Operation report Heart to Heart

For every operation, there’s a beginning. It’s often a challenge. Resistance agent @MaxFS63, upon leaving Toulouse, during a cross-faction farewell dinner, dared @pano12 to link from Toulouse’s city center, to Paris’ city center, the city where he was moving to. “You can’t follow me there !”. “Hmm my schedule is busy … I’ll try to, by January !”. Challenge accepted. Couple hours later, the Enlightened war machine started. This was the opportunity to test a theory we had on MU computation formula (MU reward for some embedded fields appeared to be smaller while extending the field, could the formula be mostly based on population density at the anchors, with a tuning based on its size ?). Agent @Greedo joked about that, and the opportunity to do it came !

Paris … Let’s see, what could be more central than Notre Dame de Paris ? There’s a portal often used there, “Point Zero des Routes de France”, the starting point of every French road.

Toulouse … Place du Capitole, of course.
Montpellier …… Near Antigone, there’s the famous “M de Montpellier” … We’ll do that !

Anchors are all set … farming & distribution goes easy as pie, but since another op was being prepared, preparation goes on hold for a week, and only starts a week before D-day. Within a week, the biggest french city was prepared to be … not even cut through, but sliced into oblivion. Hats off to the Paris & southern suburbs handlers for pulling that off !

All around France, near the path, everyone was getting ready. Montpellier went onto a massive decay, same with Toulouse, and fields over the cities ensured a no link policy … or so we thought. These fields tend to be taken down. Or, do they ? Sometimes they also tend to be back up almost as fast ;)

D-day, couple hours before the clean-up crews start to move … Paris meets in a bar, Toulouse in an apartment, and Montpellier at a bar. Keys were exchanged, fun was being had, people were sometimes too relaxed, slept, played games, but in due time, everyone was back in their starting blocks, and spread out to clear the path for every link !

In Toulouse itself, everything worked as planned, any hindrance gone.
Between Montpellier & Toulouse, blue agents got us to send agents out to clear out their last minute mess …@Apophyss went first, then @Kebree had to give up his potential layers to go clear out a small blocker :(
In Montpellier, cleaning went well, aside from last minute links to clear out … some were even cleared out within minutes of links being fired ! Thanks to the agents that went out of their way for this !
Between Paris & Montpellier, blockers in Lozere had to be taken out late, by agents @Oneotia, @Nicolaiho, and @Mu5t4n6, who jumped in his car to drive the 3 hours to the final blocker of the operation. High five !
In Paris … well. That’s Paris, you know. Never asleep, blocking links all day long, all night long … or not ! An insane job was accomplished by all ground teams, be it on foot, rollerblades, bikes, cars. Paris’ southern suburb was even ahead of schedule with the cleaning, and had to wait for the global go.

Suddenly …. there was light. Green light. The first field was established …………….. And 2 million MU were collected. The anchor-based MU computation formula goes down the drain. Nevertheless, everything goes according to the plan, and more and more layers are added …. Until …. checkpoint arrives, and score starts going up. Then …. Montpellier’s anchor goes under attack. Recharging coming from all over the place, a dozen Toulouse agents having the key were helping charge the portal, but alas … it ended up being taken down …. Noooooooooooooooooooo. 26 layers gone. The next 2 hours, Montpellier’s teams fight back, trying to take back the anchor, losing it, taking it back, and so on, and so forth. Paris goes under attack too, but prevails. Blue players from both ends decide to give up, and get some sleep. Sleep ? What’s that ? Resistance stops resisting ?! Okay, that’s a given, but still good :) Fields start going back up, and we end up getting all our fields up by 9 am, 7 hours after the cleaning started. 

Total MU worth of the operation : ~150 million MU. 60 out of 70 layers got through.
Agents involved : 112 were up and skipped on sleep to have a great night of fun !
Time from challenge to completion : 2 weeks. Guess what,@MaxFS63… Toulouse was able to follow you to Paris, and even show up in the high scores of your cell !

Team IDF :
Leaders :@Kiiro, @rum35h, @smugz, @Hoa
Operators :@Tiryade, @Belteral, @Nayu779, @Bleuzaille, @GilH94, @Chickychicken, @Cephalotus, @Comanchei
Agents :@0reka, @AKAJR, @Atomusk, @BDurand, @Boogrind, @Bysus, @cesarline, @ClariceStarling, @Damiinouu, @Ensu, @FuNkYkY, @Gnarfounet, @Hoa, @InnuYinais, @Kanchi, @kewoin, @Khainounet, @Kiiro, @Kurokiiro, @Kyamnil, @MarionD, @MoenArenath, @mordakGardakan, @Morka, @Nic0w, @nomAgent, @nop62, @Nosmi, @novembre, @NoVoCaiiNe, @Overboost33, @Poka77, @rikshart, @rum35h, @smugz, @Stiix, @Torkai, @Wilthril, @zqsd, @Kup3ry, @ChapelierToquée, @Raverzone, @leviet13, @ibtess, @Jaythree973, @Jillbat, @DuKyDuKe, @Xephonia, @Liotou, @Liatride, @Zizouvb, @IamTheGame, @doodoomi, @Paranosprite, @Kaichien; @xJJx; @Thus0, @Pyram, @Glou, @DrYeti, @muggz, @yoyo75, @GammaRay, @3Tron, @Morlaer

Team 11 :
Leader :@MCVulcain
Operators :@pano12
Agents : @MCVulcain

Team 19 :
Leader :@Mu5t4n6
Operators :@Mu5t4n6, @pano12
Agents :@fly2436, @tibrutos

Team 31 :
Leaders :@Malembourg, @pano12
Operators :@Malembourg, @Ricotch
Agents :@Malembourg, @vivlab, @xAkiRahx, @pano12, @Greggaeman, @Ricotch, @yauuru, @Keylia, @Cayomaster, @Kebree, @Razi3L2, @lara1, @stombi, @Axepih, @flynn18, @Darkbab, @Apophyss, @Jorzan, @Alicesly, @Elfarion, @AlphaPolaris, @egainmoney, 

Team 34 :
Leader :@Nigot
Operators :@tinangress
Agents :@D0uns, @Jobobbillybob, @Oneotia, @Sliders30, @Nicolaiho, @Baaz, @mortissia, @alphayax, @AnthaLeO, @maliceman34, @Obshidian, @Nigot, @shyz, @webermat, @Skall34

Team 45 :
Leader :@tinangress
Operators :@tinangress, @pano12
Agents :@Yetz, @Noelfhim, @akyreborn, @splash053, @Ayeur, @Mattnounet, @Laurios, @eresia

Team 46 :
Operators :@pano12
Agents :@scheem

Team 63 :
Leader :@tatooa
Operators :@Mu5t4n6
Agents :@tatooa, @lappeau, @mattnounet, @peterrider, @bbtueuse, @docreboot

Team 87 :
Leader :@emor3j
Operators :@pano12
Agents :@emor3j, @Freebeard, @Cataract, @Yeahyeahyeah

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Operation report H2H
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