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R.M. Donaldson
Author of Inspring Young Adult Fiction
Author of Inspring Young Adult Fiction

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I've loved this place since I was a kid. Good food, good service, good memories.

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This is the magic devise that made the book cover you see here. I love it!

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Another book by our young author friend Matthew Reade. This time he’s into sci-fi. Clone 71 is anything but a normal guy. He is a clone, and his home is a huge facility specially built to create more people like him. After he discovers a plot by the evil…

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Heklis and Cedrick Are Fighting Again

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"The Rising" has begun! Heklis may think he has destroyed the Creator blessed line of Custods, but soon he'll find the battle only has just begun.

Someone help me learn to like  #poetry ! I'm really struggling here. I took a class to try to learn to love it. It's making it worse! Help!

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Want to know what the dumb thing he did was?

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The first part of the Custodian History. Stay tuned for more!

#Goodreads  will soon have a #giveaway  up. Add #therising  to your 'to read list' then join the giveaway you could #win !  
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