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how often do we hear the older generation saying 'if could go back i would do ...? life is about making the most out of the journey with a clear concious
yaeh man ... i wanna discover ! by by !!!
I love this quote ~ thanks ~ connects to another one I like " A ship is safe in harbor, but that is not what a ship was built for."
that's pretty short sited.. what about 400 years from now?
its like u were reading ma mind!!!
Bcos something has to b done for de saith done thing to b done
It's literally inspiring me to go out and live life how I have planed
Ummmmm learn to easy read to easy think about it to easy discuss about it to easy but difficult to like said mamta singh and i agree with +mamta singh. 
Life is what you make it, if you just sit around and let life pass you by you will regret it, life is a journey, life is a river sometimes it flows and sometimes it thrashes over hardships life is hard, but if you take the easy way what possibilities did you leave behind? You should expand your sails. to explore, dream. and discover. Yet you should also remember life is not a party so don't expect it to be.
Love. Like. Inspiring.
So true but I can back broke! - But hey, living by the coast was fun!
so enjoy life while u can
so... do u mean to say dat u've got to do stuff while u still can????
thats the ugly truth of life..great!
maybe this is the true life
Yes, (especially if you are young with no other commitments and responsibilities) but...
Blind optimism is a luxury most of cannot afford.
I normaly hate inspiring quotes. I find them the bull. But this couldn't be any truer. I know this from experience. 
then u wouldve done that and be disappointed
That is what I supposed to be doing. by then I be 85yrs.
yes its true; just be safe when you're hormones go on frenzy.
Jon Moo
Solid quote...
bart m
Test dzisiaj
Just be careful and never compromise ur principles!
very powerful words,thanks
what a great and powerful message and it s developing our mindset as a young people, thanks very much and if you have some message like this please can you send to me!
Jen May
Oh Twain...if only you knew how many things I wish I didn't do due to this digital age. (Chucks cell out the window).
itz true.maybe not this moment we already slightly suffered.analyze whats nature was done in evry hour in all over around the world.see update news.inquirer.any bulletin we awesome heart os the key for 
Come on guy..... Quit schooling and explore... :-P 
We should love the things we do, not just dream of what if
True, but sadly, I'm already regretting what I didn't do just last year!
yes nice to say that and nice to know there is still time to do what you want to do
well said, if it was that easy, we would all make use of the opportunity
I'm not sure I want to take advice about my life from a man who ended his with a shotgun
Agreed, absolutely true, my only regrets are the roads not taken!!!
+Matt Neathery source? From accounts I found, his death was natural. Regardless, however, the statement is certainly true (based on my experience).
I'm disappointed now - 20 years from now I will be in heaven with my mother & father & brother.
Love this Qoute
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what if a person is already on death bed. How could this quote help him?
Im going to kick myself for this. YOLO!!
Best advice ever, take it! I did and so far so good
Samuel Langhorne Clemeins. The sailor who heard "mark the twain".
Not difficult yo do. You just need to realise that wanting material things is not what you NEED in life. It is the memories you make today that will bring you pleasure tomorrow.
why do he or her say that on a book Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the thing that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. so throw off the bowlines sail away from safe harbor catch the trade winds in your sails explore dream discover why why
twenty years from now hopefully ill be out of the clink!
Makes me want to do things that I want to!!!!!
Inspiring ... wish it were easier to do.

+Matt Neathery Mark Twain died of a heart attack April 21, 1910, at the ripe old age of 74.

And to others who doubt he travelled, he definitely spent at least a year or two in Europe in or around 1867. He also travelled extensively in the US.
Striking truth... And is very much applicable to me now... dang!!!
hes saying dont stop yourself from doing what u want to. let go of the safty net
and it is never too late to set sail. Enjoy life. Live each day as if it is your last.
need careful thinking..............
Sk Khan
So many yes is not good for health.
Makes me wonder... What didn't I do 20 years ago that I regret not doing?
does anyone know leo howard and how i can meet him. im his biggest fan but im NOT 1 of those screaming girls tht would jump on stage because of him
The winds are like spirits. They never die.
I get seasick, so I guess i better make do with the "here and now"...
I believe with positive attitude and sincere efforts, we should do our duties with the hope that things will turn out positive and we should always be optimistic.
This is easier said than done. We spend most of our energy playing it safe.
No need to be that long. I'm regretting everyday for things that I didn't dare to do.
Am 85 years old. Twenty years later, I'll be happy to be alive!
Surely the sinners are in error and madness. The Day they are dragged into the Fire on their faces [it will be said], "Taste the touch of Saqar." Everything We have created in measure. And Our command is but one, like a glance of the eye. And We have destroyed fellows like you; now is there any that will pay heed?
[54. The Moon: 47-51]

*Does man think that he shall be left to roam unchecked? Was he not a drop of semen, spilled. Then he was a clinging clot, then [Allah] created [his form] and fashioned [him] in due proportion. and HE made of him two kinds, male and female. Is not that [Creator] Able to give life to the dead?
75. The Resurrection: 36-40
That's beautiful, but in 20 yrs. from now, I'm going to be married, have a great carrer, have kids. The good life....
I sailed away (from Britain to The Gambia), and returned with a cairn terrier (rescued from the Canary Isles) and published a travel book. Now I'm happy to be back 'home' (whatever 'home' is). Interested? The Voyage of Storm Petrel - Britain to Senegal Alone in a Boat. Clarissa Vincent. Available on Amazon (.uk .com. etc.) in paperback and Kindle.
just stole my words out of my mouth! thanx been looking for how to say it
right  LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE while you live :)
Take it from this baby boomer...why beat yourself up on could have when you can savor what you accomplished.
that is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How can you say this is true? Do you have a time machine?
excellent i am admired by this quote, this really brought a smile to my face.
i cant believe how many people are afraid to be themselves. its so sad
Indeed just be positive in watever u do u will be surprised wat u would have achieved.
Lol it's a good quote, but obviously it wouldn't match up with every single situation.
rReally liked those very true words.............
true i wish i could do that, but that means id be running away from home.......
Except buying that home in 2005
that's defiantly true my friend...
munju s i come!
Lovely.... can I have the book please...!
Nysho.........guys plz tell how to use google +
Hi All. Please Add Me To Your Circles
Facebook is going to making fun of Geople when reposting the same material with a different look.
But don't forget your parents! Keep in touch with your biological family and don't listen to people who brainwash you against the parents who raised you and love you!
Thats funny, every morning Mark Twain gave his writing to his wife who censored and edited it
before sending it to the agent.
I wonder how many people read that and go yeah that sounds great and then continue to play xbox.
U Can't be any real than that it is absolutely fabulous
He might be refering to writing because he is also attributed as saying, "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow"
True but When your in the Tradewinds its Hard but when the Storm Calms down theres Always a Sunset:)
great thnx alot mark u jst widely opened ma eyes n ll b careful in wateva ll b doin.
Thanks to let as read about M.Twian !!!!
Well #quoteseverlasting thanks for reminding
Will try to avoid two decades of remorse
If that were as easy to do as it is to say, everyone would do that.
OMG do you guys like anime????????? I loooooooooooove it!! need to get to know some anime freaks like me.....
so true.. one of my favorite quotes when I get stuck in a rut
li will be dead by then, i will do that in my after life.
So true... but, from that quote, I'm thinking I may first need to buy a boat.
And what if you get sea sick?
if you are afraid of sailing you can take your car fasten your seat belt and drive on a non-endind road to explore, dream and discover. Also you can just stay with your normal life and get few more challenges that may make it bit more interesting ;)
who taught you guys 'bout metaphors and similies......
Wasn't mark twain a mad scientist?
:) is all I can say.
this is amazing and true, people should be more aware of thier futures...
that book is called "keep calm and carry on"
i have the sequel.
it's called "screw calm and get angry"
jot jog
yolo thats lil waynes motto "the motto"
Kent Li
Good words. Only wish it was that easy to do that ...
This was not written by Mark Twain and is erroneously attributed ... 
i'm pretty sure anyone with an STD would disagree...
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