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A great resource for papers and active scholarship in the field can be found at Political Bots dot org. 

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"Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: International Law and the Future of Online PsyOps." Shooters radicalized by bot, and victims led to danger by fake updates spread online by terrorists—two of the future scenarios outlined by Tim Hwang and Lea Rosen based on emerging trends in computational propaganda. It's part scholarly article, part speculative fiction, and all too real.

Welcome to my ComProp collection on Google+. Here I'll share papers, articles, and insights from the field, including my own research, that advance, explain, and organize the interdisciplinary study of public and private life in the era of bots and big data.

So. Google+ is still here.

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So this Sunday just got hijacked. In the best way possible.
It was only a matter of time – has created an Ableton Live Set with sounds and arrangements from Stranger Things.


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Some very helpful tips and discussion, not just for students.

My taste in music has advanced from sampling appliances to listening to actual appliances.

Got excited to join a group that's made it a goal to read 52 books in 2016, one a week, until I met another that wants to play 52 games in 2016. Conflicted.

Hello! I proudly graduated from this program in 2013. Ask me anything.

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In case you missed it... Watch this amazing Hangout to learn how +National Geographic has traced the path humans have followed throughout history - how we diverged early on, and how we may be converging together again.
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