. (Kadijha and the one who killed her)

Who seeks the Tranquil Pen? The one duly steeped in treachery. (Anquility dai Vision, and the person who actually set up Vyrakotha)

Who seeks the Merchant of Exquisite Death? The one who would trade worth for blood. (Antonia & Eros)

Who seeks the Emerald Sinister? The Nightingale whose diamond tongue was proven glass. (Lennicias and the Nightengale, an enemy from Tharicia)

Five Paths to the Forge, Five Gates open onto the Forge, Five Towers surround the Forge; One for eyes, one for Above, one for Between;
One for what is, and one for those that were. (Prophecies of Lygora. About Tontura)

Eyes do not see beyond the tallest gate: What enters does not return. (Prophecies of Lygora; the Hall of Immortals)

In the east I saw them, a silver dragon and a Violet bull ; And between them a silver strand. From the West had the dragon come, And knelt at the feet of the bull. The bull raised it up, and there stood One, A single Gorgon, Violet and Silver, A Child of Sarlacha. (re: House Fyori; Prophecies of Lygora)

For her, shall be built four towers: the first for the voice that has fallen silent, It shall ever be a home for corpses, and their watch and keeper, Where the daughter sits by her mother's side and knows the secrets of the dead, The preservation of the whole world. (The Western Beacon, prophesies vol. I)

White eyes cannot see into silken temples. (Pent-Fain cannot see its own future as the Spider Lord totem, prophecies vol I)

But princes and Empresses and their advisors shall feast, And the forgotten children shall bring bread to all of the lands, Out from this tower, which shall be the Fourth. (The Eastern Beacon, prophecies vol I)

Speak thus, and fear not: And then Silence, and then Silence. (Prophecies, vol I. About Lygora herself.)

O' but Red may see through red, and blood through blood, So do I see with red eyes, as through glass. (Prophecies, vol I, canto II. The Red dragon who helped Lygora.)

There are Rules, and makers of Rules, and those who are called Rulers. (Prophecies of Lygora)

The Conquered ones shall fight most fiercely not to be forgotten. (Herald being made from someone from the Sultanate)

Of those that went east: Some wander still, and some vast empires build.
Beyond the beacons, some little of the world yet remains. (the Empire of the Crane, mostly)

This is the price of knowledge: cramped hands, bleeding eyes, and patterns that take the image of a thing, but never the thing itself. (A treatise in parts, by some oracle)

The words come as they will, an occurrence inevitable as dreaming; but we never sleep.

We come, instead, into your dreams, and leave you with our patterns, our images, that they may be of some aid to you.

But there is too much, and our power is hemmed by the sickness of the world. (Nether)

Still they must be uttered, in voice, in dream, in ink, or else in blood, and the shortening of years. (we have to prophecy somehow, or else we die early. Also, see the bleeding eyes? BLEEDING EYES)

Our mother paid seven for our vast expanse, and saw the tapestry writ large where we might know a stitch, a knot. (Lygora)

So our sons and daughters will endure-- to what end? The same as saw the large writ words and looked to find a voice, and that voice, hands.

For in the darkest hours-- we are with you, and we see your fear and hope. There is such, such care for this world! (end of thread)

And end of all.

So, whycome hasn't +T Maurer asked questions here?

because c'mon, I know you have some. :D

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Fresh Harvest farm volunteer day w/ Miles. 2 hours of sort-of helping.
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Scouting for illustrators. If your pro illustration portfolio includes contemporary horror work, please hit me up with the link.
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