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I'm at 23% of my goal! Help me make it 100% before this weekend!
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I had no idea how much I needed to hear Malcolm McDowell say "amazeballs."

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I want it NOW, not this fall!

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Just a quick blog post...

R. B. LeMoyne (Cynlan)

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Have you seen the teaser for For the Win, Team Unicorn's next music video? Check it out, and see if you can spot me!

R. B. LeMoyne (Cynlan)

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Holy crap, did I really just write a new entry in my blog? I DID! Check out my first post of 2013!

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R. B. LeMoyne changed his profile photo.

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My power suits have no ties.

R. B. LeMoyne (Cynlan)

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I'm very honored to be part of Team Unicorn's nerd army! Check out the video, and keep an eye out for yours truly after the 2:30 mark!

R. B. LeMoyne (Cynlan)

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From the set of Team Unicorn's next music video, For The Win! And yes, that's my sonic screwdriver, and yes, Grant Imahara is a cool guy.

R. B. LeMoyne (Cynlan)

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My friend +Ronnie Butler Jr did it again! Way to go!
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I'm a kidlit author, creator of The Everyday Divinities Project, credited geek consultant on the web series Damsels & Dragons, and former staff writer for When I'm not writing or gaming with my friends, I'm putting to rest once and for all who would win in a no-holds-barred fight between Batman and Boba Fett. (Here's a hint: The winner hails from Gotham City.)
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Wrote a novel, e-published some short stories, and met Chewbacca, Aayla Secura, Team Unicorn, Shaft, Inara, YoSafBridg, Badger, Drusilla, Tara, Warren, Captain Mal and the great Joss Whedon. Also, I hang out with a lot of your favorite writers and creators.
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