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Una serie de juegos en cinco partes ubicada en el mismo universo que la gal...
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ah ok :D
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Love the design on the vids. Keep it up, keep them coming.
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SITREP:  Operation Bermuda Triangle

This is the first creation of the full Bermuda triangle to Puerto Rico.

After a long time of dreaming to make it I was able to set it in motion when back in December Ki316 was supposed to fly from Los Angeles to New York but snowstorms forced a flight change to Florida. I was able to meet up at the Ft. Lauderdale airport to make the key exchange. We had planned the Bermuda triangle for a long time but it kept getting put off to other operations and artifact moving. Finally with the artifacts frozen and Bermuda clear it was the perfect chance to push this through.

17:42 7turtles asked me about our status on the Bermuda triangle.
18:20 I checked with Ki316 who just happened to have an L8 portal with two mod slots open for link amps and would be farming by there in the evening
18:30 I looked at what keys we had available and found a portal that would work since we already had a farm meetup planned in Coconut Grove. 
18:40 Planned field time to be before the midnight checkpoint
23:30 Link clearing begins on Miami Beach by fiurj and continues with FlyLo and Angyalka
23:47 Accidental blocking link thrown to Coconut Grove from Miami Beach
23:56 I sprinted over to use a jarvis on the blocking link
23:58 Got back to the anchor portal with barely any time to spare
23:59:07 yacaptain used a jarvis to remove mods and destroy the portal
23:59:46 Captured and fully deployed
00:00 We missed the checkpoint but decided to go through with the field anyway
00:05 Ki316 linked Hatillo Post Office (Hatillo, Puerto Rico) to World Heritage Centre (Bermuda)
00:05 PrincessShay linked Hatillo Post Office (Hatillo, Puerto Rico) to Amy Billig Meditation Garden (Miami, Florida)
00:06 WompaStompa linked Amy Billig Meditation Garden to World Heritage Centre (Bermuda)
00:06 Field Established for 1,531,664 mind units

Bermuda agents: 7turtles, gunnbda, craftybacon, ABX078, YMI 
Puerto Rico agents: Ki316, PrincesShay, LadyStarPR, joncru16, AvatarXD, Untraceable, myst3ryg1rl, Moonsilver, Tango13
South Florida agents: WompaStompa, FlyLo, fiurj, Angyalka, fluidliquidflow, yacaptain, betsc, CrazyORF, ORF, G1BSON, kahlo007, mnemosynthetic
Intel: 7turtles, Stego
Bermuda Keys: rio5, Stego, and any other transporters along the way from 7turtles

-WompaStompa  (South Florida Resistance)

+Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Brian Rose +Anne Beuttenmüller +NIA Ops 

+Charles Barnard +Eduardo Perez +Samantha Mancini +Tomasz M. +Luis Fernandez +Rene Jaen +Leonel Sanchez III +Betsy Conte +Nowell Conte +DJ Ruiz +Gabriela Isabel Ruiz +David Matos +Scarlett Alcocer +Francheska Perez +Ruth Shepherd +Tyler Gunnbda 
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The randomness of these cutscenes is indubitably the best part of the game.
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Hey +Alex Minnucci, you should challenge me in Tic Tactics. See if you can beat me!
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Anytime. There's no rush. 
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Today Calendar - Play Store Beta

Today is a beautiful, AOSP derived Calendar app with a clear focus on both simplicity and usability.

It is still very much a work in progress, and only a few select parts of the app have been overhauled as of now.

I'm carrying out beta tests for the app via Google Play, as it both easier for testers to stay up to date, and for me to collect feedback and crash-reports than my usual Dropbox method.

The app will receive extremely frequent updates, and each version will be time-bombed to ensure users stay up to date, and feedback is fresh and useful.

Expect the app to also be unstable at times, so combined with the time-bombed versions please ensure you keep a backup calendar installed until Today leaves beta.

I'm looking for as much feedback as i can get, so be sure to give this a mention/share this with anyone that you think may be interested.

Get it on the Play Store here:]

This may be extremely buggy - and may not even open on your device, however it also may run perfectly.
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Raúl Colón

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Shut up, give me the SDK, and take my money!
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Raúl Colón

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Hey +Mario Castellanos, you should challenge me in Tic Tactics. See if you can beat me!
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Raúl Colón

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Simple. Clean. Effective. With a hidable dock.

Using Nova Laucher by +TeslaCoil Software and the Stark icon set by +kovdev.
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