Action report : Operation Starfleet, France

As a follow-up to the first South-West French Level 8 farm, +Brandon Badger  was wondering if France shall fall to the Enlightened (

But yes of course. France shall and will fall to the Enlightened. The Shapers will arrive, and we have to show them we're ready. But who are the Shapers ? Where do they come from ? They obviously are waiting for a sign. A signal. That's what I was talking about with agent @viper31( +Vincent PERIE) during a lunch/Ingress meeting. How could we lure them to meet us ? Then we mentionned the new upcoming Star Trek movie, being late in France, as usual. June 12th was the day the new adventures of Kirk & Spock would be rendered public in France.

Are they Shapers ? They do come from another dimension. What if ...  ..... ..... Let's show them we're ready. France is ready. France is Enlightened. Let's ... draw the Starfleet emblem over France !!
That's how the operation started. Over a couple burgers, we decided to change the fate of France, and welcome the Shapers in our world.

Sketches were made, to attempt to find the best places, and have links that would be long enough. Paris, Toulouse were a given. The operation came to life in Toulouse, we had to be part of it. With these 2 corners found, symetry gave us Montpellier & Aurillac to complete the Starfleet emblem.

With this in mind, the planning started. The where was defined. Now to find who and when. Central France is quite the resistant stronghold. But we had one local hero, agent @cavehawk( +Hans Vanpée), who was doing his best to keep them at bay. Alone between the sharks, we contacted him, and planned a meet in Aurillac. From Toulouse, 4 agents (@viper31, @choups64 +Séverine B,@frenchkiwix +Thierry Bat and @pano12, myself) drove all the way up to Aurillac, to meet agent @cavehawk there. His wife came along, to enjoy the sightseeing while her husband was building up the portals (we decided to be invisible, so not a single attack / resonator was deployed by the outsiders), and we all hacked, and hacked, and hacked. Soon enough, in a single burnout, we had more than enough keys for the plan. The 2nd burnout we had planned to do .. wasn't needed anymore. We decided to celebrate at a local restaurant, having plenty of time. Quite the fine dining, if you ask me, but we had deserved it. Aurillac step, complete success !

The day after, agents @choups64& myself headed to Montpellier, to meet the two local Enlightened agents,@alphayax( +Yann Ponzoni) and @Nigot( +Jean Joel Rodriguez), to try and get the keys we needed from there aswell. Needing less keys, but from a single portal hacked, we still did it in a single burnout, and proceeded with helping them show the light to Montpellier, leaving a trail of level 7 portals behind us. Montpellier was also a success, under the overwhelming sun they're getting bored of ... while we were coming from a couple weeks of rains back home. Delightful moment there !

Meanwhile, the organisation was moving forward. The keys from the Western Toulouse portal were provided by agent @gregtiburon( +Greg Joly).

All these keys had to be sent to Paris, from where the level 8 portal would be created to draw the longer links of the emblem. Agent @PsiFoX( +Grégoire Kauffmann)  was supposed to be the keymaster in the operation, but wasn't able to get to Paris the weekend we needed him to. Despair was starting to come, until agent @Repoupet( +Alexandre Quantin) dropped the bomb. He was going to Paris 2 days after we obtained the last keys needed. A meet was quickly organized, and he took the precious keys under his care, and flew to Paris, to meet agent @rum35h( +Rumesh Mapalagama). Keys were successfully exchanged ... until .... agent @rum35h double-checks the keys he had, the day after ... and found one to be missing. One was forgotten in the exchange. Agent @Repoupet, in a work meeting just prior to his leaving from Paris, was contacted, and the hero of the day, agent @Ihou( +Natacha Moreau) was able to ninja-retrieve the forgotten key. Sigh, that was close. Bravo for the recovery !

With this, all the keys were in position. Time for deep analysis and planning, to break any link that could prevent the ~600 kilometers long links. Within agent @cavehawk's reach was a field that was cutting our plan by a couple kilometers only. It was taken care of swiftly.

Closer to Paris, the big stronghold, Charny - Gien - Briare, home of many resistant fields, was taken care of a first time thanks to agents @rum35h, @tinangress( +SAM Renou),@Kiiro( +Delphin Black), and @Yudied( +Hugo Chiquet). A couple hours later, at about 4 am, the links were back in action ... And it was only 3 days until D-Day.
Near the South, at St-Affrique, a small remote town, under total control of the resistant agent @wafwaf, agent @poulpo( +Sebastien NEGRO) & myself drove to show the path to Enlightment to the town. To our biggest surprise, agent @wafwaf was ... a local. Living right next to one of the portals. Being close to level 7, he was glad to see Enlightened agents, and we decided him to keep the level 6 portals under Enlightened control, so he could farm some higher level items than he could on his own. We were only under the threat of his ADA virus, that he could fire up and convert a portal, keep to level 6, and link from it and disturb our plans.

With all this, Enlightened agents were informed to not link anything in the vicinity of our plan, but were not informed on the big scale of it. In Bourges, city falling into resistant hands, agents @Jonath&@splash053( +Keusdy Djo & +jerome darlot) were also contacted for potential link breaking.

Two days before D-Day, agent @Yudied broke his phone. Being one of the only 2 agents available to break crucial links, we thank him for buying a new one the same day. Agent @tinangress found out she was scheduled to work the evening of the operation. Thanks to her dedication, she accepted to switch with a collegue, for another shift, for which we are truly thankful. Hurrah for agent @tinangress!!! She's the hero of the day :)

On the St Affrique side, local resistant @wafwaf decided to not wait, and recaptured 2 portals, one thanks to his ADA refactor virus, and another that seemed to be too close to home for him. He appeared to have obtained his level 7 thanks to this. No links drawn from there, at D-Day - 1.

One day before D-Day, agent @frenchkiwix destroyed the link upwards from Clermont-Ferrand, that was in the way of the Paris - Montpellier link. Bravo and thanks a lot to you :)

D-Day : All the teams are getting ready, stocking up on everything needed. In Paris, the L8 portal building team was organizing itself.
Driver agents @Atomusk( +Atomusk Bo),@Kanchi, @FrenchFroggy( +Denis MENEZ),@Kiiro, and @rum35h were fueling up their engines.
The other L8 agents,@sehdatcha( +Simon Rubat du Mérac),@RedOx85( +Chris Panda),@im2lefthanded( +Benoît Didenot),@Deaderin( +Thomas D),@Ilkar( +Serge Ungar) were also preparing their phones, external batteries, everything needed to show the light to France.

D-Day, H-Hour. A little before 9pm, Montpellier-based team, too excited, destroyed their blocking link a little ahead of schedule, and headed to their portal, ready for action.
Paris-team was ready on their portal aswell.

From both Toulouse & Montpellier, the links were able to be done to Aurillac. First step proved successful. Some worries disappeared there.

Everyone was waiting for the Orleans-based team, which was in charge of the remaining 3 links to destroy. In a car almost as fast as a speeding bullet, agents @tinangress, alongside agents @prometee( +Francis Hilaire) and @misterfifi(+mathieu misterfifi), were hurrying to the last links preventing the operation to happen.
The first link was nuked by a fire & forget attack, inside the car, while driving nearby. A little later, the car stopped to the 2nd position, to destroy the field that was blocking the whole operation.

As soon as the links were sent to oblivion, Paris received the go to set their level 8 portal online, and draw the first, crucial, link to Montpellier. Link successful ! Right after, Montpellier created the link to Aurillac, followed by a field closed from Paris, by agent @rum35h: 1 million Mind Units were converted to the Shapers.
The next link was drawn towards Toulouse, where the team was waiting to draw the last link, to close the field, and convert 800.000 more Mind Units.

The Starfleet emblem was drawn over France, the day the Star Trek movie is out !

Mission : Success !

Qapla' ! Live long and prosper, Shapers !

A couple hours after the successful operation, Resistant forces attempted to convert the key Paris portal to make it ADA's property ... It broke all 3 links heading south ... But the Shapers had already stepped in, and couldn't allow this. At 1:20am, agent @Kiiro went back after the storm, to claim the portal back to Jarvis, and thanks to the spare keys that had been prepared, was able to open the path, once again, being only one level 8, escorted by her 2 padawans (@Eldmon, +alexander jacquot and @jillbat +Jill Jacquot), but thanks to the brand new Link amplifiers, since the complete team was already back home. 1.8 million Mind Units were safe under the Shapers' protection, thanks to them.

Starfleet can't be stopped. The Shapers have noticed France. France is ready. France is ... Enlightened.

Special thanks to agents @Ihou, @tinangress, @frenchkiwix, @Rubik( +Ludovic Lefebvre).
Special thanks to the South West French Team Rocket, for showing me the way of bigger-than-local fields (I might've gone further and show them the way, this time !).
Special thanks to both our remote operators (agents @Jerinn( +Julie Pierron) and @choups64), who would even put to shame Tank & Link, operators from the Nebuchadnezzar.

A big bravo to @Kiiro for allowing Starfleet to pull a revival from ADA's ashes.

Special thanks to my girlfriend, Tina, who supported me even though she's not fond of the game <3

I looooooooove it when a plan comes together !!!
Longest inland French links & fields ?!
Agent @pano12, for his first field operation, out !

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