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The downside is when people do bad, but think it is good because of religion.
And when I declare war illegally, I trample the Constitution.

You forgot that line.
a friend of mine just posted that pic on facebook but it says "I have boobs, give me free stuff". I think hers speaks to more people, lol.
Makes sense that old Abe was too intelligent to believe in the religion of the day.
Well there is another point: when I do good no body remember, when I do bad no body forgets.
+michael rogers He didn't free slaves.  The Emancipation Proclamation had literally zero binding authority.  It wasn't until Congress changed the law that slaves were freed.  All Lincoln did was illegally attack states that had the Constitutional right to secede, ignore basic Constitutional limits on the authority of the Executive branch, and create a lasting divide of racial tension that would almost definitely have been shorter if the issue was allowed to play out naturally (there were more abolitionist groups in the South than the North prior to the War of Northern Aggression).

The key result of that war was that a power hungry politician was willing to violate the Constitution to keep states from exercising a right that the Founding Fathers included specifically for states who felt the Federal government was growing too powerful and overreaching its bounds.

Lincoln was an idiot, and this quote proves it.  If you're guiding by feelings, rather than facts, you will do the wrong thing.
So I guess everything I was ever taught in school was wrong but I will look into it if you don't mind +Joseph Greene could you give me a reference?
I just looked it up real quick and some say he did some say he did. All I know is that what he did was a building block for freedom and yes he was on the fence about freeing slaves but once again, politics.
It's just a good saying for someone that doesn't like the sound of religion simply enough lol
+michael rogers Read actual historical experts, not textbook writers.  Some will claim it freed slaves in the South, the problem is that they had declared independence (a Constitutional right) and were not under the authority of the US government.  Even more baffling is that the Emancipation Proclamation did NOT free slaves in Union states.  That's a pretty bizarre oversight for something that was supposedly designed to "end slavery."  In reality, it was an attempt to weaken Southern states by causing slaves to try and escape despite the fact that slavery still existed in the North.
Maybe you could look it up more slowly in the future.
Then you have to do first to feel if it's good or bad?!!! This is wrong! We suppose to have concepts about what's good or bad before acting. Feeling is not enough to know whats good or what's bad?!
He makes it pretty clear he was in a tight spot in the letter to Horace Greeley saying he would do anything to make the states a union again( VERY basic short of what he said lol) but who would of started the freeing of slaves if he didn't I'm sorry but they would of ended up like the African diamond miners
Hope everyone does good! However, religions let you avoid doing bad, well, as much as possible.
I think Lincoln's feelings were a little more trustworthy than, say, Stalin's.
+Joseph Greene You do not make sense. If he didn't say anything in the first place, then slavery would still exist. Nobody would have gotten the idea if he didn't mention it. 
When I feel bad, I do good. When I feel good I tend towards doing bad.
i also follow this religion.......
Mr.Lincoln should have rephrased it. Cause how could one know, what is good and bad in the first place...
+Joseph Greene where are you getting constitutional right to succeed? Texas is the only state that can legally succeed cause they included that clause when joining the union.
+Khizer Ashrafi    that is what u'r conscience n learning help u decide........
and why do I have to feel if they do something bad!!  =( my heart is broken! 
Politics and religion... always a good recipe to start an argument. I suppose its a good reminder as to how ridiculous the human race really is.
not need to feel better, I knot that it will pass but is it woth it being good person ur always getting well  my but kickit
+varun sharma, if it would be on our conscience then it means there are millions of religions in the world, exactly equal to the number of people. And every religion is calling another one wrong. :) Think...
He knew what was good and bad because he read his Bible.  That is where it starts.  Try it.
damnnnnn im so stress right now,,,,,,,, I do believe and live mu life that way...but im disappointed of how people are and take advantage of u..come on the older the dom.....
But how does Lincoln know why he feels bad when he does bad?
oushhhh!!!  can u telm me howw!! I live my life and respect others and trust them because im not doing nothing wrong i just thing that im to stuped !!! for thinking that way
Amy Hu
that's a terrible religion. 
Amy Hu
it's not based on anything but human logic and feelings.
You do know that Jiminy Cricket is Jesus Christ, right?
When I do bad I kinda feel good 😜
This a first to know youre human
good words, but someone knows why he became vampires hunter?
Too bad some politicians feel good when doing bad.
+michael rogers +Hartz Carrie There were more Abolitionist groups in the South than the North prior to the invasion/attack at Ft. Sumter.  Slavery was already on the downturn with less than 1% of people owning slaves.  It would have gone away in short order as the process had picked up steam after the success of Wilberforce in England.  Lincoln, showing what a politician he really was, took an issue that wasn't the primary cause of the War of Northern Aggression and used it to his advantage.
+Todd Unwin Really?  The States entered into the Union on a VOLUNTARY basis.  Read literally everything on the subject that the Founding Fathers wrote and you'll see that they intended for States to be able to leave whenever they wanted to.  The 9th and 10th amendments are clear that the Federal government only has the rights specifically given to it in the Constitution.  Lincoln changed the rules at gunpoint and in violation of the ruling document he was supposed to uphold.
Why is there a picture of Megan fox
Ahan.... vry true....
+Josie James That assumption is entirely erroneous. Natural human compassion and ethics - try it, you'll love it
and for the record, i've not only tried human compassion and ethics, i live it on a daily basis BECAUSE of my walk with the Lord....and yes, i do love it.
That sounds simple and effective.
Luke 17:27
In those days, the people enjoyed banquets and parties and weddings right up to the time Noah entered his boat and the flood came and destroyed them all.
Luke 17:26
“When the Son of Man returns, it will be like it was in Noah’s day.
Just Truth not from me but from God,believe it or not your choice.And i say this in Love.
Experience person said na it 's true
That is action and reaction at mind !!!
I'm really starting to believe this myself.
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