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Patent, Trademark, & Copyright Attorney

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This is Linux (specifically, Linux Lite), running via VirtualBox on a MacBook Air. I was leery of using VirtualBox, because on Windows PCs I'd always experienced a lag in performance as opposed to a dual boot. Here, there was not lag. In part, that may be because this is a lightweight distro with XFCE as the DE, but I had lag in the past using XFCE or even OpenBox, so this was a pleasant surprise. Web browsing was also fast.

I also got TinyCorePlus to boot, which I did because I thought it would be a great distro to run using a virtual machine. But since there's no real lag with Linux Lite, I'm sticking with that. 

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Does Luna like to ride in the car? No, she does not. 

Anyone know how to set wingpanel to black in current version of Loki? Can't see anything if I use a light wallpaper. Thanks!

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Shaving post.

I know beards are in, but for those of you who shave, I've spent the last few months trying different blades and products and have come across what I think does the best job and provides the best shaving experience. All items are pictured with this post.

1. Razor

I have settles on the Parker heavy duty shavette. You can get it on Amazon for $24 and change. It has a night weight to it and is easy to handle. This is a straight razor, but without the need to strop and sharpen the blade, because it uses disposable blades.

2. Blades

I use the Shark half blades. You can get 100 of these blades on Amazon for just over $7. At the rate I switch out blades, that's a year's worth. They fit perfectly into the Parker shavettte.

3. Pre-Shave Cream

As with the other products, below, I use Proraso. This is going to look like an ad for them before it is done. The Proraso Crema Pre Barba provides a nice base prior to shaving and feels great on the skin. You only need a little bit at a time. Well worth it.

4. Shaving Cream

I use the Proraso Sapone de Barba. There are at least three different kinds--green container (eucalyptus), red, and white (for sensitive skin). I like the red best. It has a nice sandalwood smell. The eucalyptus in the green is great, but you don't need it if you're using the Crema Pre Barba. These aren't hard pucks of soap--instead they're softer, but firm soaps that make a nice lather and worth well with your brush.

5. After Shave Cream

Proraso again. Their Crema Liquida is the best product I've found for after shaving. Keeps your skin in good shape.

6. Brush

Badger hair beats boar's hair. It feels much better on the skin, and lathers better with the soap. The price difference isn't a lot, and if you're using boar's hair it is well worth upgrading.

That's my go-to shaving kit after a few months of trial and error. This is all available on Amazon. If you've never used a straight razor, expect some cuts to start with (in fact, you may want to order a "nick stick" to stop the bleeding from some of the initial attempts.
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So, Cobblestone Auto Spa. My daughter is going through their facility--an older setup where the cars aren't separated by physical structure as they go through. The guy behind her manages to rear-end her inside the auto spa. It's caught on video.

The guy is insulting to my daughter. He's an older guy and dealing with a 21 year old woman, so he probably thinks he can barrel over her. OK, whatever. He couldn't. Worse, though, is the spa itself. Their employee volunteers the uneducated opinion that the collision couldn't possibly have caused the damage. The spa management was rude and condescending to my daughter. I don't know why they didn't take a more professional approach.

The car is being fixed. The insurance company concluded the collision in the car wash was clearly responsible for the damage, contrary to the opinions of the auto spa employee and the other driver. Meanwhile, my daughter's friend (who was with her), posted a review on Yelp. The auto spa management responded by arguing with her. So then I posted one, and they argued with me as well and repeated false information in an attempt to make my daughter look bad. She made a post trying to defend everyone and now they're arguing with her as well.

Whatever happened to just running a business in a professional manner. It's like mini-Trumps are running the place--they can't help but to reply with false information. If someone had just said "Hey we're sorry about what happened and that our employee accused your daughter of lying. We value your business and it won't happen again" that would have been the end of it. Instead, they look foolish in my opinion.

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Can't say I'm sad about this.

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Pretty Christmas in Arizona. 
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How come no one told me the bar had a Dungeons and Dragons plan?
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