The story of Felicia

Felicia, a little offspring from the CDC, in Atlanta. Escaped disease having to be contained in the Rotterdam facility, for safekeeping. #Felicia , aka #Devrartifact #Calvinball #4.

Hidden in Charleston by the Enlightened forces, French Enlightened team #TEHS dug out the sniper rifle, and shot the longest link fired (as of today) to go snatch it, and drag it back to France, far away from the evil Resistants.

Having landed nearby Toulouse, local Resistance was quick on their feet to gather on it, and attempt to steal it. Which they did, 24 hours after landing, #Felicia was gone out of reach from Toulouse. Or was it ?
12 hours after the thievery (well played, I gotta admit, gotta thank the outside Res reinforcements), events unfold. Even tho it lacked class, and I was asleep at the time ... Didn't see it, meaning it didn't happen.... Rite ?

French Resistance hid the artifact on an island, near Cap d'Agde.
Funny enough, couple days before, the same french Resistance stole an artifact from an island, claiming it was too easy, and shouldn't have been left there without being watched over.

Two Enlightened agents, filled with pride, went to fetch that artifact back. With just a key leftover from the wonderful #Darsana #Toulouse December victory, and a boat, they steal #4 back for Toulouse. What to do with it ? Use that key. Fire it. Straight into Toulouse's city center. Yep, right in the very center of the town.

Wait, what ?!
Toulouse's Resistance sighs filled the air. It's back, 18 hours after having left Toulouse. That's when the crazy started. Lockdown issued. Urban guerilla warfare started.

A full week of constant daily fights. Sleep-deprived days, long-awaited meetings with fellow resistants that used to be invisible, unbelievable moral (and ground) support from Enlightened all over the place, that made us keep fighting, and cheered for us, made this day possible.

#Felicia is the artefact of the crazy. Link world record. Crazy re-entry in the city center after a recovery by the Arsene Lupins of the shards. Week-long fights. All that led to the day Toulouse waved goodbye to #Felicia ...

Today, 7 am. Agents from all the country helped us move to the next step. Get #4 closer to Rotterdam... Going against the odds, and jumping straight in the crazy. Toulouse's trademark ... A link straight into Paris' city center. Deja-vu ...... We did it once ( #H2H ) , we can do it again, and we did. #Felicia made it to Notre-Dame-de-Paris ! First words that came to the mind of some people that witnessed the move ... "How the fuck ?"

Amazing job to all the agents involved, you are far too many to be quoted, and I would hate to forget someone ... You know who you are, and Toulouse can't thank you enough for your support, and your help.

Toulouse, and the #TEHS , did their part. Good luck with #Felicia , Paris !

Video by +Scan Gentil :

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