Action report : Operation Starfleet Reborn, France

One year ago, a beacon to Shapers was set up over France, while the Star Trek movie was spreading. (

2 months ago, we were told by the Resistance that we wouldn't even be able to pull that off again, because of the different amount of people playing the game (and partly because they feel they outplay/outsmart us, who knows, the chemistry of a smurf's brain is ... yet to comprehend !).
What would Roland Jarvis want from us ?! ....

Of course ... Prove them wrong ! And when would that best be ? The very day we did it, the previous time ... June 12, that is, and June 12, it will be.

Word is spreading over France like wildfire. Starfleet is to be born again ! Agents from all over the country wanted to take part in it, and so they did, even if they couldn't take part in the big one, we witnessed several baby Starfleet's all over France ( #babyfleet ), which we shall report here aswell.
#orléans   #limoges     #levaloisperet    #besançon   #amiens   #cotedazur   #montceaulesmine   #macon   #lyon   #albi  

But ... an enlightened agent was also dared to do a field over 60k MU by another resistance agent. We decided to kill two birds with one stone. We got her to tag the local resistance at the same time ;) #tagyourit .

This report is dedicated to the many enlightened agents all over France that showed extreme motivation, dedication, mobility (thousands of kilometers driven on D-Day). The plan shifted by a mere 30 minutes from the planning, due to last minute defense links made by the Resistance, which got dealt with swiftly. For the Enlightened !

VIDEO REPORT : Starfleet Reborn

Organisation :@pano12(myself),@tinangress( +SAM Renou)
Operators :@jerinn( +Julie Pierron),@AliceSly( +Alice Grandin),@Kebree( +Jean-Baptiste GINTRAND),@Ricotch( +Aymeric Chessoux)

Special thanks to @elfarion for altering his planned course of action, to @scheem, @cavehawk, and @mortissia for being here for last minute cleaning.
Also special thanks to @tinangress for helping me with this crazy idea !

Fun facts :
- Sending a girlfriend on a last minute roadtrip to clear a brand new crosslink : Check for @alphayax. Thank you @mortissia!
- Sending a husband away from home just as he comes home from work, to kill a crosslink : Check for @cavehawk. Thank you so much :)
- Using and abusing a family's trips to clear out the path the weekend before : Check for @AliceSly&@MCVulcain! Thanks a lot :)
- Sending agents 40 mins away to clear out a last minute blocking link, at almost midnight, for a baby Starfleet : Check for @prech! Thanks :)
- Using and abusing unlimited fuel : Check for @pano12, @Kiiro and @jillbat!
- Creating a time dilation to reduce the distance between portals to kill : Check for @elfarion&@cavehawk. Seriously, guys, you know your shortcuts !

Congratulations to every agent involved in this success ! I love it when a plan comes together :)

Involved agents :

+Adrien Gilardi  (@d0uns)
+Ingress Alex  (@Mu5t4n6)
+Alex MAN  (@Kurokiiro)
+Alice Grandin (@AliceSly)
+Anthocyane Karp  (@Resveratrol)
+Arnaud Monk  (@HackMonk)
+Atomusk Bo  (@atomusk)
+Aurele Grd  (@Orelsclac)
+Aymeric Chessoux  (@Ricotch)
+Benjamin Bouvier  (@Divinours)
+Benjamin Desbois  (@Coincoin)
+Benjamin G. (@Yetz)
+Bisiaux Quentin  (@Ness1706)
+Brice Elfarion  (@elfarion)
+Camille Herissou  (@Noeinhime)
+Catherine Fuzzey  (@HermioneG)
+Cathy Stérique  (@AkaJR)
+Christine Cézard  (@Dulcinee)
+Delphin Black  (@Kiiro)
+emmanuelle pierre  (@meriaka)
+Fabrice Picaudou  (@xAkiRahx)
+Florent Chevallier  (@xhermesx)
+Florent Desnous  (@Shugah)
+Flynn flo  (@flynn18)
+Franck R Duracelle  (@Duracelle)
+François Prat (@vivlab)
+Hans Vanpée  (@cavehawk)
+Jean-Joël Rodriguez  (@Nigot)
+Jean-Baptiste GINTRAND  (@Kebree)
+Jérôme Sonrier  (@emor3j)
+Jill Jacquot  (@jillbat)
+Jonathan O.  (@HowlingSteel)
+Julie Pierron  (@jerinn)
+Kanchi bo  (@kanchi)
+Kevin Ginestar  (@kewoin)
+Kleman B  (@Kleman)
+Manu LJ  (@Arvarg from team NESTY)
+Martin D  (@ita77)
+Martin Fuzzey  (@entron)
+Mathieu PRAT  (@webermat)
+mathieu segui (@Ploplop77)
+MC VULCAIN  (@MCVulcain) 
+Mickael Ratinaud  (@Cataract)
+mirakledba Moi  (@Mirakedba)
+Mortissia Dams  (@mortissia)
+MrChacha46  (@scheem)
+Nicolas Romantzoff + (@JackDawA)
+Nicolas YVERNAULT  (@st0n3r)
+Nishid Rambocus  (@Nyckee)
+Olivier Massounie  (@Massoun)
+Pascal Sevran  (@freebeard)
+Pierre Naisson  (@PeterRider)
+Quentin Despierres  (@Kinchi)
+Ray Lam  (@Tipouss)
+Raziel Kain  (@Razi3L2)
+Régis Grison  (@Noelfhim)
+Rémy Chaix  (@pano12)
+Richard Espiot  (@Drachires)
+Romain Emiljancyk  (@Kyamnil)
+Rumesh Mapalagama  (@rum35h)
+SAM Renou  (@tinangress)
+Sébastien Muzy  (@Smugz)
+Simon Benzaglou  (@caldoche)
+Sophie Lhuilier  (@Yeahyeahyeah)
+ste l  (@afste)
+stephane giordano  (@Akyrassan)
+Lejigabou Bacter  (@Lejigabou)
+Thierry Mercier  (@Xephonia)
+Tung Le Thanh  (@LeThanTung)
+Ufuk Yigit  (@tomcox)
+Vincent PERIE  (@viper31)
+William Attié   (@erreur404)
+Yann Ponzoni  (@alphayax)
+Ze Precheur  (@prech)

Qapla' ! Live long and prosper, Shapers !
Agent @pano12, out.

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Starfleet Reborn 2014
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