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Where would we be without the heart?! A lot of chances would never have been taken. Think about it! All throughout history, how different would civilization be, of if no one EVER took a chance and followed their heart?
Sorry works when mistake is made,
but sorry does not work when trust is broken,
So in life do mistakes but never break the trust....!!
keyur patel
Smile is a language of love,
Smile is a way 2 get success.
Smile is 2 win hearts,
Smile improves ur personality.

So please

Brush daily! :-)
Easiest ways to Die,

1.Have a cigerrate daily, U'll die 10 years early

2.Have drink daily, U'll die 30 years early

3.Love some1 truely, U'll die daily.
Yes, there's a time to read, learn, plan, think, and reflect, but there's a time to just DO. 
But that is how we learn. Making mistakes is ok. How do you think electricity was born? With lots of mistakes.
"i warned you" said brain
awwww  mycat sso cute oh and yah the poem is cute i guess to 
Gabby B
i like this thing
The first three lines sound like my management 
It seems a little wrong.

It's impossible should be said by experience
It's risky might be said by pride

But if it's pointless ignore your heart, go with your head and think of something else to do.
Can any1 help me on how to search for someone on google profiles using their google voice #?
The heart will get u killed go jump of the bridge give it a try lol should have listened to reasoning:)
Amy J
I know, really.
people should actually try to follow their hearts 
Yh don't do that all the time use your brain 2 x
Can any1 help me on how to search for someone on google profiles using their google voice #?
i love what my heart sings to the name of my lord jesus christ..and my heart is a wild one
Did you Eva wonder why people wish they could fly? Mayb it's cuz we would be free.
thats tru i like it it makes since for a girl like me
I lik that quote a lot. Always follow your heart!!
i'll listen to the whisper of my heart.
thus the heart made me put my finger in a mouse trap and convinced me it was not me that set off the mousetrap
i love the "give it a try." whispered  the heart.
If I could get past my stubborn pride what a rich man I'd be!
This is stupid. The heart is an idiot along with your gut. Use your head. That's why you have a brain. 
Love this quote! But remember guys, everything in moderation only. Take a chance at ur own risk.
I always seem to be the heart love love love it
"See a doctor afterwards"

said the penis.
"Hah! Told you so!" later said pride, reason and experience.
why would the heart whisper? the heart is most important and the one that mostly makes more sense <3
"It's nonsense (with grammar issues)." said a lot of people who read this.
Paula G
Then your heart gets broken cause thats the one we always listen too.
cause its da wise 1 it doesn't need a loud voice it just needs to be heard
Q: What did the brain say?
A: "Why the f*** are we whispering?"
Those voices but my lips are not moving said th mouth
Why would pride ever tell you something was impossible?  Pride always tells me that things are possible.  I am almost too proud to admit anything is impossible.  Must be a Texas thing...
"It's true. " said shubham :)
"When writing directly-quoted, attributed speech, it's a comma that you use inside the final quotation mark," said the editor.
This is exactly how we feel about starting our own business. Sure it's risky, and may seem impossible at times, but we'd never be able to live with ourselves if we didn't try!

Check out our website if you're interested!
"Nothing is impossible," said Faith. 
"I agree with pride" - Mae
"Impossible" isn't even a word... 
Get real, it's just an excuse for backing out when we really just don't have the guts to be told we don't have it in us.
"I don't normally do it" said the Most Interesting Man
Pride I can see getting in the way. Reason and experience have their place and keep the heart in check when it gets out of hand. Emotions are a double edged sword. The best scenario would be where one has the right knowledge and experience to guide the heart in making the right decisions at the right time, even if risk is high and conventional wisdom challenged.
Absurd when you think of it but instinct says.....,It's totally true! I agree hundred%!!!
hope says its going to rain and faith is holding an umbralla !!!
Shannon- luv it! not just b/c it's an argument! ;)
Luke Bryan says "Rain is a good thing," :) I think XD
Give it a long as it's moral,safe&legal
I listen to reason a lot more than I listen to my heart. Less disappointment that way.
My heart is not whispering. ITS SCREEMING!!!!
Why do people always let a pump have so much influence over their decisions?
"Look both ways before crossing," said mom.
Heart kinda sounds like a drunkard and a simpleton 
I hope people realize that when you "follow your heart", you are in fact using your brain. Feelings and emotions are processed in the brain.
then they said "on your face, dude hahahhah", see never follow you heart
"WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT" screamed the brain 5 minutes later
Nice. That's what i'm doing now. Thanks for remind me
I love this quote I tell my friend just do it and then laugh and say nike... They'll look at me and I give them an explanation... Saying hehe it's Nike you know " just do it" they are still lost and they give me excuses and then I say just follow your heart!!!
This is such a great saying.
Ro Roe
right on!!
Only love speaks that deep. " LOVE OF SELF"
Nice picture, love what it says…(:
Gen S.
I don't see why the pride said it's impossible. Wouldn't pride be standing up for itself and not want to admit it can't be done? Or at least that's how my pride would work.
Listen to your heart. It's a better guide than any compass or gps will ever be.
in this life mistakes make u learn and two become better as a person
kk hm
it just goes along with listening to ur heart!
Great quote! Let's hope the rest of the 95% of people in this world start believing in what the heart is capable of. 
Stupid heart. Doesn't it realize it's not only impossible, but risky and pointless as well?
"It will get messy" said the bladder
"I'll be scarred for life." grunted the eyes...
You mean " give it a try" said stupidity"
Your quotes are outstanding.  I enjoy them very much.
"That was a bad idea" - Said the Anus..
u gotta listen to the heart...
first think,then listen to heart, last is reaction
from Rebekah
I'm gonna sleep on it .Night All :-X ;-)
On it all ,not being gay .I'm not .LOVE O:-)
u have to listen to the heart. listen to what the heart wants to do.
awwwwww that's really cute I am now picturing a children's book! :)
"Please stop drinking that," pleaded the liver.
"..wha... huh? Who?" replied the brain.
"Eat more fiber," asked the intestines.
"But drink plenty of water with it," suggested the butt.
"Drive faster," prodded the cockiness.
"Crap! That was a cop!" screamed fear.
And that's the last thing he said as he plummetted to his death said pessimism.
i gave it a try and my hart is not wisspering it is so scremming
The heart is why so many people are in debt in America now.  Good going.
ive never heard some thing like that
And the heart stopped shortly after failing to make the jump between the two buildings...
love is a sham and its nothing but hall 
what the hell was that?! screamed the anus 2 minutes later;)
"its Pointless" said reason
reason u r not good with edvice!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everyone needs to follow this motto all day and everyday. 
Love dhat especially wen I feel lyke giving up
why can't my heart ever whisper to me....oh wait its busy beating and doesn't actually do much else...
thats wat was in my mind wen i met my best freind "the school slut" (soooooo not a slut)
Oh what the heck...

"Exit only!" Screamed the anus.
End up disappointed or dead said reality just a few minutes later.
Hate to be a downer, but when both reason and experience are against something it is probably not a good idea ... and when even your pride is against it, you know it is a horrible idea.
The heart is useful to get the passion necessary to push through and persevere. Making decisions purely on emotion and in spite of everything else only ends in catastrophe.
This is a message from experience and reason, the heart and pride are out philandering somewhere.
and again, "well said" -spot bones ;)
What about the voice of dissent that says what happens if you give it a try, and you're wrong. Oh there it is. LOL sorry had to say it
a path of excess leads to the palace of wisdom...
Sometimes my mind inhibits us from doing things but our heart is always that one that is willing to take that risk.
GOod one Its soo...I cn't even explain.
but our heart doesn't help in every difficulty ! Anyone agrees with me?
I follow reason way too much.
Man, thats is a great quote. it touched me.
heart is the mightiest!!!
Wise men say, "Only fools rush in." Why do they never say anything
about fools rushing out of a burning building? Or do they?

"do or do not, there is no try" -Yoda
Sof K
so true! i love this quote! yep i m gonna give it a try! (next time) :P
All my heart says is "Thump thump thump."
Maybe you should get those voices checked out.........
munju s
the heart has its reasons,which reason does not know
There is always possible within impossible. 
And so i jumped off the building wearing a cape thinking it wasn't impossible, risky or pointless.
lol i don't like that the more dangerous the more you feel alive
btu i love the meaning behind it the listen to the heart
"I'am not sure it can be done" said lack ow knowledge and experience.
This is just like reddit without the buttsex jokes at the end.
"That was awwwwwwwwessssssoooooome hahaha.....wait...what was I sayin'," said the pothead.
"what the hell was that?" screamed the anus two minutes later
im going to second that not what reason,pride, and experience. i agree with the heart
my commet yeah i think that was above cheesy
Listen to ur heart. it telld d ryt path
Impossible is just another word in the dictionary :-)
I told you so, I told you so, says the outcome...
Fear is a killer of talents and potentials,it suppresses d aspirations of your heart and leaves you at nothing but unfilled. Have a large heart void of fear,do away with pride,persevere and do nt be discouraged when u fail while trying for it is an anchor for a better performance tomorrow. With all these imbibed,the sky will not be your limit but your stepping stone for a higher level.
I think in could use this to motivate people
u r the only person who know what u actually want...
wen did d heart start doing experiments????? thea z no giving it atry once you've decided so its so
Molto perugina in effetti :)
""have a sex change opperation" I already did" whispered Justin Bieber.
AWESOME!!!!!! that is very true!!!:))
mr koko
Steve L
What this mean
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