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"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."

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Yep. That just about sums it up.
For example, an instagrammed photograph of stylized block letters on painstakingly trimmed graphing paper, instead of just typing it and clicking the share button.
no, life is really hard.
it's not complicated nor confusing it's just hard to understand
everyone insists on making life harder than its has to be.
oh shit...thar \t really deep man
"We insist" in the context of human nature is absurd to us determinists. We are, we don't insist on anything.
life seems to get complicated all by
Specially the LEGISLATORS!
Easy talk from somebody that's been dead for longer than he was alive.
that's fucking true :( but life is pureeeeeeeeee and good #
am complicated to escape fate......that is why i make like simple.....
sometimes i tend to simplify it
Because if its not complicated, dramatic and exciting whats the point of living it?
sometimez you get to th wrong spot in th wrong time nd ur life get complicated by itself
yes .. we always do that .. why and for what .. I do not know
Lol but ture and green gaints are eating gummy worms while siting in a pool 
life aint complicated its the ppl who we let live in our live that make it complicated
yes .. we always do that .. why and for what reason I do not know .. but we always pay the price of our actions
but peoples are part of our life,won't you agree ?????
that is true i agree with its always the same
But I tink a complicated question dont have a simple answer .
I now a lot of people they always take the hard way even though the easy won is much faster
Why does it seem like humankind always makes everything too complicated?
For example: one could have taken the simple route and typed the quote from Confucius into the status field, but it was written on graph paper in bubble letters and photographed instead, which is a circuitous route at best.
Life is not as hard as you make it! others make it hard for you too :D
Ken Ray
Life would be simple if it wasn't for all the F*^&ing idiots complicating things.
I don't remember the exact quote, but Edgar Morin wrote that the deepest truth resides in contradictions, so mabe it's simultaneously accurate Confucius' and John Green's thought.
What is your mean?are you didn't make problems for others?

i do agree partly..
life is itself simple. Coz it has never got its own way. But it brings complexions . We born simple. But more we grow up, life makes us to face grown up complications. And thus we drive the wheel of life.
Mar Tee
I've only met a few dudes that take life in stride like myself(while actually working towards a career/goal). Too many people I meet make their lives so much harder.
coming from a man whos name basically is confusion
that guy is great he should be called simplicius intead of confucius.
I see many people complicating themselve indeed
Life is not simple but some body of us insist on make it simple and thise way of idea will make very complication
Simplest phrase EVER: Let Go And Let God!! Follow this and life will get better.
Thats true, we do insist on making life complicated
I totally agree!!!! Stop being difficult 
let god, is the best you way someone can live life.
No body of you don't believe that life is simple , but you all ,like a dream that life is simple.

Thats coz don't get contented.
No, thats only the people that want attention.....duh
no kidding.
its like drama.
nobody wants to be involved in it but they always do anyways.
Things that are real are complicated, like physics for instances.
Humans just prefer simple things because then they don't have to think as much. It's easier to sell something that way too.
Just do the right thing and chase your dreams is a simple as i can put it.
I agree with Confucius, but sometimes fate takes over!!
mostly we don't know which way is easier and some are comfortable in doing some complicated things.
حد يكلمنى ويقووووووووووول لى انا فين
Though that goes typically to a lot of people,still so many others don t have the luxury of making life complicated,right?yet that may apply to lovers a lot
It seems the more you try to keep it simple the more complicated it gets!
Life is really easy if you think about it, but its so hard now, because we make it that way!!!
the person who thinks that life is simple lives a complicated one and the person who thinks that life complicated lives a simple one,its the way we define it,i guess so..

the person who thinks that life is simple lives a complicated one and the person who thinks that life is complicated lives a simple one,its the way we define it,i guess so..

Some time its wroung.........
We have to stop think a lot about everything and life will be more simple than complicated, is it?
Conversely I think,from the beginning of the life was given,you have to face to everything and struggle hard to life on,it's not simple,really.
omg....i feel so confused from such a complicated picture about that life is so simple O_o
lol its true tho, if you think about it...
Simply not< complicates as technology updates> simple is wats easy n easy is not life
More than likely the result of too much starch in his diet.
It's even simpler than Confucius said.
complication in life remeber us that we r alive
It'd be too boring to accept its simplicity... We like complex things :)
Gus K
It was too simple to print it instead of using a pen.
life could be so easy if we just let it go by...its the complicated stuff that makes life exciting:) lol
No way, confucius did not say that.
Why do we do that? Complicate matters!
Yeah - with google and iphones and androids and what not
Reading the Analects right now. Confucius was one wise dude.
life is not simple if you want to be honest,responsible , and law biding and raise a family. life is simple if one drifts around like drift wood in the ocean.
Do, or do not. Pretty simple. You complicate your actions. Don't.
We should at least try to make our lives simpler, but no we must live in the "times" 
Confucius says "Man who stands on toilet is high on pot."
i truly agree with most of de people. Life is really hard
couldn't have just typed it. They had to draw it in a crazy font and tear the paper edges and do a crazy camera setup...

I'm kidding.
It's 100 & 10% Wright
Simple till you hv children. Then forgiveness plays a major role.
i so am on the same page anyone else
oh my!.. i have to change my status to single again!
so my life will not be complicated and "confucius". :)
yup that is true and anther one is life is not hard it is what you make it
life is simple. you eat food and drink water, and have babies, then you die
For real this is genius. zen.
life is on 10% what happen to us and 90% how we interpret what happened to us...and that's what count..
Simple, maybe not, but we could all probably uncomplicate it a bit.
that is funny cause it is true.
nice bala laglo
Death is simple, life doesn't have to lead to death. Yes or No, don't be in between so much.
This is not from Confucius, but the qoute is still powerful.
Think life is simple but mad hard, try explaining to someone step-by-step how to tie their shoe OMG simple but hard!!!
Shi Shang Ben Wu Shi, Yong Ren ZHi Rao Zhi! So true!
Us women are especially good at making life complicated. 
Thats not a very accurate quote in my opinion because it depends on who you talk too. Life is difficult and complicated. There are always two sides to most things. Sometimes we can make things a little murkier but overall life is hard... my friend
You'll take it from a guy with a name like that? I will.
Actually, life is extremely complicated. While Confucius was a brilliant philosopher, I think he didn't really know a lot about reasoning.
humans always want that because it shows strong ego
by making complicated we know actual defination of we should always commit new mistakes......dear make life complex & then simple
Don't think Confucius ever had to pay rent, raise children, hold a job, or empty his inbox...done talking!
Happy Mother's day to all the Beautiful Loving Mother's out there!!!
M- Is for the Moment you spend each day
O- Is for the Outstanding service you provide
T- Is for the Tender Loving touch
H- is for the Handing hand for each step of the way
E- Is for the Encouragement, that built 'em strong
R- is for the Righteousness provided from God up above.
'S- Is for the Snicker that you add a lil 'Nuts' in your daily lives...
D- Is for the Deep connection between you and your children.
A- Is for the Aiming to guide them in the right path
Y- Is for Yesterday,How we remember all the little things we do together. While they we're a lil child.
As time goes by.......Each moment you spent is "SENTIMENTAL VALUE"
Happy Mothers day!!!!
Where can I get that font?
yes right.. we're the only ones making it complicated
Sounds like something Lao Tzu would say ;) 
Sounds like something my mom might say. I can totally understand his way of thinking
I see this as true many times and the times I lack to I must believe my sight is blocked by the over complication that preceded!
Yes veryyy true!! We can maintain life at the simplest level by drawing a line and creating self-checkposts for all our whims n fancies desires. First understanding oneself n prioritizing things is very important. Then life can never get complicated!!!
I love peaceful free life..
Live to cherish and to get loved.
*couch* Gay Marriage *couch*
Life is like sea. Always try to be a observer . If you want to enjoy the symphony of tide then be prepared to sail along the tide....
IK WHO CONFUCIUS IS!!!! I learned about him in History Class.
They why don't we try making it simple?
simplicity... maybe, but unity is impossible
That is one I had not come across before. But good.
Hmmm Its a bit to simple. There are things that can make ones life complicated, even horrible. Saying that it's just in you hand reminds me of "new age" Karma thinking, which is Often inhuman because it tells you that all thing are your own fault. It's the same reason it didn't make sense to tell someone that it's her/his own fault to get raped (sorry for the harsh Example, but it fits in my opinion)
I really like this's so true
Love lifes taught factual sayings, regardless...if u learn by seeing,learn by activity, or learn the HARDEST MUTHA FUCKIN WAY.....THE IMPORTANCE IS AS LONG AS YOUR ABLE TO LEARN, LIVE TO LEARN,LEARN AND LIVE.......
And it's why we, as the only species on the planet live to live, and not just survive..
life with complication is like a puzzle. If solving puzzle is fun so is life. Life without complication is boring. Any one agree..
The Old Man's been telling me that for years.
so simply we make things complicated.. hmmm
ya we do dat.... making simpl complicated
yeah right...
u should look at it upside down
yup........... n max. time we get success ........... hahahahaaaaaaa........
true, so true, human beings are complicated n so want 2 complicate life as wel
true, some people prefer to be their life to be challenging.
It simply is the human predicament. Once you start making improvements on natural circumstances you're bound to shoulder the burden, and leave it to posterity to improve on your improvements.
that is so true girls like to do that.
that is so true if you did make it complicated then you would get somewhere in life.
These word are oh so true and with something simple you are humble too but with something complicated you are scared but sure of yourself because you mean the best from the heart in your chest.
1. put your hand over your mouth
2. whisper a wish into it
3. post this on 3 other comments
4. look at your hand
He also said, “In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.”
Simple truth which we simply fail to understand.
We have a Special knack of making life complicated.
exactaly,life is very simple and it depends what we want? 
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