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I found no way report a technical issue (, so here it is. I hope it finds the appropriate audience.

Check the first image you'll see that Ingress used up 8% battery, while PvZ2 used 7%. The problem is that I played 30min intense zombie killing, while I haven't started Ingress for *months*. And all location is off; WiFi is on, but WiFi-based loc is off.
So why is it doing anything at all?
Based on this it's also possible that a good chunk of Google (Play?) Services' 22% also belongs to Ingress...
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Hi again +Dagmar d'Surreal, sorry for the break. I've been watching Ingress and it consistently was doing more work when GPS was enabled and then disabled. It's a bug, but the bug may be in Play Services, because I noticed a similar thing with Moves too. Since then I uninstalled Ingress and a few other apps too based on how often they wake the phone (with help from Wakelock Detector non-root via adb) and how much I actually use them.

A few responses to your above short story ;)

> masquerading
No, it's clearly the Ingress app (or it's play services component), because uninstall/reinstall is consistent.

> widget
I didn't put that widget on, ever, and phantom widgets can be resolved by uninstalling the app that has the widget as far as I remember.

> hasn't happened to anyone
Or they didn't report it, remember it requires disabling GPS and waiting a few hours without plugging in and checking battery usage and reporting it, which has astronomical odds of happening.

> battery saver
No, I'm a developer understanding the Android resource management, and no flashy percentage counter can make me destroy apps from memory, because I follow the philosophy "free memory is wasted memory"

> GPS on all the time
Yes, I understand how it works and agree with you, it shouldn't be running all the time. Hence my report, as noted above, the Location Services or how Ingress uses it may have a bug where turning the GPS signal off causes extra tries to get a fix over the long run.

> until I'd resolved what the hell is going on
I know the feeling, I had worked on a bug in a complex system which took me more than 2 weeks full time working hours to isolate. Once found I made a fully fledged presentation about it to the team.

> tornadoes [...] they're directly overhead
You know that the eye of a tornado/hurrican/storm is peaceful, right? That must be the best isolated environment in do-not-disturb mode.

+greywolf210 that's OK if that happens, but there's no data to send because the GPS is turned off. BTW I think what you describe is probably in the app called "Google", "Google Play Services" or "Google Maps" and not Ingress.
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