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Rabbi Barbara Aiello
"To serve our Jewish "meshpucha" in ways that are exciting and exhilarating and meeting the needs of a modern world."
"To serve our Jewish "meshpucha" in ways that are exciting and exhilarating and meeting the needs of a modern world."


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Rabbi Barbara Aiello will be appearing at 4 upcoming Northeast events. For registration information & tickets, please click link:

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📰Rabbi Barbara's Sept Newsletter is now available and packed with a variety of information you will not want to miss.
~From a recent visit to🇬🇷Rhodes Greece
~Fall Appearances in the Northeast and
~*Yom Kippur Services* with very 🎻special musical guest at Sinagoga Ner Tamid del Sud, this edition has it all.
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Thank you to everyone/Mille Grazie for a 🎤Jewish music concert/il concerto della musica ebraica squisita. Mille Grazie a tutti a Serrastretta che hanno participato.Thanks to all the Serrastrettesi who participated, Pro Loco, Pino Caruso e la banda, Angela Amato, violinista, e Yosef Alessandro Amato, violoncelloist.🎶🎷🎻🎺📯
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📻If you missed Rabbi Barbara Aiello's Radio show, The Radio Rabbi that airs Sunday's @8:30AM EST, click below to listen now.
This weeks show featured Curious George's Jewish Connection🐒 & Fake News-A Jewish Wedding With No Jews.
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🎮The Yarmulke Game🎮

Charna is not alone. For many bubbes and zaydes the tradition of the personalized kipah (the Hebrew word for “yarmulke”) has held a place of honor in the treasure trove of memories that Jewish families hold dear. But what to do with a drawer full of Jewish head coverings? That was Charna’s question and creative bubbe, Shirley, had the answer.

“I was digging through my yarmulke drawer,” said Shirley, “and it came to me. I could use all these yarmulkes to make a game for my grandchildren and great grands.” And that’s just what Shirley did. One rainy afternoon when two of her nine great grandchildren were visiting, Shirley pulled out the drawer and dumped about two dozen yarmulkes on the kitchen table.

“You kids can each pick a yarmulke,” Shirley directed, as the children, ages seven and nine, plowed through the pile, selecting a color or style that appealed them. “Now,” Shirley said, “Let’s read what’s inside.” Taking turns the children read “David’s Bar Mitzvah, November 10, 1988,” and “Mazel Tov Jeffrey and Kim, July 4, 2011.”

Now it was Shirley’s turn. “Let me tell you about David’s Bar Mitzvah,” she said. “It was twenty-nine years ago...

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💔💔💔Tisha B’Av Is A Day of Jewish Mourning💔💔💔
It falls on the 9th day in the Hebrew month of Av which, this year begins at sundown on July 31 and continues through August 1. There are mourning customs associated with observing Tisha B’Av, among them fasting and reading and studying the Book of Eicha (Lamentations) and the Book of Job. Tisha B’Av recalls the tragedies that have befallen the Jewish people, among them the destruction of the Temples and the murder of the Jews in the biblical city of Beitar all of which occurred on Tisha B’Av. In recent years Jewish mourning has expanded to include additional events, such as the expulsion of the Jews of Europe, in particular the Jews of Spain who were forced to leave their homeland on July 31, 1492 and signaled the era of the Inquisition, one of the darkest periods in Jewish history. For those of us who have Jewish roots as “b’nei anusim,” (descendants of Jews who were forced, under threat of torture and death, into Christian conversion) Tisha B’Av holds a special place in our hearts. That’s because emotional persecution of b’nei anusim continues to this day.
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★★★Journalist Franco Scarpino visited Sinagoga Ner Tamid del Sud in Serrastretta, Calabria and created a video of his experience at Italy's first Reconstructionist Jewish community.

★★★*To visit*, Sinagoga Ner Tamid del Sud in Serrastretta, Calabria, and this surrounding historic Jewish area, contact Rabbi Barbara

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🇺🇸I suppose it’s obvious; I grew up in a patriotic family. My parents knew first hand what it was like to live in fear for your life. As part of the American army and in the company of Italian partisans, my dad was one of the liberators of the Buchenwald death camp. Like other Jews, my parents had seen hatred and cruelty and had been on the receiving end of anti-semitism. They were forever grateful to live in America.

🇺🇸Our family took the holidays like Memorial Day and the 4th of July very seriously. I remember the American flags on the porch and the life-size cutout of Uncle Sam by the door. For years my mom dressed my sister and me in red hats, white shirts and blue shorts for the Memorial Day an 4th of July parades — which we never missed, even if it was pouring rain and we had to wear clear plastic raincoats over our patriotic outfits...

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📢Rabbi Barbara Aiello is proud to announce that Sinagoga Ner Tamid del Sud, serving the b'nei anusim of southern Italy has been accepted as a member synagogue in the Jewish Reconstructionist Movement. As the fourth largest movement of American Judaism,Sinagoga Ner Tamid del Sud becomes a part of the Reconstructionist stream which includes more than 100 affiliated ongregations throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.
✡️Rabbi Barbara emphasizes that our synagogue and congregants share the principles of Reconstructionist Judaism which works to energize Jewish living and learning to transform ourselves, our communities and the world. "The Reconstructionist vision is our vision," says Rabbi Barbara, because it is one that proclaims "a refreshing theological perspective that teaches that Judaism is the continuously evolving civilization of the Jewish people, encompassing culture, art, music, food, belief, ritual and everyday living."
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