"First come, first served"? The Google I/O registration page was polling the waiting list every 25E3+1E4*Math.random() milliseconds. The Ajax calls were returning the json '{status:waiting}'.

(1E4*Math.random()) - 1E4 is 1000 and Math.random() will randomly give you a decimal number, such as 0.5347112524323165 or 0.0210017969366163. 25E3 is 25000. So it was doing the ajax call every 25 seconds + (0 - 10 seconds).

I changed the code in the Chrome Developer Tools for a.setTimeout() to be 1000ms and I was polling much faster, but always returned '{status:waiting}'. The calls were returning very very fast, the server was not under much load. Oh well, maybe next year.

For you geeks, the code is below:

//General is for general admission, vs. academic
devsite.registration.setStatusCheck(window, 'general');

devsite.registration.setStatusCheck=function(a,b) {

devsite.registration.checkWaitListStatus=function(a) {
var b="/events/register/waitlist/status/"+devsite.registration.waitListKey+"/";
$.get(b, function(b) {
var d=b.status;
"waiting"== d ? a.setTimeout(devsite.registration.checkWaitListStatus,25E3+1E4*Math.random(),a) : devsite.location.href="fulfilled" == d ? b.details_page:"/events/io/register/noticket"}
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