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I call BS on that one... a minimal amount of money is important to happiness.  :)
Money is not happiness, it helps you achieve it though, it can give you momentary peace. So money is a mean to achieve happiness, as many activities you do to be happy, like eating, drawing etc.
The problem is not money in itself, it's having a balance in our lifes.
Or so I think. =S
You guys had to say Benjamin Franklin?  Buddha said the same thing 1000 years before Ben.
Why quotes that have been post here are pretty similar to one another? Boring stuff!!!!!!! & generally, we always discuse the same stuff most of the time.
Bye everyone..., have a wonderful day!!!!
A wise man once said, "Mo money, mo problems."
True, money cant but it sure helps one to suffer in comfort!
Coming from the man who is on the $100 bill
Let's put it to the test. Why don't you try giving me a whole truck load of money and I'll tell you my results.
Money can not buy happiness.  But it makes a really good down payment!
"money is coined freedom, but freedom is eroding"
Highest rate of suicides per capita are millionaires and 16 yr old males.
Remember the time that poor, starving kid turned down a $5 bill because he thought it would lead to more problems and create a vacuum of materialism? No?
perhaps, however it seems to me that only people who are comfortably off ever say it ...
Philosophically pretentious BS. And like John Barnes said, it's usually people who are financially comfortable that say stuff like this anyway. Give me a million dollars and I'll be happy. 
But lack of money makes you really appreciate it more...
It all really depends on what you do with it, doesn't it? (As far as gov't and money - the Soviet Union tried doing without it under Lenin - miserable failure.)
You are right it cannot buy happiness, or everlasting life but it sure keeps the light on.
This quote is a slap in the face to anyone that struggles to put bread on the table.

Money may not create happiness, but lack of it will almost never fail to create sorrow, anger, and frustration. I doubt that any of us would be significantly happier just because we had more money in our bank account, but I can't think of many people that wouldn't be incredibly grateful to be free of their mortgage, or car payment, or student loans, etc.

More accurately: An excess of money will not make you happy. To live without needing to worry about money, however, would make most people to weep for joy. 
A certain level of money does indeed increase happiness.   Money allows choices and options.  It buys health care and food and shelter and transportation and the opportunity for so many things.  However in the end there will never be enough money; there is always a want for something you don't have.  The sooner you can accept that there should be a line beyond which you don't need to go, the sooner you can redirect your energy to enjoying what you have rather than being unhappy about what you don't have.  Then you can find happiness within and around you.
love this even though im not a man i think it goes for women too
There’s a scene in the movie The Aviator where Howard Hughes is having dinner with Katharine Hepburn’s family at the Hepburn estate.

At one point Katharine Hepburn’s mother says: “We don't care about money here.” To which Hughes replies: “That’s because you have it.”
Millionaire want make more poor man does not give shit what he have in his pocket , more happier than that milionar fucker !! That the truth 
There is also another saying, " Money don't make you happy, but it helps..."
Money may not buy happiness but it sure can prevent a lot of unhappiness.
+Ladonia Nanny  I'm pretty sure they're talking about the concept of vacuum in the physics sense. Unless you are joking.
If money is the root of all evil, why does everyone want it?
What if you have a problem with money ..?
I'm currently living in Thailand, and I have been travelling to some very poor areas, and I was so surprised how happy people were without money, and how helpful they were, everyone gets together to share what they have, and helps the people in their local communities.. so the above statement from +Quotes Everlasting makes good sense there.  
It can bring you happiness if used correctly most dont.
Actually, money can make people happy. Don't believe me? How would you react if someone gave you $100 right now? Would you be sad or disgusted? No, you would be happy that you now have some money that you could use to spend. The human brain naturally responds to money in such a way due to our prospecting capabilities and imagination, not to mention the indication that you've been rewarded, since monetary payment is one of the most common forms of compensation.

While I can respect Benjamin Franklin and his sentiments, this is a fallacious statement.
Great quote, makes me wish I had a lot of Ben Franklin's around.
Well, I say we should test that quote. Anyone who wants to give me a billion dollars for the sake a philosophical testing, do so now.
It's true that money cannot buy happiness; but it can give you endless amounts of funding to give to any charity; and that can bring happiness. Money can give you a pizza restaurant in the basement of your own mansion; with a five car garage, and a private swimming pool; and that can bring happiness. Money can give you power and fame, and those have their own problems; but money can solve those problems; and that brings you happiness.

I could go on for a while.
+Matthew Stephens ye, probably, with the exception of dead loved ones and someone you really like. Also, having lots of cars can be fun for a moment... later you have to pay for the maintenance. =(
That is the most stupid thing ever said by a person who wasn't a politician.  Ask anyone who is living out of a car, suffering from malnutrition or lack of healthcare.  It doesn't even have to be that serious.  Money can make a horny, ugly man very happy.
Lee Cam
i'm with you Matthew, i would love to prove that stupid quote wrong.
Vacuum very useful for keeping one`s tea hot in this extreme, rain sodden weather, and for constructing simple U-tube mercury barometer to forecasting any more bloody rain!
Lee Cam
P.S. - i have a feeling the that old Ben didnt have to work 14 hour in a field (or in an Apple slave shop in China for that matter) to provide food for his children.
Or as his spiritual successor Notorious B.I.G. would say . . . 
My father said to me, "Greed is the fulfillment of empty men." I learned this lesson the hard way. Cancer humbles us all.
Franklin was definitely into making money, he very much desired it when he was young and struggling to get his own print business going and kept at it until he had enough to kick back a little and play at being a gentleman scientist.
It may not make you happy, but with no money, good luck being happy. All people are not greedy. Why do people think if you have it you must be. At no time in history have a people had as much as the US, at the same time we are the most giving nation ever.
My husband has been laid off from his job with the State of TX (Statewide budget cuts) since June 2011.  Try living without a steady income.  I assure you there is no happiness without independence.  Two months after he was laid off I was diagnosed with Endometrial cancer. To our credit we chose to keep our insurance (Cobra).  I can happily report that after my surgery I am cancer free.  I still have to go for regular checkups for 5 years.  So I pray very hard that a job will surface before the 18 months of cobra runs out.  So maybe money does not make a person happy but not having the means to survive will make a person miserable.  There has been only one other time in our life we have experienced such misery. On Oct. 06 2004 we lost our youngest son (who was Bipolar) to a RX drug overdose.  We could not control his actions nor can we control our financial problems.  
Lee Cam
@ Ronald, yes they are - because they can afford to feed themselves and children.
I dislike quotes like this because they assume one thing: That you have enough money to meet your most basic living expenses. Above that, I agree. Below that, a lack of money can certainly make you miserable.
Money can buy happiness. Money can buy ice cream and that's pretty much the same thing.
That's silly.  It has contributed immensely to happiness quite as well as the lack of it makes a lot of people very unhappy.  Some people will agree with anything if you just say it special.
Sometimes it only takes one thing to put you in such a hole you will never see the light-you young ones fight for the people. Your future is at steak
Just send it me if you dont want it people! ;)
I would like to test this theory if anyone wants to help.
Give me all your money and I will make you the happiest :)
Money gives you options ...which are nice to have
Money is power and gives you freedom, is that why the Feds. are trying to take over more and more of the private sector?
Yes, and money is the root of all evil, if you have a greed for it. Love is awhole lot better then money. With out it, you ready don't have nothing.
Yahi sach hai. Money important but it is not become a GOD.
money is the root of all evil and at same time only thing in everybodys mind and that is evil
"Money never made anyone happy, but not having any guarantees sadness." - G. Spratto
Ben speaks a great truth. True happiness comes from giving.
if money is a means it is ok. if it is an end, problems.
Money can't buy happiness, but neither can poverty.
Ben was a bit of a drunk and a whore monger, so apparently alcohol and loose women are what he felt truly made a man happy...he might have a point.
Money is ONE of the things that make man happy, only IF his wants have a limit
Truly powerful meaningful words right there
anyone who does not like the money they have... free yourself.. let me take on that burden! 
Hey, maybe money can't buy happiness, but it's a dang good start!

Me too +Michael Pritchard. After you, I'll take what's left ;)
rose wa
I've never seen anyone happy broke
I'm probably richer than 90% of the people in the world, just being from the US alone. 

It's fulling your dogma that makes you whole. Money is nothing but colored paper.
you need money but u dont need it to make you happy all the time
Hey, there's nothing a nice trip to the Caribbean can't fix. For at least a while, that is. ;) And no kids, running away from your problems is not good. However, procrastinating them until the right moment to act is somewhat better than ruining your life... Somewhat.
I used money to buy my new computer -> my new computer makes me happy cause I can play more games -> money made me happy -> idk how the post works
Gentlemen,  you MAKE the point.
Exactly my friend. But a laptop aids happiness, it is not happiness itself. A? No, I'm not Canadian!
I'd say increasing amounts of money bring diminishing returns in terms of happiness, but being poor sucks. Find the balance you need.
Maybe contentment is the seat of the feeling nature, and the spectrum of emotions arises from there.
Maybe happiness is come-and-go like the other emotions.
And contentment is a wiser goal.
"If the son of Adam has a valley full of wealth, he would crave for a second, and if he had a second, he would crave for a third ..."
Extra money would let me sleep soundly tonight rather then figuring out where my next few dollars to buy milk are coming from.. B.s. On this one
I agree completely. After a quite a few years of lower than usual wages, I've learned to live cheaply. It was a lesson I'd not learned growing up in the fiftys and sixtys. The experience, though hard at times, has been good for me, I think.
if not money , we will lost almost everything.
It's now scientifically proved that people that are well of financially live longer. Have much less stress in their lives. Enjoy a better self image with a much richer home life.

Those that have much less and are struggling to get by. Well for them we have snappy sayings, like the one shown at the beginning of this post.

sorry i have to disagree with this quote.  those who have money of course will not probably be happy with more, but for those of us who do not have money; more money, especially for me would make me happy.
Whomever said money doesn't buy happiness was shopping at the wrong place.
When you see money simply as tool for financial situation, there is no problem. It's when you allow the spiritual seduction that money is power, and you begin to love the buying power of money, you develop an addiction to it.  Addiction is a cute word for demonic possession. then you will do anything to accumulate it.  God warns us of this 
1 Timothy 6:6-10;

6 But godliness with contentment is great gain.

7 For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.

8 And having food and raiment let us be therewith content
9 But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition.

10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

It's Not money itself, but the love of it that makes people steal, cheat, lie, swindle, defraud, and in the case of the US election, for billionaires to want to personally own a country ans their own private business they can sell at will to the highest offer, break it up and sell profitable parts fall for the sum of about two billion dollars What they are investing in Romney's election.  So he will be a puppet of wealthy venture capitalists.  Look up venture capital ignore the platitudes. when those companies went bankrupt under BAIN, it was not an accident it was a decision.  venture capitalists consider 3 paths to to the most profit.

Sell it whole or the most profitable parts, which ever is most profitable, make it profitable long term profit or load it with debt, which they put in their pocket and allow it to go into bankruptcy.  This is what they do.  Do you want someone who did this for a living buy our country to break it up and sell off it's profitable parts, or Load it with debt they take through tax breaks and let it fall into bankruptcy?  The same person that has investments in other pats of the world, and off shores American Jobs (which helped create the joblessness) to those places were he has investments?  The same person that will not submit his tax return so we can see where he has his money and what his money is financing, and is not patriotic enough to come to the aide of the nation that has allowed him to accumulate his wealth.  The same person that said "Self Deport" which translated means to Hispanics and Latinos, Get Out We Don't like you and want you here".  This is what the Love of money will do.
The Bible says, "money is the root of all evil", and "you cannot serve God and money, you will hate one and love the other".
ummmmm interesting... then if every woman in the world love money and, in fact, is their "simple&fast method" 2 fix their lives, so SHE'S THE DEVIL...ohhh god what a sad truth!!!!
money never made a man happy, pffft say that to someone starving who just got money...
Don't blame the currency.  It's human to have ambition. Some take it further than is healthy but they would probably do it with any system.
But how much damage has the pursuit of money caused? The recent economic turmoil which has left many millions jobless and struggling to feed themselves and their families can partly be attributed to the culture of entitlement where people racked up debts to buy things they felt they deserved. That's consumerism for you I guess, it's very good at keeping us tangled in its web.
Here is one that you might like. :)
"Know and understand that there will be challenges and difficult times. Don't try to avoid them. Welcome them. Gratefully."
Money is not everything.... But all will believe no thing is without money. Basically to live money is everything.
Money does not buy happiness, but it pays my internet, which is almost the same thing.
That's absolutely correct and we should have money enough to live well. 
If you have more than enough money, reach out for the poorest of the poor; there you'll find  happiness and no vacuum at all...
to some extent it may but its of  no satisfaction to human
Money doesn't buy happiness BUT it does allow one to choose the state of their misery.
Chan Li
Actually , money can make me happy 
This is ironic since Benjamin Franklin is on the 100$ bill.
unless you need it for an expensive surgery for someone you love whose absence on this earth would create a much greater void...
It is not money that makes us happy it is the material goods and not only we can buy with it!!!If  eggs were say the  currency we had to use then I guess eggs would make Chan Li and the rest of us happy right?
Thank god I am a CEO for a Bailed-Out, unregulated bank...I will be able to afford the best medical care money can buy.  Oh wait...I am not a CEO for a big bank...and neither are you.
I was depressed when I was empty of money but now I am still depressed even I am full now,then why we need money?
I agree. Money doesn't buy happiness... But for the sake of being humble and researching this theory to make it fact... Please feel free to make a healthy deposit regularly in my R&D account so that I can enjoy proving this quote right comfortably.
haha...just like the discovery of higgs boson. it proved 1 concept, solved dozens of phenomenons but created alot more knowledge voids
I'm suprised that one of USA Founding Fathers could have said that. Actually, there's nothing wrong with money, except the addiction that people have with it. Unfortunately, this attachment have been growing faster and faster worldwide; now, sadly, it's a global severe disease. If all rich people could share their financial overweight, they would heal and relieve all the poor people. Everything is always balanced in this world. 
 "Money doesn't make you happy. I now have $50 million but I was just as happy when I had $48 million." --Arnold Schwarzenegger 
money can't make men happy but it can make women happy
strongly agreed to the quote above
+Catherine Bishop haha........yes, money can make women happy, women can make men happy, there Mr.Franklin problem solved. :P
DT Wolf
Clearly a case of "Not enough money".
Look who's saying: Benjamin Frankilin- the guy on the dollar bill!
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Only the earth of grave can satisfy a man's greed.
so then what make the person happy.... ??
don't agree i would be happy with £5000
I Disagree, Give a Million Dollars and i won`t want more ......
Try Me :P
I would rather be rich and miserable than poor and miserable
use money to fulfill what we need, not what we want
cause what we want are infinite
Money is the answer to buy the things that brings happiness. Some will be happy of a new house, new cars, new clothes, a party,,,money is the answer. Many times money makes me so so happy.
money, money, money ...makes you funny in a rich man world... if only life were as simple but this is not so..Sure, money can improve your lifestyle and you can be  rich and famous but for what ? You cannot take it with you but you can give it away, and make someone else happy..
For me it can be hard to pay the bills some times. so having a 20 in my pocket can make me feel better. cant even think what having money in the bank must feel like.
It's so easy to talk about the moral failing of people we don't know.
'Yes' are you sure? Most developing countries, millions of lottery players and out of work folk etc. would like to give it a try!!
Uhhh. I just found a 20 dollar bill and I am ecstatic. This picture is invalid.
Just show me to this alternate reality - financially free world and I will agree with this statement.
So, people with $0 are as happy as someone with $55k a year? Unlikely.
I won't be the first to say this, but Bejamin Franklin is full of shit.
anyone who wants to fill in the vaccums can always give there $ away.. to me...

a simple problem sharing others thoughts is the understanding to it.
More money may not necessarily cause happiness but lack of money definitely causes despair. You can't be happy with money but you would be sad without money.
The lack of it doesn't make you happy either because man can never be truly satisfied.
Fundamentally flawed and stereotypical. Nothing wrong from a person wanting to make 10k vs 5k a year, to a person wanting to make 10mil instead of 5mil. Having drive is how we evolve.
Although I consider Benjamin Franklin the Founding Father of America, I disagree with him on this one. More accurately: 
Base your life on money and things and you will never have enough --George Ichinaka
Life is too complex to be ruled by simple statements like 'you need 100k a year' to be happy' The point of the quote IMHO is "strive for the goal nobler than to earn more money, everything else will follow'. BTW  years go by and I doubt more and more whether this is applicable to our reality.
Money is a tool, like a hammer or a saw.  It is not inherently evil or good.  However, it is a very powerful tool, and this power can corrupt.  Once a person begins to have money they start to realize what they can do with it.  The more of it they have the more they can do and the more they can envision doing with even more.  It's easy to lose focus of the doing of things as the real purpose and focus instead of the pursuit of more wealth instead.  The pursuit of wealth can cause people who have poor character to do less than ethical things so they can obtain their desired results quicker and more easily, often justified by the "greater good" they'll do once they achieve their target wealth level.  This is the great trap.
All said and done about money ... not having any money makes one even more unhappier.
Money can be a kind gesture or a gift to someone who needs some help getting over a difficult time like an illness.  It can be shared and gives the giver a positive experience as well.  If you are willing to be generous and think of others, it can help buy a lonely child a book or chance to go to a movie or party with a friend.  Use money to help others.
ok, i get leads to unhappiness....sooooo, i'm taking donations for my unhappy retirement...the unhappier the better....hehehe
Man needs money because he needs to spent money.There is no wrong in having money unless you earn it through fair means.
yes that true but money is the essential part for every human life because you have no money you no get respect .
It seems to me, that the underlying thought is not about the money or how much a person has, but the lack of human to human bond that money cannot buy. That to me is the ultimate fortune a person can have. We also have quite a few examples of individuals with lots of money and no human to human connections.  
money can be used to help others and can create opportunities to be selfless. however, the love of money can cause corruption. it overshadows the person who has the money until the rich don't know who likes them for themselves. people often think the rich have an inflated sense of themselves whether they do or not. everyone expects much more from the rich and it is seldom appreciated thinking "it is nothing to them". truth is if most wealthy gave away to everyone who expects them to share, they would soon be without anything. the more you have, the more is required and expected. life is maintenance. the more material things you own, the more there is to take care of.
love is what can create happiness when it is returned whether rich or in poverty.
It seems like a lot of people miss the point of quotes like this.  To me at least, I don't think people like Franklin when making these types of quotes mean that in order to truly be happy that you can have no money what so ever.  I think the focus on this kind of quote needs to be placed on the idea that unless we as individuals know who we truly are that we'll never really find any kind of true happiness, rich or poor. 

This can be seen in the certain type of sickness that society shows today and has probably always shown.  We seem to (myself included at times) have become a society of grown children who feel that we must have all the newest toys or gadgets to be happy.  Think about how many people we all know who go out and pay $500+ for a new iphone on release weekend when they have one that is perfectly functional or pay $1000 dollars for a new ipad or samsung tablet when they have one that is fully functional sitting in their home office.  Or think of the people who have 90%+ of their monthly earnings tied up in a mortgage for a house that's too big, a 3 year old lexus (or whatever their income bracket warrants) that gets traded in as soon as their lease is up and every family member has literally thousands of dollars worth of electronics they own. 

I think people, myself included would be wise to really step back away from our lives and take a hard look at what we need to be happy in this life.  Maybe we should put more focus on things such as the joy of spending time with those we love, spending time with friends, doing charitable works or finding that thing that does it for you.

I think most of us if being honest would admit that a million dollars would only free us from paying our bills but after the novelty wears off wouldn't really do much to add fulfillment to our lives.  At least I know I wouldn't get anything from it aside from never hearing from Sallie Mae again :) I'm lucky in that I have a stable, well paying job that makes me firmly middle class so I know that these types of words do sound condescending to people who struggle to put food on the table every night and to those people, I do genuinely hope things get better for you.

But at the extreme of this continuum, if you think that amassing piles of cash you'll never use is all it takes, more power to you and I hope that you're successful in that goal.  I just hope if you do that you think of the ways you can improve the lives of others with that money you don't need.

Anyway, that was long, but hopefully that is a message someone can take something away from.
that is true and always make u creed and forget u best friends and past friends............!
yes, that's true!
My mom tells me that according to the Bible, money is the root of all evil. I admire the bushmen of Botswana, they have nothing to own..therefore, no greed for anything.
yah its true money cant buy hapiness but ul bcome hapi wen u use it...
no one can be happy with money because we always want more and don't think it's enough.
good! but today who have more money that person is very happy.&middle class ,poor family .....what about they?
Can we b happy without this thing??
Let us find joy in knowing that to reach into our pocket for money and understand that it is not the money that we pull out what is important but that we have pants to put on to reach into.
O dinheiro não traz felicidade, mas ajuda... muito.
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