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Keith C
I am also no.
Went in to get more Vision disposable clearos and the shop doesn't sell them any more.  So I guess I have to get a little more upscale for my in-the-car-use ego-c.  Got the steel one of these and a couple of extra coils.  Like it well so far, nice match with the Nautilus I use on my pipe.
The CE5-S is an upgrade version of CE5, it has an exterior metal sleeve surrounding the tank with two small windows that allow you to see how much liquid is left in the tank at all times. It also has a replaceable drip tip that can be replaced with any 51
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Also, it was like eight bucks, so that's a feature I guess.
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Partisan Commenting Drinking Game

Step 1: Take a random blog or news post of sufficiently high profile to get comments.  

Step 2: See how long it took for the first politically charged comment (e.g. blaming whatever the article is about on Obama, or Republicans, or whatever, or even just completely mentioning them out of nowhere really.)

Step 3: Drink until you forget about the terrible, terrible Internet commenters.
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That's the easy way to rationalize getting blitzed at breakfast and keeping it up all day...

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My pal +Nick Mamatas did a thing.
<p>When the alien Mimics invade, soldier Keiji Kiriya is killed, easily, on the battlefield. But he wakes up the previous morning as if nothing happened and must fight the bat...
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Word of Mouth time:

There is a new comedy on FOX (I know, I know, but who cares about networks now anyway.)  It is produced by Bill "Scrubs, the best show ever" Lawrence.  It is written by Justin "Shit My Dad Says" Halpern.  It stars Chris "that guy from L&O SVU, Battlestar Galactica and everywhere else you look plus he was awesome in a Scrubs episode" Meloni as possibly the most sarcastic deadpan father of teenagers ever.  It has no laugh track.  It gave me (as a father of a teenager) joy.

It is also a mid-season replacement.  On FOX.  With an initial pickup of only 8 episodes.  I fear for its existence.  So I'm spreading the word.  This show is funny.  It's probably not a family show.  Unless your kids are teenagers.  Then they should watch the teenage kids get hassled for doing dumb teenager stuff.  You know, it's educational.

Anyway, funny show, watch it.  Surviving Jack.  (Helps to include the name, huh.)
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You know what?  Never mind.  I corrected the post again, but just watch the damn show already.  I'm off to a funeral.
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Another, previous BBC music thing.  Don't worry, the song's really only the first 4 minutes.  As with the new one, there are high points and less high points, but all in all it's pretty excellent.

Trigger warning: Shane MacGowan before he got new choppers.
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Like 5 years ago, I think?

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HA! I'd like to see those bold, emblazoned reporters...
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Sitting here vaping on my epipe and was like "this tastes kind of burnt and nasty, what's up with that?" Because, you know, same tank and juice as I was using with my ego battery earlier it was fine.  So: figured it must be different voltage messing with me.  Fiddled around with my adjustable tank and went for a much tighter airflow and so much better.  I have learned a thing!
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Yo I love my Aspire Nautilus tank.  JFYI.
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My wife has declared it "cheesy" but what does she know
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Well, Firefox sync removed all my extensions last night, and today abruptly it decided to one-up that by removing all my bookmarks.  So I guess it's back to Chrome.
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I try. :)

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For those in the SCA, Iarll Owen ap Aeddan and Contessa Genevria de Betto de Adriano, former King and Queen of Ansteorra, lost their teenage son Terrick as well as their home and all possessions in a fire this weekend.  For those not in the SCA, just know that two fine people as well as two younger siblings are need both materially and emotionally, and that this young man will be greatly missed.  (Some of you have already seen me talk about this, but I was venting emotion a bit more freely and also they hadn't released names so I was trying to be less public.)
Terick Jackson died Saturday morning in a fire at his Guthrie home. He was described as bright, funny, compassionate and someone who would always try to help others.
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There is, but I've seen it via a Facebook group; when I'm at an actual computer I'll see what I can do to put info here. 
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Career sysadmin (with a brief digression) by day; video game player and exerciser (?) by night; Christian, husband and father all the time; and Society for Creative Anachronism nutjob, musician, and compulsive reader whenever time permits. Lately I've been into reading 1970s Marvel comics and watching Star Trek: Voyager with our kids.

This is not my professional "presence".  This is where I let off steam.  I make almost no public posts.  I am not your content monkey.
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