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Amazing parking job.  It was so cool that you took up those 5 spots all night and most of the next morning.  Nothing says "We'll treat our customers right" like screwing the hotel customers out of parking.

I like my eggs ovariesy :) Night

I can't wait to not watch the State of The Union address tonight.

Just based on his facial expression alone, this guy at Best Buy totally wasn't expecting me to fart right next to him like that.

Dear Facebook: I love how you let the other person that I "liked" their item. Please start with the same notification when I "unlike" the same item. I want to like everything, then unlike when I'm sober... sort of my way of saying... psyc!!!

If you water it and give it plenty of sunlight, a ponytail will grow into a healthy mullet

Well, That's that.

So I've had such a crazy day at work. I can't tell you how much I can't wait to get home. It's hard work doing my job plus two other peoples.. hah

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Bringing a slow closet to a long and somewhat stressful day. Feeling happier things are falling into place. I'll go to bed and leave you with this bit of sad news: Kodak Film company files for bankruptcy. More details to comes as the story develops.
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