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Annual RIT sci-fi convention
Annual RIT sci-fi convention


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Due to lack of traction, we're going to stop updating our Google+ when we transition into planning STARfest 2019. As always, important STARfest updates will continue to be posted on You can also find us on the following social networks:
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For those who are interested, this year’s Cantina playlist, following the outstanding performances by Al Biles & GenJam and BC Likes You + Koog, was:

Con Chair Introduction/Announcements:
• “Back In Black” by AC/DC
• “Superman Main Theme” by John Williams

Main Dance:
• “Guardians Inferno” by The Sneepers
• “Mr. Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra
• “Kryptonite” by 3 Doors Down
• “Ballroom Blitz” by Sweet
• “Lapti Nek” by John Williams
• “YMCA Stars” by Hourfor
    (STARfest 2018 edit by Lucas Kates)
• “Galaxy” by Nine Lashes
• “Dance Of Swords” Remix by Video Game Remixes
• “Climax Re-enactment” by Masafumi Takada
    (STARfest 2018 edit by Logan King)
• “Fantasy” by Tobu & Itro
    (STARfest 2018 edit by Lucas Kates)
• “Deja Vu” by Dave Rodgers
• “End Of Line” by Daft Punk
• “Haven't You Noticed (I'm A Star)” by Olivia Olson
• “I Melt With You” by Modern English
• “500 Miles” by The Proclaimers
• “Ghostbusters” by Walk The Moon
• “Back In Time” by Huey Lewis & The News
• “Jump Up, Super Star!” by Kate Davis and The Super Mario Players
• “Die Young” by Ke$ha
• “Heroes (We Could Be) (Hard Rock Sofa And Skidka Remix)” by Alesso & Tove Lo
    (STARfest 2018 edit by Zachary Yaro)
• “I Am The Doctor” Orchestral Dubstep Remix by Fluxton
• “Teenage Rebel” by Chameleon Circuit
• “Happy Haunted Sunshine House” by Van Partible
• “Ode To A Superhero” by “Weird Al” Yankovic
• “Ziggy Stardust” by David Bowie
• “Prom Night” by Anamanaguchi
• “Calamari Inkantation” by the Squid Sisters
• “I Ship It” by Not Literally
• “Howard The Duck” by Cherry Bomb
• “The Time Warp” by Richard O'Brien
• “Heaven Is A Place On Earth” by Belinda Carlisle
• “Don't Stop Me Now” by Foxes
• “To The Stars” by Modestep
• “Holding Out For A Hero” by Bonnie Tyler
• “I'm Han Solo” from Kinect Star Wars
• “Cantina Band” by John Williams
• “Come Sail Away” by Styx
• “Mecto Amore” by Steam Powered Giraffe
    (STARfest 2017 edit by Zachary Yaro)
• “Immortals” by Fall Out Boy
• “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga
• “What About Us?” by P!NK
• “Break Free” by Ariana Grande
• “Break Free (Lead The Way)” by Kate Davis and The Super Mario Players
• “Friends Are Family” by Oh, Hush!

• “Fresh Start” by the Squid Sisters
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Thank you to everyone who came to our debrief. We also wanted to give some shout-outs to the people and organizations who helped make STARfest 2018 possible:

We could not have done it without Michelle Czajkowski and Krzys Fus, RIT Anime Club, +The Construct At RIT, +RIT Cosplay Troupe, RIT Electronic Gaming Society (EGS), RIT Tech Crew, Rochester Fantasy Fans, Rochester Wargamers Association and Guild (RWAG), and, of course +Space-Time Adventures at RIT (STAR).

The team that made sure the pieces fell into place:
• Aesthetics Coordinator: +Zachary Yaro
• Featured Activities Coordinator: Cameron Bajus
• Finances Coordinator: Tullio Geraci
• Food Coordinator: Claire Noble
• Game Room Coordinator: Alex Froio
• Guest Coordinator: Alex Froio
• HQ Coordinator: +Ava Enoch
• Music/Tech. Coordinator: +Joseph Porsella
• Panel/Performance/Collaboration Coordinator: +Ava Enoch
• PR Coordinator: +Zachary Yaro
• Screenings Coordinator: Logan King
• Vendor Coordinator: +Ava Enoch
• Volunteer Coordinator: Jon Fitch
Convention Chair: +Ava Enoch

Plus our amazing panelists, performers, vendors, and volunteers—too many to list here. Thank you all so much, and we look forward to seeing you again next year!
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Huge thank you to everyone who came and made #RITSTARfest 2018 spectacular! We hope you had an super day and hope to see you next year! If you want to share your thoughts for next year, join us for debrief at 3:00 PM in room 2740, or respond online at

Also, if you want to keep a piece of #RITSTARfest history, we're giving away some of our giant painted signs, and you're also welcome to grab our posters around the RIT campus—we can't store all of them, and we'd love them to find good homes rather than getting thrown out.
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It is one more day to #RITSTARfest 2018! Despite all the Spider-Man memes, we decided to skip this one.

Anyhow, remember pre-registration ends tonight! (But you can still register at the door.)
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Spidey sense tingling...2 days to go!
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Check out the details on everything you can do at #RITSTARfest 2018 in this year's convention booklet at!
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We're just putting the finishing touches on the #RITSTARfest 2018 con book so we can reveal it right here tomorrow!
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