"I've seen some shit, man. It ain't right, none of it! It just ain't right!"
-Hudson, regarding the events on LV-426 "Acheron."

Name Hudson Lance

Weyland & Yutani Corporation
-United States Colonial Marine Corps
-Marine Raiders
--Second Division, Third Regiment

Rank Private First Class, later Corporal, then Master Sergeant

Hair Color Dark Brown, almost black

Eye Color Green

Themesong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2AC41dglnM

Height 6' 1''

Age 26

DoB/PoB April 22nd, 2153, Norfolk, Virginia, U.S.A.

Weaponry Armat P9 S.H.A.R.P. Rifle (Sonic Harpoon Artillery Projectile Rifle), Weyland-Yutani NSG-23 (Neo SturmGewehr 23), M39 Submachine gun with A4 stabilizing stock, and S6 Reflex sight

Equipment M10 Ballistics pattern helmet, M3 Ballistics pattern personal armor, IRC Mk.50 Compression suit, M134 Motion Tracker, TNR Shoulder Lamp, ME3 Hand Wielder

Personality Lance tends to be cool under pressure, and a very reliable person when it comes to the battlefield. Moments displayed on the second Marine deployment to "Acheron" have shown he can be very outgoing, as he risked his own life to save Marines, and Wey-Yu scientists outnumbered heavily by Xenomorphs.

Born to a family with Military roots all the way into the original United States Marine Corps, Lance was destined for a life of military service.
When Hudson became eighteen, he enlisted in the Colonial Marine corps to aid the innocent Colonials who have been slaughtered by the infamous Xenomorphs. The young Private was known to bring his pet cat aboard Colonial Marine ships, as comfort from being away from home. Flash forward eight years, Hudson has been on two combat drops. When the colony on Acheron wasn't communicating, Hudson was apart of the Marines sent down to the surface. What the battle hardened Marines had expected to be a simple waste of time, and a communication error, was in reality, a major shitfest of misery, and suffering. During the battle, Lance had saved two Marines from being cocooned by the extremely hostile Xenomorphs, and thus began a deep hatred for the species. Eventually, the Marine made it off of "Acheron" with civilian advisor Ellen Ripley, Dwayne Hicks, another Marine comrade, a synthetic Michael Bishop, "Newt," and Burke.
Unlike Hicks, when Wey-Yu PMCs stormed the Sulaco, Lance was not captured, as he knew the ship better than anyone else, and was in stead, hiding. When the Sephora Marines arrived, he was in a near death status, due to the lack of food, and water, consumed by the Wey-Yu mercs, and himself. When a Xenomorph outbreak came upon the ship, his cat had unluckily been infected with a facehugger, and eventually gave birth to a Xenomorph "Runner." Once the Sulaco crashed onto Acheron, Lance made a run for it, refusing to head back to "Hadley's Hope", wanting to stay away from the sorrowful, depressing colony. He was eventually captured by a Wey-Yu patrol, and was tortured constantly. By this time, he had begun to get PTSD, a form of mental illness. When another outbreak occured on Acheron, Lance had witnessed many more atrocities committed by the Xenomorphs on innocent colonists captured by Wey-Yu. Lance was more than relieved to find Hicks still alive, and Colonial Marines attacking Wey-Yu.
Eventually, when he made it off the rock, and no longer declared "K.I.A.", he was promoted to Corporal for his actions, and left the service two weeks later. He eventually rehabilitated in a hospital from PTSD, and his wounds suffered from "Acheron."

A few years after rehabilitation, he rejoined the Colonial Marines, and had tried out for the Colonial Marine Raiders, a Special Forces unit much like the original Raiders of the US Marine Corps. He partook in three more combat drops, and eventually earned the rank of "Master Sergeant." During one of these drops, he was famous among the troops in his command for killing a Yautja Blooded with his fists.
He served until he turned 52 years old, and retired.
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