Operation Report : Tag, You're It !
Location : Southern France.
Action : April 13rd, 2014.

What : 10.4m Mind Units.
How big : 85.000 km²  (almost as big as Maine)

36 agents involved.
1.5 week from preparation to completion.
Bonus : Forcing the Resistance to cancel an operation.

For the Enlightened, for the Shapers, for freedom from the blue tyranny ... For the sake of it !

Resistance agents in Toulouse claimed to want to play a childish game : Tag, You're it, but with control fields. Alas, they can't handle Enlightened agents doing fields over Toulouse as often as they like, so that game was kind of easy. We stepped up our game to make it ... more of a challenge ! Well then, most of Southern France resistance agents are "it" now !

Operation leader :@pano12( +Rémy Chaix)
Operation coordination :@AliceSly( +Alice Grandin),@Greedo( +Gilles Rideau),@Kebree( +Jean-Baptiste GINTRAND).

Agents involved :
@tinangress( +SAM Renou)
@Razi3L2( +Raziel Kain)
@Nigot( +Jean-Joël Rodriguez)
@fxblabla( +Felix Raynaud)
@scheem( +MrChacha46)
@cavehawk( +Hans Vanpée)
@ioull( +Vincent Thevenot)
@vivlab( +François Prat)
@gregtiburon( +Greg Joly)
@The83Legend( +David Leroy)
@wattoo( +Frederic P.)
@MCVulcain( +MC VULCAIN)
@Flynn18( +Flynn flo)
@RiderCrazy( +Rémy Feuvrier)
@Droogies( +Alex Droogies)
@Maya06( +Brigitte Ungar)
@cephalotus (+Didier Ungar)
@scatt30( +Pascal Boissonneau)
@CaZaE( +CaZaE)
@CayoMaster( +Lionel BREIL)
@Interstella( +Melissa Walther)
@Enlendile( +romain lange)
@bajocasse( +Erick Giroux)
@frxo( +Guillaume H)
@fly2436( +Herve MURITH)

+Anne Beuttenmüller +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley +Brian Rose 
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