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President Barack Obama has asked that federal agencies launch an unprecedented campaign requiring government workers to monitor the behavior of their colleagues and report potential leakers under the threat of prosecution.
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Chuck Dean
LOL! YOU voted for Him!
Micah J
It's an Oxymoron.
This Administration has nothing in common with our culture and our Constitution.  :-(  Wish the next 3 and a half years would end tomorrow.  
Starting to sound like they are borg collective. IBM's Watson down in the basement will soon take over of these nuts getting a kings ransom from slaving sheep.
Hey, we are getting just like Maoist China - but China was smart enough to dump this kind of trash and move onward and upward!
And when you find out something and report it. .. is that not a LEAK????!!!!
Piotr Skup
The US is becoming ever more and more similar to the Soviet Union.
So that means they can also investigate the POTUS to right? He is afterall...a federal employee.
(sigh), yeah, It's all Obama's fault, or Bush's, or the next Presidents, really, it makes no difference who sits in that seat, democrat, republican, it's all the same, the party system just gives the people something to look at and argue over, while the government does it's deals, and sells you all to business interests.

Best change that inscription on the Lincoln Memorial

'and that government of the corporation, by the corporation, for the corporation, shall always profit from the people'
+steve taylor it is his fault, but more indirectly so. Technically its the people's fault (electoral colleges) for voting him and his administration in, and not holding them all accountable. They are technically supposed to be working for us anyway. And that carries to any administration. 
worry not guys, soon enough you'll be liberated by the chinese or russians. so you better hope they bring you some kind of uuhhh.. their ..democracy?
i donno... maybe you should worry
So Obama wants to make sure nobody tells when he  does something illegal AGAIN. Theres a surprise.
let's start small and just report the exceedingly useless government employees. we could cut maybe 30 percent of the workers 
hmm then again.. if i were you i'd probably just get a pack of fukitol500 and go for it. i mean you're running out of education food money oil infrastructure and even inflammable water from what i hear....
It's really hard to do illegal things when people keep telling on you...
Makes no difference who you vote for, they'll do what they are told by the vested interests that have controlled policy covertly, and overtly for decades now, no matter who, once they get in office, they fall in line and do what they are told to. More than once over the years I've heard people complain that this wasn't the person they voted for, not going all 'pod people' on you, but that seat changes people from idealists to advisor controlled puppets every time. Don't hate the player, hate the game, as they say.
kyle p
This seems like something a tyrannical government would encourage.
Sounds like more propaganda from Russian State run media.
Depressing. The slogans of 'hope and change' appear to be utter bullshit
Worst President in modern history .
POTUS GW0bama was elected, re-elected and Hillary who's been screwing us thru politics forever has a shot at the Presidency so she may run for POTUS in 2016. Sarah Palin who quits everything she does is considering running for Senate. This is more than sad. It's getting F'n absurd!! 
+Sam Robinson You didn't read the subtext, the slogan was ' hope they don't notice, and there will be no change'
I do not understand why they do not exercise the same control over secrets as they do NUKE's like the Ruskies do.
By the way the East Germans had the Stasi the CCCP the KGB.
None of it is any damn good. And damn revolting in any case.
Matt V
obama is a piece of shit that a fly shit out on to a horse shit! We should impeach his ugly ass! I still can't believe he's our president. SMMFH 
Don't worry.  These are government employees spying on each other.  You don't seriously expect that to work, do you?
+Dennis Heffernan
Good point. They are not too effective to begin with. Once they tackle welfare and medicare fraud... perhaps we will have a little more faith in them, isn't it?  :-)
McCarthism round 2. Watch out Hollywood you can't be trusted! 
The East German Stasi did the same. They sent multiple spies to the same events and compared their reports to make sure that there isn't one spy trying to distort the situation.

It really is the United Stasi of America these days :-)
I though he said he had an OPEN ADMINISTRATION if that is the case then there can be no LEAKS by his own defination
I lost a bet to my cousin so I had to give him ten min.of my time to listen to him try to convince me Obama is the anti christ. After watching YouTube videos I have to tell you I don't believe it but some things made me go hmm....and left a lot of unanswered questions.
+R.j. Brown
Anti Christ... of course no. But he is definitively and ugly soul toward this Republic and its people. He also has lost respect around the world and with it so has our country. 
Look who is talking..... RT America!?
Putler's propaganda outlet! 
I worked a federal government job before and I can say that leaks and rumors kill people. I am not justifying spying on fellow citizens mind you. I am just saying that it I sometime better to keep a secret. People in those jobs get paid by the people with taxpayer money to keep their mouth shut and not to spill the beans. That's it. Trust is expensive. 
Lol! Guess since it's on the internet it must be true! 
Here's a dumb question: If our secrets are being leaked or sold to our so called enemies, does anybody care? Would it make you safer than you are now if things are going to continue to leak? Could it not put you at a greater potential risk for attacks on the US? Or, when your friends and families die as a result of an American leaking secrets to another country,  who do you blame THEN? If the Japanese are hacking in and stealing military secrets and we're selling or leaking secrets, someone help me understand why anyone would not want to do something. Better yet, what is the answer to the problem? ANTI-CHRIST talk does not solve the problem.... #justthoughtidputitoutthere  
Ooops! Maybe i shouldn't say that! Lol mute!
Yea I know he isn't the anti Christ. His campaign slogan YES WE CAN played backwards says "thank you Satan" wtf? No I'm not a crazy religious freak that believes in crazy shit like that but I do believe in God and the bible. 
Outrageous! A way to purge what few honest people there might be from the government.
This is not about nation to nation spying. Its about Obama trying to hide more UnConstitutional and illegal activites. Spys will always be and are irrelevant in this discussion. Its about violating our right to privacy, endangering Americans by supporting jihadist like the Muslim Brotherhood, giving chemical weapons to jihadist mercenaries in Syria, etc, etc, etc..
1 st of all the PEOPLE who own guns like me will stop anyone trying to harm me my family or friends and neighbors ( unless they are the neighbor who does not like guns then ill let him defend himself from FOREIGN INVASION!
    THIS COUNTRY HAS NOT BEEN ATTACK BY A GOVERNMENT SINCE PEARL HARBOR and because the citizens can own guns is the biggest deterrent there is .
     What to do (anti-christ) Impeach (means to CALL TO COURT) and try him for TREASON on the grounds he 1) LIED about UPHOLDING THE CONSTITUTION, 2) gave MONEY JET FIGHTERS AND ARMS to the terrorist government of EGYPT. gave money and arms to the terrorist in syria which is why the ambassador died trying to broker and set up delivery of the weapons to org that support terrorism. 3) gave arms to the MEXICAN CARTELs (criminals) to be used against americans, which they have been.
Its all falling apart for the junior senator from Illinois. Wheeee have 3 more years of this. Leno is very happy.
+steve taylor Its distressing to think that most people are not aware of the reality. But soon enough people will learn a very painful lesson. That " What you don't know, can't hurt you " is a big lie.
Hitler used citizens spying on each other very effectively
+JOHN HUME Do you really think that you ever had any real privacy? Everything you do is monitored.EVERYTHING and that did not start recently. I respect your opinions. Very interesting comments, but we all have a right to leave if we think another country is better. That's right, I forgot, Americans want their country back, just not sure where it went. I'm being cynical as my brain is fried. Happy Wed everyone....

Right, because the problem is the leaks themselves rather than the comprehensive abuse of power and trust that the leaks bring to light.

Imagine if a doctor said: "No, the cancer isn't the issue it's that the scanner caught the cancer that we need to address".
+baber latif Indeed, 'what you don't know' often turns out to be what kills you, or gets you herded into the cattle trucks, or interned as a national security risk, doubt it'll get that bad, but the more you know, the better prepared you are.
Nazi Germany had children spying on their parents, for failing to conform to party principles. The US is getting closer to the looking glass/
+ScaryLarry Clan The U.S. was attacked a few times since Pearl Harbour. Remember the U.S. Navy ship  that was hit with a boat bomb off the coast of Yemen. Remember the First twin tower attack with truck bombs in the underground garage. Remember the Americans who have been beheaded for being American and/or Christain. Remember the Bengazi attack. And realize that there have been numerous other attacks on American and therefore America that are no longer being reported because the media wants to suck up to Obama and his jihadist friends.
workers with other ojectives should not be working with those who work with the objectives of that company.what is unusual with that. exception is human riights defence
+Emilio Murillo , I agree, with your point , until your moral conscience questions what your being asked or commanded to do. They say the 1st thing you lose in war is your conscience, but later when you're answering questions from your grandchildren, about your actions, you may well wish you choose a different end. 
And no one who has half a brain was surprised by this move.... 
Hey barrack.
Go fuck yourself
Here we go..the beginning of anarchy and the end of politics as we know it...yeee
Anton K
This is old news - the "Insider Threat" policies and guidelines have been openly published for public access by US Govt agencies and departments since at least 2009. Apparently Russian state-paid journos are banned from Google by Kremlin.
I thought Russia Today was supposed to report news? Otherwise they can go back a century and dig out some other shocking developments, surely there's gonna be plenty.
Don't know what you fools talking about, didn't see this much outrage from conservatives when Bush was president...just shows you how stupid Americans are now that it's a liberal in office! Cause guess what he's doing the same shit Bush did idiots!!! 
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Let's. see, first government workers spying on each other then what's next? Oh yeah the cit
And it's supposed to be the land of the free lol, makes me laugh 
Pres. Putin of Russia, would be proud of Pres. Obama.
This is nothing more than business as usual people. No one gives 2 shits to track any one of us on this post. Stop being sensationalists. Jesus people you just help feed the media frenzy that in turn exploit your fears. Wake up. 
Obama is a puppet built by corporate America to get what they want so to speak I know I voted for this liar too . Why even bother
+Dana R. Seiler
I support and happy that at his risk, he informed us all. Government should be open. We now have an administration that classify everything and we have to go to court even for things that doesn't need to be classified to begin with.
+Jake Heuft thank you for posting a link to the actual policy. Unfortunately, most of the posters here will not spend the two minutes it takes to read it. They would rather be told what someone else claims it says.
Most retail businesses have policies like this in place to prevent theft. Whether you steal from the retail business or were aware of the theft, you can be fired.
It's also not different from an intellectual property agreement many employees sign. If you are caught stealing company secrets, you can be fired and / or sued. If you are aware of someone else stealing company secrets and do not bring it to the company's attention, you can be fired and / or sued.
A policy such as this should come as no surprise to anyone.
It's not Russia. It's not China. It's standard US business practice.
People with conscience should not work for the US government. It's that simple.
When an employee of a company sees the company stealing or defrauding from it's customers, it has an obligation to not just the customers, but to himself as a human.
Time for a real revolution!! Back to our roots and constitution... we are frogs in a slow boiling's time to move or be boiled
+straw walker that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about an employee stealing from his employer.
Look up Employee Nondisclosure Agreements. It's a very common business document.
its probably true , the first step is fear the second step is distrust 
Wait, wait.  I haven't waxed my Goose Stepping boots yet!
Knew this would happen after the snowden leaks. Tighten securiry in the namebof the homeland. Maybe snowden was sposed to leak
this isnt change this is the same thing since 1974
Yes +Stephanie Prokopis , the President has a time machine and went back to November to send out a policy as soon as Snowden leaked government information a few weeks ago.
You folks should be required to read the policy before you post anything about it.
Can't blame Snowden for running. Who has millions to defend against govmnt espionage charges. Just too bad he only has leftist regimes for refuge.
+John Fitzmaurice
However that same President had told us previous to that, 2007 actually that he would protect whistle-blowers for they were our eyes. That is not what he has done. Actually more of them got prosecuted than any other previous administrations. At this time, how would you call that man?  :-(
Those that participate in this thread that have partaken of the Green Kool-Aide will never open their eyes to the truth about Their Emperor.
Guys will spy on underwear of ladies. 
Who can actually support this guy? Seriously? 
+Jacques Dupuis Snowden is not a whistle blower. He fled the country to tell the world that the US government is doing exactly what the Patriot Act and FISA gave it the authority to do.
Why are so many people surprised? This was debated in 2003.
wow is this America in the 21st century. ?
+John Fitzmaurice
Yes it was debated in 2003, however that was not the way it was suppose to be use on everyone. What do you think would have happened if Snowden had remained here?  He surely didn't do that to profit by it... he did that out of conscience. He did the right thing. Speaking for myself, I am tired of a super secretive government. This is no longer America 09/11 or not. 
Don't Blame me, I voted for McCain and Romney.
that even worse they would of made it go even faster , until we introduce a 3rd party that actually wants to do some good then its all of the same , your just kiding yourself into thinking you won or lost , every time a vote happens you lose unless you are a CEO
+Jacques Dupuis if Snowden deliberately released government classified information while in the US, he would have been tried for espionage just as he should be.
Can't we just outsource the NSA programs to ISIS?
Isn't this how the Nazi Party gained control of Germany in the late 1930's?
+Aaron Wilker
Yes, very similar. The danger now is that technology is a way better tool then what they had then. So now, it is much more dangerous.
If the Government officials responsible are not punished, things will only continue to get worse. What the hell happened to this country? In the Nixon era, Nixon was forced to resign or be the first President in history to be impeached and removed. Now, administrations get away with whatever they want, with no fear of repercussions. Congress passes bills in the middle of the night, and keeps them hush hush to avoid public backlash. I am ashamed that the country I served has sunken so low.,,
Funny..that Russian Times would be berating a president of any country that encourages its citizenry to spy on its they did in Communist Russia and Communist China....
but then...
What's the fun in being a propaganda tool if you can't have a little fun?
Pfffft. We haven't even gotten started good yet. The truth burns the eyes of the blind.
This is what the people wanted... I truly do not understand why...

+Chuck Dean and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Like anything would change under Romney. Or the next president. As long as 9/11 remains as the clarion call for national security. So .....
+Dan Trent I don't understand why the government passed the Patriot Act with such broad authority to invade people's privacy either. Why did the people want it? Oh... Wait a minute... It's because two years prior a bunch of terrorists killed a few thousand people on American soil in one day. At that time people would agree to anything to prevent that from happening again.
Be careful what you ask for. You just might get it.
We in the U.S. live under the illusion of Democracy and Freedom.  We really live in a Fascist Police State.
The government is happy to spy on citizens so long as they feel are exempt. 
America has become a police state.
I still maintain that it is phatoms spying on phantoms doing nothing while the dollars go this way and that most to do things  I favor that it irks me when done by that method.
Loyalty oaths! The Nixon Administration returns in full paranoia mode.
Art, by your logic, we should not have gay marriage. Previous Presidents were against it; therefore, we should live with the consequences.
Come on, a Russian propaganda news outlet twists a piece of old American news out of context, and look how many people fall for it. Ironically, these are the people screaming "idiot" and "moron" about everyone else.

Obama a fraud...hell try the entire government (POTUS, Feds, and Congress) is a fraud....definitely need a revolution/evolution on the way things are currently done!
Thank you +steve taylor somebody knows what time it really is while the blind continue to just point fingers at one side or the other.

WHEN will Americans realize it's the entire system (government, corporations, rich) against us the average joe/jane?????

The left vs. right nonsense is what allows these clowns to run this country roughshod into insanity!
Its easy to tell who didn't bother going to the link and read the actual memo. Most of you should be embarrassed that you fell for Russia Today's ongoing attempts to turn Americans against each other.
I know it makes you feel better to blame President Obama...but just not. Try to think for yourselves and do some fact checking please!!

"Gene Barlow, a spokesman for the Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive, told McClatchy that “the awareness effort of the program is to teach people not only what types of activity to report, but how to report it and why it is so important to report it.” So far, though, that method hasn’t been proven to actually put potential leakers out of work.

According to McClatchy, the “indicators” that federal employees are told to monitor include stress, relationship issues, financial problems, odd work hours and random traveling.

“It simply educates employees about basic activities or behavior that might suggest a person is up to improper activity,” Barlow told reporters. On the website for his agency’s Insider Threat program, the Office claims that employees may be lured to “betray their nation for ideological reasons, a lust for money or sex, or through blackmail,” and cites threats from within as “the top counterintelligence challenge to our community."
People are wrongly blaming Obama. Do you guys really think Romney would've been against this shit? He wouldn't have. In the end it doesn't matter who would've won or who wins next when it comes to big issues like this. The followed legal procedures and Congress approved of Prism so it's the whole entire system that's broke. It was also in planning long before Obama was in office. 
+Tim Dupnak lol... gotta love American national chauvinism which cocoons you in the misguided belief that America is just so perfect you people NEVER get anything wrong.  Hell no!!
... and if something does go wrong?  Well blame the Commies, the terrorists, the Muslims or even the Russian state run media...  anything as long as you can keep your heads buried in the sand and living in denial of your country's own failings and gross global misconduct. SMH
+Daniel Lawlor You are absolutely right. The problem is, however, that under Obama this kind of behavior is almost acceptable. Under Romney is there would be protests and far bigger online campaigns to stop this invasion of privacy. Plus I guarantee they would personally blamed Romney rather than having an "oh well it was inevitable" attitude.
Obama is like a box if chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.
I'm a federal employee currently and can CONFIRM that no such directive has found its way (either directly or indirectly) to me or my co-workers...not that anyone would follow it anyway. Must be aimed at high security clearance personnel...assuming its true.
Shocking, RT made an unsupported assertion
This is nothing new. Anyone who works with classified is trained to look for "insider threat."
+Shaine Mata too bad Mitt Romney was like a dish of grandma's Spearmint Leaf jelly candy. You knew exactly what it was like and most people don't like it. :)
Every single one of you ignorant fucks that buy this bullshit diatribe deserve to be strung up by your empty ball sack. The fact that you ignorant fucks would so handily throw Obama under a bus, simply because a fucking wholly incredible website says "Obama wants you to spy on each other" says so much more about you pathetic fucks than it could ever say about Obama.
+Vern Gill calm the flying +=#k down. I got so damn lost in you're arrogant stupid rant, I'm not actually sure you said anything intelligible
Quite a legacy this administration is building. 
+Vern Gill yet you want us to just take your word? Aren't you like us, in that case? What difference does it make if it's American or Russian propaganda? It's still propaganda. 
Wonderful we have a crook looking out for another crook. Can we say it's like the fox keeping an eye on the hen house or something like that. They are all corrupt and your asking them to watch one another. Hey we don't need prison guards just let the prisoners watch one another. It's the honor system in a place where there is no honor at all!
+Shaine Mata you're just taking the word of an unsupported entertainment post, so what's the difference?
Knee-jerk responses to leaks such as Snowden's are rather shortsighted. Be smarter when recruiting, test applicants' comfort level with the ambiguities of federal jobs, create "mood tracking" and other data-analysis systems that measure employee motivation and emotional state. Oh, wait, the govt doesn't need to hear that from me - it would rather hear that from an expensive consultant :-)
And the funny thing to all of this, all we do is sit back and protest from our computers. Have flame wars with each other for having different view points, instead of working together as a people to create real change. Exactly what they want... 
A wholly unsupported assertion. Every one of you jumping on the bandwagon, should be shot.
T Mare
And so the crumbling of a nation begins....Now we watch ourselves....
+Vern Gill that's what I said. You think by restating it, somehow it's no longer what I said?

Chill. These are internet comments. I doubt policy makers read this stuff. Have a beer and banter like a grown up.
Oh, I'm sorry, I was unaware your, what, 30 years? gave you carte blanche to judge others' criticisms.

How about you "chill" on your simultaneous facade of being a progressive, and your attacks on Obama?

Yeah, I don't expect much fro you.
T Mare
I don't expect much from a monkey either
+David Kochheiser Nothing will get started until the majority get off the nonsense of  the "Left Vs. Right" and I don't see that happening no time soon.  Until it's an understanding that the government (as a whole) is shafting the people it's suppose to be for we have little hope.

It can be hard to put oneself against the government when you know you won't have the backing of your fellow citizen but I do understand what you're saying!
+T Mare given that your name implies you're a horse with no penis, you aren't exactly the most credible one here.
T Mare
Speaking my opinion. No more, no less. We have an idiot in the white house that needs to be removed and disappear. 
All Obama has done is extend the policies of Bush. They are cut from the same cloth. There is little discernible difference in them and every one who defends either one of them is just drinking the koolaid of some political hack. We will NEVER be free or better as a nation until we overthrow the republicats. The two party system is defunct. We need REAL change. 
Man it cheers my heart to see that at least some out there understand that the left vs. right mess is nothing more than a good deception while the government milks the nation dry for themselves, corporations, and the rich!
+Vern Gill you wish you had my self assurance. Go ahead, get your jollies via internet comments.

I'm going to bed. I have meaningful things to do tomorrow.

Good night all. Don't get too caught up in this stuff. It's for entertainment purposes only; it's not like we convince anybody or solve anything, really.
Talk about being paranoid, Obama wants the government to spy on everything and everyone, citizen and government alike. Hope n Change ... right
Boys we got ourselves a Mexican standoff!
What else is new?  Obama/Napolitano have been asking us to spy on each other for a long time now.  It's the way these criminals operate.
T Mare
Gut the system.....
Its the person stupid!!.
Its people that act in a corrupt manner--NOT the system--its the people that are the system.
T Mare
All the people that argue and stick up for this monkey are in denial! They regret who they chose to be their leader. 
T Mare
Something is indeed dreadfully wrong.  Its like Nixon on steroids or some forbidden elixir like Mr. Hyde.
Shame Barack.  You are not the same person voted in.
I know there is more wrong that people don't know about I just hope some people can,figure it out
Dafaq is this world coming to?!
Those were my worst questions in interviews.

" If you saw another employee stealing, what would you do?"
Dale S
obama's middle name must be "Anarchy"
+T Mare the monkey comments do more harm than good for your party. No one wants to align themselves with blatant ignorance and racism.
Can anyone say "The godfather: 33 1/3" ??? That's it. I'm going hidden cave shopping. Anyone know a good spelunking realtor???
Very, very sneaky. I feel we have underestimated the full degree of the sneakiness. Sneaky, sneaky. Creepy sneaky... Guard your kids!!
democRAT gun snatching bastard --
If they publicly hang this Snowden guy, it will slow the leak..
Loyalty to country should always trump loyalty to some sleezeball co-worker.
You have to wonder what things would be like under Romney
sometimes i wonder if Obama is just a Republican stalking-horse. A pox on both their houses!
Does Putin run RT in America like he does in Russia?
Neil, that doesn't make it right. Copying a fascist state. How demeaning. What would Thomas Jefferson say? Ahem, George Sr. Mr. CIA.
I know you Neil. You are one of those "I have nothing to hide" kind of guys. You may
have something to hide ten years from now. Then what?
sure let's crucify someone who reported to the American citizens that we are being violated by our government against our constitution NOT!!!
USA turns into USSR.. I feel sorry for the nice american people and the people of the world... Always wonder who actually won the cold war? The american dream and american way of life is certainly at a loss..
Remind me not to let my child to go to the school where Obama was allegedly educated.
WTF! What is this ? Totalitarian or Democracy Country?
usually when people want to speak out it means that there's something actually going wrong.
Drop the dead donkey, this is old news, regurgitated to fit. Lol rt
That's true. And they used to laugh at russia
He sees the americian people as a threat, obama is the threat to america, and i didn't even vote for him
Was implemented in 2011 after the Bradley Manning leak. Seems to be working well two years later eh, Mr. Snowden?
He did promise change after all. So I guess he's keeping his word in a way.
Yes have them watch each other less time to watch is Americans
Brian Link u almost made me drop my phone!!! HILARIOUS comment
I can recall a nation, just recently, that TOLD their "President" in essenc. "That's enough, Buttercup! You, no longer, represent the will of the majority." The "sad" part is, their "news sources" exposed the rampant government corruption in "THAT" country. Here, news follows "fake" social movers and "human interest storys", and doesn't "paint" the current administration in the (certainly, for G. Zimmerman!!)highly premature rush to judgement known, as "the Peoples Right to Know". To the current administration, I say this. Many years from now, I imagine your names and deeds to be equated on par, with "boss tweed" and "tammany hall". If these names are(somehow?!) unknown to you, my free advice is to check with "your learned college" about a refund.
I can recall a nation, just recently, that TOLD their "President" in essenc. "That's enough, Buttercup! You, no longer, represent the will of the majority." The "sad" part is, their "news sources" exposed the rampant government corruption in "THAT" country. Here, news follows "fake" social movers and "human interest storys", and doesn't "paint" the current administration in the (certainly, for G. Zimmerman!!)highly premature rush to judgement known, as "the Peoples Right to Know". To the current administration, I say this. Many years from now, I imagine your names and deeds to be equated on par, with "boss tweed" and "tammany hall". If these names are(somehow?!) unknown to you, my free advice is to check with "your learned college" about a refund.
“We The People” It seems to have worked with the Egyptian people.  When are the Americans going to awake?  The Rest of the See’s what’s going on, I forgot Free Food & Money & Phones make a Difference.  Till the Well Goes Dry.  OTHER PEOPLE MONEY is always great Till It Dries OUT??
American revolution part 2 'dont tread on me' ' from time to time the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots' MF Globalism! 
Perhaps they should consider not having that many dark and forbidden secrets in the US government in the first place..!!
Can't they just train the children in schools to tell on their parents? Maybe they could make some sort of club they could join... 
Fahad Suleman, you got it correct 100%
Where is the outcry on the left? They pride themselves on being against Big Brother telling them what they can't do in the bedroom, but I guess they are OK with him snooping around everywhere else. 
Get me to Do some Spying!! Hire ME to spy on people...covertly!!! I have 2 years experience in Surveillance..I am NOT an Investigator but a former one.....
+Frank McCauley  They tried that in East Germany once. Called it Stasi. Didn't got too well with that plan in the end though..!!
I don't see how this is bad. As a gov't employee you work with classified information and some people who are entrusted with this information become disenfranchised and do the wrong thing with it. How is this different from "see something say something"? As a supervisor isn't it my responsibility to know what my employees are doing with secret information?
Well, the country belongs to the people, not the other way around. In theory at least.
If govenment officials see something that's wrong, why aren't they allowed to tell other people about it so that it can be changed?
+Jacques Dupuis  True..!!
But people deserve to know whether or not their elected officials do their jobs adequately or not. Keeping people in the dark is a malfunction in government.
I dont see why this upsets anyone. After all, part of the requirement to keep your security clearance, is to report any security violations you see.

So IMO, what is being asked is what everyone with a security clearance should be doing anyways, as required under the privilege of holding a security clearance.
"Asked"?  Is that really the right verb, here?
Don and Noel do you even have a clue what you're talking about? We dont need to be snitching on people because they're going through a divorce or having a hard time with something else in their life.
Again not news. I work for a defense contractor and we've had signs up for years that are basically if you see something say something. Also what corporation doesn't spy on their employees? It is against the law for us to enter in our time wrong. 
When will they work if they r spying at others
Looks like the first black President intends to make spying mandatory
The fact that all of you people think this hasn't been going on (gathering internal intelligence) since oh, I don't know, THE DARK AGES is what really baffles me. You live in a world where not everyone around you has your or your country's best interests in mind.  You are the same people who would say "wow, it's amazing how they caught that guy" when they actually do catch a spy.

And by the way, for all of you who have never worked for the defense industry, the reporting of adverse information has always been a standard in training since the inception of a classification system. Obama saying "hey guys, seriously, if you hear something let us know" is a reiteration, and quite frankly it makes a lot of sense.
+Matt Shanaman
Why then Obama and DOJ prosecuted them?  I understand the reasoning up to a point and when it is done accordingly. Looking at what this Administration has been doing for over 4 years, I can assure you that it is not done on behalf of what you are advancing.
"Spy on each other to ensure that nobody spies on me", also known as "do what I say, don't do what I do". This is hilarious!
+Kracus Omniax Actually, that sort of info is REQUIRED to be reported, under your agreement to keep your security clearance.

Having a security clearance is a prividledge, not a right, and if at anytime the individual does not like the requirements laid out to hold a clearance, they are free to relinquish it.
+Noel Beale
True. However, can you explain why our government classify almost everything and forces you to go to court to get the information that should be readily available? That is called abuse and it is now expected that OUR government be more open and stop worrying about classifying everything.
What is this guy so afraid of that everyone needs to spy on everyone.
+Jacques Dupuis Reporting on witnessed security violations is a whole different discussion then one on what and why the Govt classifies something.
+Noel Beale
I would agree totally if it was not for everything but just a certain area that really need to be classified. Everything else should be open book. That is what I am objecting to.
+Jacques Dupuis The statement that the government classifies almost everything is incredibly naive. In fact most information that passes through or is generated by the DOD is unclassified. I understand the basis for the whole freedom of information movement, but seriously, things that are classified need to remain classified.

Yes, +Ulf Hansen I did read the article and yes the whole article is crying about a reiteration of a policy that anyone with a clearance has known since they got a clearance. Reporting adverse information is a requirement for government employees.
No, +Charles MacDonald Communism (from Latin communis - common, universal) is a revolutionary socialist movement to create a classless, moneyless and stateless social order structured upon common ownership of the means of production, as well as a social, political and economic ideology that aims at the establishment of this social order.

Americans must know that all their Government's spy programs is for their own benefit,they had better supported their government or else they will be hunted around by the depraved elements in the fold of al qaeda and their likes.Americans owe their government and its Spy Agencies a great deal of gratitude.
It must be so much fun working there!
This reminds me of the movie "The Body Snatchers".  SMH   
So essentially, what the Obama administration wants its federal employees to do is, spy on each other. And of course no one is going to use this to take down rivals, right? Why is it that the worst and stupidest ideas always get implemented the fastest?
Just like KGB. They even did not have to infiltrate in USA.
The sad thing is to me that its not the fact of this plan that's being re-implemented but that people will undoubtedly blame it on Obama himself in the belief that some other politician, right-wing or left-wing be damned, would do so much better.
obviously Doesn't work both ways, Snitch on your Co workers,  But What we do . You Keep to your Self ,. Souds Like the Nazi Party..
+Chris van Gorder My God I don't know how many times I can say this before you people get this through your heads: THIS IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN A POLICY. THIS IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN A POLICY. THIS IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN A POLICY.

Since it IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN A POLICY, you would think that your scenario would have happened until the system broke for I don't know, about a century. Well, I can report to you with full confidence that it doesn't happen that frequently. You may be fascinated and wonder HOW that could BE?!! Well, it turns out the government isn't out to get you and that with every report comes an investigation by people whose job is to do exactly that. Do you know what happens to false reporters? Bad things. Obama has simply reiterated a policy because of the recent leaks. Period. Now go change your panties.
there they are again the making President Obama a nazi like the Bushes and Reagan were
It appears that the terrorists have won and we are, step by step, slowly turning into a fascist state, reminiscent of Nazi Germany,
 where we all spy on each other.
Yo dawg, I heard you like spying, so I put spys in your spys so you can spy while spying to keep from being spied on.
Obama is the most intelligent president this nation has ever had. To question this should be counted as an act of treason. 
"The sky is falling.. The sky is falling" Comparing America to Nazi Germany is fucking ridiculous. Where were these voices when we went to war with Iraq based on lies? Thousands of young men/women killed for no reason ? A Trillion dollars wasted? " The Sky is falling..."
Remember folks, Moral equivalence means that when different people do the same acts, the meaning of it is radically different!  #Nazi #Godwin
Wow it amazes me that no one has picked up on the extreme bias of the this article by RT. 
There all the same .stop supporting this by not paying your taxes car reg. Anything to shrink this monster
gary f
don't they do that already?
How about the agencies behave in an ethical and constitutional way and then there's nothing to leak?
+Lee Mondesir don't you know that logic and reading comprehension don't belong in a thread like this? You're supposed to parrot fox news, randomly capitalize words, and bring up completely unrelated arguments.
haha now he wants them to spy on each other
Does anyone really think Romney would have stopped #PRISM  or fixed the economy or that things would be any better??  Your corporate overlords have bought the government a long time ago.  Corruption goes back way before Bush (the first one, not W), who knows how long or what the government has REALLY done that we don't know about.
+Matt Shanaman
 exactly..  "if you see something suspicious" is and always had been standard training and operating procedure.  it is actually part of the responsibility of having a security clearance.

Why now something it is and always has been policy is suddenly "Nazism" is laughable, especially considering Hitler and his party were and still Far Right Wing ultra conservatives........
+Ivan Sherman
  Bush asked you to spy on your neighbors too after 9/11....  I bet that pissed you off.
Another version of fraud, waste and abuse reporting...
It is true that there is a lot of waste and laziness in the federal government, but urging for whistleblowers is probably not the best deterrent. Perhaps more kindness on the job and better training is key to improving human relationships and work performance.
What a bunch of knuckleheads! 
They probably ought to have been doing that to begin with.
I have said more than once that POTUS is a plug n play position. Now the agendas of the party in power influences what is pushed to forefront. Do worry over the ever increasing lean off the current party's agenda toward 'social' redistribution if wealth. Oooooh got to quit here...
What happens when the government is out of control and turns on it's own people?  The problem is that our people are not being represented.  Who's will is being catered too?....It's the few in Washington who want to strip us from our rights established by the constitution. 
actually, it's Barak Obushma, carrying on the "Patriotism".....(or, perhaps, Barak Ocheneyma)
+Lee Ahrens What "rights" are those again? When did you have a "Right" to know about classified programs? Did you say the same things when the govt unveiled (After keeping it secret for a decade) the stealth bomber, for example?
This has been happening slowly over decades to strip us of our rights.  It started with government funded public schools.  They "dumbed" down the American population by teaching our children what they wanted them to know and re-writing history books to portray a very different American History.  Sad day in America.  By the way anyone remember the planks of Socialism?  Graduated Income Tax...Government controlled schools....Gun control.....hmmmmmm..... sounds a lot like present day America!!!!   Wake up! before it's too late.  Socialism experiment has failed everywhere it has been.  It has destroyed country after country.
This President sets new standards for incompetence to new levels every day
+Mike Mac Yeah, the extent and reach of the Patriot Act did piss me off. I opposed practically everything Bush/Cheney did in this area.Mike, I'm not one of your right-wing, anti-Obama nuts. I voted for him and given the same choices, would vote for him again. I just see that steadily, fear of Terrorism is winning out and we are moving further and further toward Fascism. And if you can't see that, you are blind.
+Ivan Sherman This is not about "Terrorism" or the fear of it. The govt has a valid reason to keep some things classified and secret. There are some things that, if they were public, would endanger the efficiency of those programs. And those programs may not be sinister or bad - they are done for valid reasons.

There are enemies of the US. Not all of those enemies are terrorists. There are programs in place that protect and are very much valid - even to the most ardent strict constitutionalist right wingnut, they'd be valid. And their efficacy is in their secrecy.
+Wolf Warren It is not the president that is incompetent (or he is incompetent but that is not relevant).  The problem is that this country had enough morons to elect him President.  Who he was and what his policies would be were not exactly a "state secret"on either election day.  

Who he was and what his policies would be were not exactly a "state secret"on either election day.  The American people have proven in the last two Presidential elections they do not have enough common sense to be allowed to vote.  This proved the founding fathers correct in their lack of trust in the American people to make the right decision, and that is why they left the selection of Presidential electors up to the state legislatures.

The state legislatures need to enforce their rights under the constitution and no longer allow incompetents to choose who gets to be Commander In Chief.  The world is simply too dangerous of a place to allow for anything else.
In a screw you handling of the presidency, Obama had to decide if saying nothing or making that dumb uninforcible statement.  The trouble lies with the fact that 90% of my troubles as a union president came from co-worker ratting out co-workers in the struggle for advancement.  He should have stayed silent.
+Lee Mondesir no there are not certain behaviour , as the article quite clearlly states,if u bothered to read it, its your paranoia passing judgement
+Lee Ahrens
  Lee, you mean the Republican controlled House?  The latest examples were the gun control bills that were all shot down, even though every poll showed that virtually every American supported several of the bills.  Universal Background checks was one, 90% of American supported it, 90% of Republican voted against it.  90% of Democrats voted for it.

Smells sort of like taxation without representation, right?
+marcus easterling No, actually he is not. "Division" comes from a set of people who want to be divided. If anyone wants to have that mantle it is Rupert Murdoch who created an entire media empire based on the idea of division.
+Duane Lee   universal background checks only deny guns to those the GOP say we should be trying to keep them away from....
+Nancy Parker
 why would you call for a "pox" on the house of the POTUS for doing his job?
Trust is dead while treason blackmail,and lies are It's replacement for power which is decaying for leverages so America will profit from misery,usury,debt slavery,hyper inflation,proxy wars,and institutionalized isms or religions for more debt and less wages for freedoom hell on eartg equality for most and a sliver of heaven for a few
Obama will make them genocide eachother through data and blackmail
+Timothy Collins
 exactly... or the current drone program that was developed and implemented in the mid-2000's after they have been in use since the 1970's,  and Obama is raked over the coals for telling them about it instead of hiding it like every previous administration has.....
It's a human feeding frenzy...our nation has been played by the true forces of human insturmentality and its origins of usury that has played waste to many era,regime,civilizations,and empires we are just like the Romans before they fell and ushered in a dark age
+Mike Mac That's the thing. Drones were not invented in only the last 5 years after all. We've been using them since at least the early 80's... 

There are programs that, for their use to be useful, have to be secret. It might be crappy and in a perfect world they wouldn't exist. Since we do not live in a perfect world, bemoaning the existence of secrecy like this is not a valid position.
Confusion must be used by all governments in a battle royale accept WMD they will use words of massive destruction as terrorist in suits drone us buy the pen 
This is just like when Hitler had the youth spy on their parents and friends, or when we were accusing our neighbors for being communist in the 50's and 60's. Welcome to the United States of Paranoia. 
+Glenn Truitt No, actually it isn't like that. Only for the weakest of minds can that comparison even begin to seem valid.
+Glenn Truitt
 again.... in case you missed it the first...second or however many times its been pointed out here, this is nothing "escalation" of anything... add the 70's, 80's and 90's to your list
Each worker has been issued a pair of Google Glasses.
In 2007, I worked for a govt contractor. I signed a contract that said that if I observed any activity that would lead to divulging sensitive data I was to report it or face charges of conspiracy.

I never worked near anything sensitive enough to care about, but that was under Bush. I suspect similar contracts existed under Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter and so on...

I don't know why this is such a big deal.
+Timothy Collins
  and that language and requirement has been in place for anyone that has been granted any level of security clearance for decades......
+Mike Mac As well it ought to be. Sometimes it important to keep things secret after all.
+Mike Mac I will also mention - similar contracts exist in private industry. After all, industrial espionage is an important consideration for some projects and nobody objects to companies trying to keep their corporate secrets...
Even if the secret is that there are no secrets from the government information gathering machine?
Trojan hoarsed by those who our system thought would never stab us in the back...but we've had a history of destabilizing many countries and the trojan hoarsemen are everywhere especially in all 3 branches of God south of heaven branches 
He's playing the old three card Monte scam, watch here and here while I fuck you all over. 
Mike Mac. It is just being more public like previous mention. 
+Darius Neal So, basically you are saying you see this type of person everywhere? Perhaps you might want to talk to someone about that level of paranoia you live in.
Have you dumb asses noticed that RT doesn't post anything negative about their shady government? It's all about US is bad, blah blah blah. Let's she them post something about Putin or his communist past. Oh wait, it's state run media so that would never happen. In true communist nature, People can be controlled like sheep, this proves it. RT is their new propaganda machine, and people in the US are buying it like they did Obama. Awesome!
I'm saying Obama is a Pharoh...and still is controlled and surrounded by Pharisees
America has to use brainwashing...the alternative is truth 
I'm a contractor for USPS and it is like that. 
Go looking for justice,and fall prey too it
Do unto others,before they do unto you
Slavery is the grandfather of debt
LOL!  Long ago, President Barack Obama "launched" a continual precedented campaign requiring you to monitor and report on others under the threat of ...not being IN.

Many of us Better People have "launched"  on others over the years... which does not in any way make this right, or less dangerous.

While SEPARATED... it is self-evident these "launchings" will continue by all means....
What about we stop classifying practices and policies that ought to be public?  If we are waterboarding, let's have that on the table.  This is supposedly a democracy not a police state.  We are now spying on our allies, ourselves and each other.  This has gone too far, imho.  Wikileaks and the open secrets may be on the right side of history on this issue.
I can't believe all this negativity. Where are all of the tears of joy for electing someone by race instead of qualifications. Next time we need to know a little bit more about the candidates for president. 
It amazes me the level of ignorance that seems to reveal itself in the last six years. This is and has been the case for over 30 years. No one is eroding anything this has always been modern America. What you thought we where all milk & honey and that inspires people to fly planes into us? Dream on, we're assholes, and we'll be assholes until we no longer have a military that can snuff out any country in the world. 
Already have back ground checks. Checks already cover all sales from dealers all sales over the Internet go thru an ffl dealer with background check. Background checks already cover mentally unstable. Adam lanza broke 41 laws you really think #42 would have stopped him... and he never used the supposed ar15 it was in the trunk there's even videos of the long gun being found on the trunk..what he shot all those kids then ran wau out in the parking lot put the gun in the trunk then ran back in to the a other side of the school an shot himself . I know he was crazy, but your nuts... an so uniformed it's sad.. you'd believe anything
As we see in a bible we are repeating our better angels and demon breathern perpetual spiritual cold war...It's just mortal for us as on earth our bittersweet disposition has created an playing field of gravity fall and rise...accept in that bible humans don't fair so well during revelations could it be we are following it as an end guide for something new
Secrets have secrets wrapped in an enigma of tyrannical melancholy
He was elected based on race and not qualifications? I don't think qualifications are the issue. If that were the case I have not seen qualified folks in the government (POTUS, Senate, Congress) in a good while regardless of their race!
Jon Car
Zio fifth column runs the USA.  This is the same crap NAZI Germany pulled.  Look up "The Transfer Agreement"  and find out what really happen. 
Obama was voted on a promise of change...instead we got same old same old
Back to USSR. Reminds me of good ol days lol. What is happening to America ?
Romans used the same tactics flood the gates with barbarians hire them and make wages low...sounds familiar because I feel only reason slavery wad abolished was to have new taxpayers period to pawn usury for future illegals,refugees,and nationalist
This from a President who promised to be more transparent to everyday citicens? And the foolish believed him...
He is not the man he claims to be. He tells you what you want to hear - and then does what he wants. Wake up, America. If you want better - demand better. Don't allow our leaders to get away with lies, to manipulate you. This goes for ANY political party.
No where to run or hide I use to think and ofcourse mortals never get out alive...untill snowden did what was right for the American citizens and then was a target
This is a stupid post. Watching for leaks or other security problems should be standard policy. There's no 'monitoring ' involved. Horrible shirty post. 
Obama's favor rating is at all time low.  People are finally catching on that the guy is clueless.

"If I had a son, he would look just like Trayvon."  Probably the dumbest thing a president could ever say but it is to be expected from this guy.
Here is some news president obama is going to come into each of your homes and fuck your wife's and husbands what a bunch of morons and idiots you guys are lol you guys believe anything negative that's throwing out there about this president 
We hav no boarders anyone can come here and conduct
The time had come to pull out Obama. To be voted out. If the Americans aren't doing then other countries will definitely done.
The last free President was JFK. And he was assassinated. That is all.
Sorry allies we've just been frenimes and pawn of our debt ridden money we don't trust just leverage and make sure someone takes the brunt force of an attack and charge of credits
Why would anybody trust a government that doesn't trust its own people? 
In mother america, spy agency spies on self!
Barack Obama is insane if he thinks that I would spy on my fellow Americans and turn them into him. I SAY IMPEACH OBAMA!
Kind of reminds you of the old days of communist Russia and such.....
You know we need to monitor them they are not working for us they are working for the enemy trying to cripple us from within he should monitor everyone to weed out the bad ones. Some of them are only in the job for the benefits and pay they are not in it to work. I agree with him they need to be monitored very closely to make sure they are doing their jobs. There should be no one objecting to that unless they have something to hide.
I don't believe that he said that for a minute!  You would have to show it to me in writing!
It's not like that's not already happening. LOL.
Now it's just said out loud.
It is what it is!
Family secrets? How is that relevant...would u want ur wife or husband checking on u cause they feel insecure...that is relevant
Tranparancy is the name of the game...the USA goverment is not only our goverment its also a partner with th rest of the world..look this foreign policy that we have of get them before they get us is ridicules and ancient
Remember the phrase 'loose lips sink ships'? People have been asked to monitor their words and those of others every time our country has been at war. This is not a new request from this or other democracies during wartime. That said, we've been involved in wars too long.
I think everyone should stop whining about it and let the President run the country he is working in our best interest, why did it take so long to catch Osama Bin Laden, because the Bush administration was more worried about covering up not catching a terrorists that threatened this country for so long and we had no idea what they were doing to catch him because he wanted to keep it all a secret to the American people saying we would not understand. I for one am sick of them getting away with what they do, I for one want to know what is going on, if they are spending tax payers dollars to do it then we have a right to know. If anyone has a better way of controlling who has access to guns in the US then sit down and write it on paper get people to sign the petition then submit it to the government to have it changed otherwise sit down and be quiet. Gripping about it and doing nothing else is getting old, you sound like a broken record, if you do not have anything in your past that keeps you from bearing arms then sit down and say nothing because you can own a gun. Everyone acts like this is the Presidents decision all of this is discussed and is not his final say it must be agreed upon by others working in the people's best interest, the president does not act alone so stop blaming him for trying to protect us and start supporting him to keep this country safe. If you do not like the way this country is being ran then you run for president.
Wars do not end just because we WANT them to. Wars end because the enemy is sufficiently defeated to sue for peace and quit attacking. This is something that has been largely forgotten in the West since the last great victory: World War II.
The war on terror cannot be won, and is a farce. You cannot kill an idea with a bullet, or a bomb. It is a farce in that anything the government does not like will be labelled as being terrorist.
If you work in government keep to yourself and leak anonymously and smartly if its deemed necessary
All bow to Pharoh Obama right just let him be a God...south of heaven while the American dream puts us into a reality nightmare for our offspring
Can he protect Americans from him as a wolf would gladly look after the sheep...while our shepherd and the sheep dog have been killed by the government
Here's my family secret we are combatants of usury
Russia I respect that saying" usually thier is smoke,where the kindling of fire is"...if groups can blow something up then come protect you knowing it was them we are in big trouble
What a ridiculous comment. So far, "he" hasn't been hiding anything. Not even a blow job.
Is there another source besides RT?
Socialism is one step away from Communism! The stats show that people are becoming more and more less educated and more dependent on the government and that is what they want in order to have more control over us. Thomas Jefferson once said"too much security is a threat to liberty". 
Although I don't agree with certain programs or actions the government is taking I don't see this as a big deal. You would expect a company to want to protect its intel so why not government employees who are also contracted to? It is an interesting time to live in regardless...
Ken your absolutely correct War on terror is a war forever just like political human Insturmentality or religious human insturmentality for usury its an human emotion which has become another flexible tool for totalitarian geopolitical confinement untill advanced debt slavery currencies evolves into another monopoly scheme
There is a difference between seeing or overhearing something that is not right and reporting it and purposely spying on each other. That is become an invasion of privacy. The government wants to slowly take away the freedoms that all our forefathers fought for.
"Who watches the watchers", huh?
Who would've thunk...
So what do you think 'disorderly conduct' laws are? Fascism is nothing new, it's just getting worse
I'm still hoping for that lee Harvey Oswald moment
Nationalism isn't going anywhere from killing one
How about they spy on each other to report wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars?! IRS I'm looking at you.
If you want righteous blame, blame all 3 branches of government. Blaming one person or one party just shows how limited your understanding is folks. Sure Obama is a fascist, so are the rest of the corrupted swine in DC
Who is spying on the congress and the White House, lol, let's make it fair
When u work for the government u do not have privacy the people u are serving have privacy what u do inside a government place of business does not afford u privacy as far as the work u do the information u handle is private what u do with that information should not be kept private no one has any business using that information without our knowledge they do not need to use that information without the government knowing how they are using it. People do not confuse your personal privacy with that of government document privacy that is two totally different things. That is what is wrong with this country everyone shouting privacy and yet they do not want to stop the corruption of privacy leaking within the system failing to control what the government workers are doing with the information they are privy to is communism, we do not need this information getting into the wrong hands and if spying on the people who work in the system to keep documents from being leaked into the wrong hands works I say do it there are too many corrupt workers in the government and they need to be stopped. I myself want to know who is corrupt and bring them to justice I am sick of them leaking information and not getting caught and they should be thrown into prison with the rest of the criminals without parole.
Most of the leakers are in Washington
Turning on themselves like an human feeding frenzy of bath salt cannibalism
Selling info has plagued this nation...biggie smalls,quote" to all the hell I send thew,its all about the bengees( Benjamins)
+james newman If you don't even know what socialism is, why talk about it?
And just because FASCIST nations hide behind the word 'socialist', doesn't make socialism as a whole bad. It simply makes you a sucker.
I see people saying the same things about 'capitalism' and 'democracy' that you say about socialism. And yet they are also wrong. Learn what fascism is so you can learn what's worth bitching about.
This is pretty draconian, and highly reminiscent of certain past dictatorships…

Wouldn't be surprised if step 2 of the program is quotas.
Inside the Beltway politics is a sport, and leaking information is one way to score points for your team.
He's not a socialist, that's for sure. But apparently he IS a tyrant.
No, he's tyrant using tyrannical action. Really not hard to follow. At least for most. The OP pretty much proves that. Spy on your neighbor/co-worker mentality, tyranny.
This is a link to the actual policy from the Obama administration.
I am sure that many of you will not read it. Many of you would rather believe a report from a  Russian news site that caters to your paranoid fears.  
You should ask yourself why RT didn't provide a link to the real document in their report.
It's because RT doesn't want you to know the truth.
USA always wanted to beat the old USSR.... I just never thought we wanted to beat them at the 'police state' game!
Our way of life is a reflection of our nations mentality. Freedom has a price tag just look at us. Here we have ipads, baseball salaries, freedom of speech, homeless people, whack off videos and dont forget here corporations are people too. We dont care if other countries have these rights too. Its F you and your neighbor, F the world if you dont agree. The problem isnt a president or its government or its people. The problem is human nature and its always self-centered. American policies and corporate smoke inflate our nature just enough so we float around with our mouths closed, denying that we have anything to do with the problem(s). I hear Nazies!! Commies!! NAZIEZ!!??!! Meanwhile the rest of the world screams WHITE DEVIL!! GREEDY AMERICAN!! HEADONIST! Dont be offended, we earned that last one. So for as much as we point our collective finger at the world or our government for the evil they purpetrate we should look twice bc 3 more fingers are pointing straight back at us. So shut your mouths about passing the kool-aid bc like it or not every last one of us is drinking it down. SLURRRRP, MMMMMM, Doesnt it taste sooo good?
Tyranny is precisely what this is.  Whistleblowers are supposed to be protected, not prosecuted.  

Imagine when someone is prosecuted for not turning someone else in.  Is that really how Obama defines liberty?
Notice how ONLY the blacks on here are speaking highly of obama? And were the racist ones??? Its the color that blinds them
+Garry Williams So data collection is now, an act of tyranny.  I have a different threshold for such things -- I'd call it a breach of public trust at best and a violation of the constitution that the courts need to address at worst. 

I've noticed that the "he's a tyrant" accusation is never followed up with even the least bit of evidence (even the anecdotal kind).  The closest thing I can come up with that could be described as tyrannical would be the indefinite detentions at Gitmo, but thats problematic since most of Obama's detractors calling him a tyrant were for it before they were agin' it.  And besides, what red-blooded patriot wants to be heard voicing anything that sounds like support for towel-heads, right?
I stand corrected.. Shawn Allen is a smart man. 
We can haz also be Russian #Communists. Be the first one on the block to rat out your friends and neighbors. 
Turning in your neighbor for "suspicious" activity in not data collection.
We were required to monitor each other in the military. Trust but verify. However, Snowden was just a contractor given far too much latitude. He bit us in the ass for trusting him. We must cancel all contractor positions because the federal government can't control or provide any oversight plus contractors cost far more than a civil service employee doing the exact same job.
So now we're blaming Bush, again. Figures.Time for a new line progressives.
+Jeffrey Austin What was your job in the military? I retired a 91C50 Army master sergeant with a Top Secret clearance and I do not recall ever being required to monitor anyone. Of course, if your job was G2 or S2, it would be your job, but not for other non-intel jobs. I could be wrong or things may have changed since 1988 when I retired.
Do they issue brown shirts for that program? Or SEIU purple ones?
+Jeff Brailey I was in the Army 13B in the 90's, had a security clearance and was never asked to do any such thing as spy/monitor any of my team members. Seems a strange statement.
Jason A
Already happens in some agencies in Texas.
Those that refuse to learn from history are damned to repeat it. It's not about blaming one political party or person.

Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if I was tasked with the protection of 300+ (or so) Americans what would I do. It's a tough job no matter who is in The White House. If you think you can do better you try for the job.
I worked at an DoD EOC, location undisclosed, and everyone carried a sidearm.
+Jeff Brailey MSgt, the issue is all about classified materials and documents. The story cranks out of whack what Obama asked government employees to do.
+Jeffrey Austin Not all of us worked in such high security environments. I had two assignments in 20 years in which I did, but I was working S2 in both of them. In my normal assignments, I monitored no one.
Maybe "unprecedented", but we have always, for many, many decades, been expected to help keep secret/confidential material secret/confidential.
+Gary Beltrami "Turning in your neighbor for "suspicious" activity in not data collection."

Unless you got some information about somebody being tortured/beaten/whisked away/whatever after being "turned in" for "suspicious" activity then it's all just data gathering.

Show me where a government worker went missing in the middle of night after being turned in.  Point us to a government worker who is afraid of getting a late night knock on his/her door...  Oh wait, there's Edward Snowden, but since most of the "Obama is a tyrant" crowd want him hanged as a traitor, I don't think he qualifies as a victim of tyranny.  Tyranny of the masses, maybe.
About time they used to do it for free.
Wow, seriously. I love that we can count on RT to provide us information that would never happen in father Russia.
All you slurping up the Russian government koolaid do realize you're talking about government employees with access to classified information, right? You're telling me that you think they have a right to privacy with that? Good god sometimes the Paul Rand crowd perplexes me.
If this is true, Obama needs to grow a spine. He doesn't need to prove anything to those for strong-armed governemnt.
This kind of strategy is what all repressive governments have used to perpetuate their powers (including big Mother Russia from 1917 to 1989 and probably up to today)
Actually I can name two government workers who were persecuted by the government: Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame... oh, never mind.
+victorscarlo isme green jacket, yellow jacket (happy gilmore ref.) who gives a shit which color you are. That argument is soo ignorant. 
What I always imagine is that the first time Obama protested about a government policy, he was shown into a side room, and shown the events in Dealey Plaza, November 22 1963. 

Just my view on it, not saying it's what happens to presidents who think they actually run the country........
It's how they (the sly governments) begin to take away liberty ....
not quickly & openly ... but instead one thing at time so when they lock everyone in their own houses no one will be surprised & say the blame rests entirely on the government .... cause they could have had stopped it but they chose go with it... the people have more power then they will ever know ....

Conventional spying is long out of date!!! It is  just to cover the mother of all spying -- inside the minds of people with remote technologies!
Really sad to see America in so much trouble . And no one cares about the impending nuclear war with Russia and china . 
Another step in the wrong direction
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