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Big Nerd Ranch: iOS Programming -- 3rd Edition

Today I started reading this books 3rd Ed.

Readers of my thread/circle do know, that I already read deep into 2nd edition. At that time of reading the previous edition I was disappointed, that only a small note told readers that this book DOES NOT cover iOS 5. With this it did not even strive ARC nor other changes that appeared in iOS5. Retain / release is barely used in iOS5 programming. Same with XIB files. 

In 3rd edition I was very dismayed to read, that new features that facilitates developer life somewhat, like Storyboards are not used by default. Yes the book has been reworked, so that it covers ARC functionality, now - but that's it. Seems that the authors did not completely arrived in that new Apple development cycle.

Luckily I watched the whole course of Prof. Hegary@Stanford before I restarted with this 3rd edition. Hegarty uses all that new techniques by default and shows how to using it.

Sadly that the book iOS Programming 3rd Ed is now a mixup of iOS 4.x and 5.x. So it is not true anymore that it is 'the' beginners guide for iOS programming. 
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