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Are you aiming high enough? circle +Quotes Everlasting
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makes goal-setting more challenging don't u think?
Definitely the coolest of the teenage mutant turtles!
we are 99% - don't worry about it
it is really practical
I'm aiming for mum of the year!
uuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm ooooo k fair enough
I'm aiming for making people on Earth understand Love, to kill the patent system and to make every being on this planet a unique ultra hip intelligent creative loving being (by implementing the Singularity, with the help of AI).
Nice quote from Michelangelo. It reminds me someone descending in life, like a thief instead of ascending in life to reach God's Kingdom.
+Reece Witcraft it's true that humanity needs to wake up, but I actually consider anything possible, if you get a good education, because knowledge makes you less likely to become a victim and let anyone else abuse you.
But... I would say that it's not the actual knowledge you get through your courses which is the most essential (even though it's good to be really skilled in something). The essential is that studying in itself, helps you expand your mind, and more able to be critical and be able to find new essential knowledge on your own.
However... due to the way teaching is packaged today, education can even make people more narrow minded, less "out of the box" thinkers.
Aim for the sky
ai ioio
Or it can be we know that ,only have no power to start
Good quote. However, it's widely disputed to not come from Michelangelo at all.

Which I suppose doesn't invalidate the message...
Yes this is something that is so true about myself
I can't wait til July, I get to see many of his great works in person again! AND introduce my fiance to his pieces.
wat I dont no you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
il n'est pas sans danger si nos règles sont respectées, il sera plus facile d'atteindre un but alors c'est parfait on ne pourra pas en juger.
How does one know what's "too high" and what's "too low" for them? 
So the point is we must always aim higher.aim for the sun 2 get the moon
no one can reach their aims if they dont even experience of how to fall!!! im i right??? :-)
+Shreya Saxena if you aim "too low" it's something you know that you can reach without an insane effort and persistence
"far too high" I would say is that you can not even imagine how to go there, that is you can not break down the goal into reachable sub goals, then it's just a dream (until you meet someone who has a plan, or can inspire you how to implement it).
So, my interpretation of "too high" here is that it means you can make a plan on how to go there, but you know that certain steps may not work out exactly has you had planned, but on your way, by all the time aiming for the high goal, you will at least make some results through the sub goals you have reached.
is that so wow learn something new every day!!!
എത്ര അര്‍ത്ഥവത്തായ വചനം....
Well i can tell this one is hilariously true,as we tend to boast ourselves on achieving wht we did&what we didn t do.
simple. just keep raising the bar when you reach your goals. that way, there's always a sense of accomplishment instead of perpetual failure..
Yes It's true. But many of us get disappointed before we reach our goal. We should keep trying trying trying until we reach the goal.
just an artist can think this it!
just what I need to read at this moment ...
Except for people who think they're worth something.
that is s true! but I do have aims that are low and i need to complete them xx <3
So true when I am challenged how rewarding and attainable goals are.
i am aiming that israel go to the hell and people can to have a good life in US without no more war
SO TRUE !! This is called thinkin out of the box :)
ooo i dint know

Overall rating
Jesus Christ it's the low part. Please reach.
im a loner.does that count
lol no im not
too mny tyms ive ben wrng i guess benig ryt tkes too long
It means that if you aim higher and higher, you will have a semi-perfect life, because nobody's perfect except Jesus, and even he made mistakes.
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