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אופס. זה מסוכות. התבלבלתי בזמנים.
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ומי יהיה הזוג הישראלי?
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Well, this is an open question..

I'm about to have a baby with an agent I met in game, from the opposite Faction!!.. Have you ever heard of a case like this before? I mean a cross-baby!

Another question!! What do you think, Boy Or Girl?? :3 And even more important!, Enlightened or Resistance!??

By the way, what a beautiful game that invites you to explore the world, meet new people and live new experiences, in my case, the experience of being a really happy father.

I love the game, and I will always love the new life coming to our lives.. A life, love and experience we though impossible to find by just playing around.

Thank you guys at Niantic.

RES @Marelyka - ENL @KarmaYoga 

POLL: Boy =1 Girl=0 - ENL=1 RES=0
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אתה יכול לנסות לג׳רווס דרדסית
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Shop on city market, love 😍😍😍😍😍
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מישהו רוצה להרים את הכפפה? אולי בחיפה? באר שבע?
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Agents, we are receiving a lot of requests from many of you that want to host local Mission Days in your city.  We would love to collaborate with you to help organize Mission days across the globe. If you wish to organize & host  a Mission Day in your city please apply at the link below. Niantic will review all requests and select certain cities for Official Mission Days.  All decisions made will be final.

Application Link:

This application will close on August 31, 2015.  We'll reopen the form in the near future.

#MissionDay #Ingress  
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אבל צריך להצביע כמה שיותר +niki Berman​ שחקנים ולהמליץ 
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Raanan Avidor (ravidor)

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Luka Puntar originally shared:
Dear +Ingress !

We are a group of agents from Slovenia who wanted to promote Ingress by creating a public Ingress Mission Day in conjunction with local festival Kamfest – .

We did all we could, investing our time, resources and money in to this event. 
And we got a knife in the back – missions rejected!

We contacted +Matilde Tusberti and she gave us sound advice regarding legal issues for the use of Kamfest graphic – we obtained a signed approval to use the graphic. She hinted that missions should be named with the micro location in mind and still keep the numbering to make sure they are connected – so we updated all mission names to fit in this criteria and added nice descriptions of things you see when doing the missions.
I even submitted the Ingress Mission Day form –  – only to get nothing back from it… 
We had all the graphics made for the event including a custom logo, event cards and goodie bags. See event for details 
On the day of the event we’ve planned to be on site to help people, to recruit and to promote INGRESS and our medieval town Kamnik, Slovenia.
On the above even you will be able to see that we have people from abroad coming to town just for this event – an event that you have made impossible to conduct by rejecting the said missions.

We submitted the missions on August 2nd hoping to get the approved in time for the event on August 15th. We received no word (even when we asked for help) until today August 13th when one of three agents received four REJECTIONS and another agent got one mission APPROVED while mine are still in approval status.

I can provide links to the correspondence with +Matilde Tusberti  and posts for several of leading figures from +Ingress  that had no response but I’d rather not because in my opinion what was made in private it should stay in private.

We know you've been busy with getting independent from Google, but please take just five minutes of your time and confirm all 18 missions - is that too much to ask after all the effort we’ve put into this?

Below are the missions in question:

Kotlovnica Kamnik KF 1/18
Old Bath House Kamnik KF 2/18
Keršmančev park Kamnik KF 3/18
Medvedova street Kamnik KF 4/18
Žale cemetary Kamnik KF 5/18
Down towards the center KF 6/18
Monastery and Municipality KF 7/18
Main square KF 8/18
Onwards to Freedom square KF 9/18
Path to health KF 10/18
Through the underpass KF 11/18
Šutna KF 12/18
Zaprice castle KF 13/18
The schools KF 14/18
Hotspots KF 15/18
Guard Tower KF 16/18
Main square road KF 17/18
Turist information center KF 18/18

PS: The rejected missions have been sent to review again

+Ingress +NIA Ops +Niantic Project +Brandon Badger +Brian Rose +Joe Philley  +Linda Besh +November Lima +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti 

#Kamfest   #Ingress   #MissionDay   #approveKF18  
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Raanan Avidor (ravidor)

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Another proof that I do not understand anything...
Really excited about our big news, announcement of Alphabet!
As Sergey and I wrote in the original founders letter 11 years ago, “Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one.” As part of that, we also said that you could expect us to make “smaller bets in areas that might seem very speculative or even strange when compared to our ...
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+meidan keidar אילו רק ידעה מה מצפה לה עם הנסיעות בכל הארץ P:  
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לא יפה לדבר ככה...
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ממש מצחיק. מתגלגל על הרצפה מצחוק כרגע.
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Raanan Avidor (ravidor)

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Well, can be. Happens every month.
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Raanan Avidor (ravidor)

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dear +Ingress  if you people are gonna name your next anomaly #Abaddon  and NOT gonna do a  primary  anomaly with full on +Klue S.  or +Hank Johnson and rest of the gang,  in #Israel, then i'll truly be LOST for words.
+John Hanke +Brandon Badger +Anne Beuttenmüller 
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