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I was going through the list of +Agatha Christie Novels and adding them to my to read list when I came across this... :)

#DoctorWhoisreal maybe she did meet him for real... this is such a cool coincidence. LOVE IT!

+Doctor Who +davidtennantdotcom +DavidTennant FanClub +tenthdoctorwhovian 

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brilliant +DonaldTrump brilliant! of course you dont have to say anything in this case, cause the assailant is a #whitemale how can he be wrong? even though he had the gun, he shot someone innocent! how can he be wrong?

#donaldtrump is going to make my fears come true.... we are looking at #AdolfHitler re-incarnate!

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this is just amazingly hilarious... #DonaldTrump #TrumpMania

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#millennials.... after all! but who is the reason for this? Awesome awesome chat by #SimonSinek - a must watch!

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+Doctor Who does anyone know where I can watch the older #DoctorWho series the one from 1963... ? Currently watching the new on #Netflix and am almost done! but i really wanna watch the old one too... 

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How many of you have watched or are watching #DoctorWho? its totally awesome tv series :)

But just for fun I wanted to know do you think... there might be a real #TheDoctor out there? :)
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The Doctor exists for real
The Doctor is fictional :(

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oh! we finally have an update on #Census   #censusfail  

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