The One When Lukas Zpira Calls
If there has been one character that has held a great #photography   fascination for me, despite the few minutes that I had for him - it has to be Lukas Zpira.  Lukas and I had a chance meeting during a #photoshop  world conference, and over the last couple of years chat very infrequently.  But im always pumped to hear from him - he's one of those guys who just lives on a very different plane than I do.  I'd love another opportunity to work with him again on something.  A shoot at the Abode of Chaos would be sick. 

Anyway, Lukas informed me that a high key portrait I had done of him had gone so well, it was used as marquee promotions in Mexico as well as a possible cover in a Hungarian magazine! Bonne réussite Mon Ami! 
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