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Reminds me of a conversation my wife and I had about a couple we know. The husband didn't want to be around me b/c he couldn't "figure me out". I didn't understand this then my wife tells me he tries to "figure people out" so he knows what to expect from them. I felt mildly insulted b/c I don't try to "figure people out" I just enjoy the ride of knowing them.
New quote of "figure me out so you know what to expect is you" isn't this sad?
Unless you actually define them.
whole world is inside you... self-operated system...
AMEN!!!!!!! PREACH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when you judge another, you do not define them. you define yourself''#
Yeah, I heard that on TV  a lot and it's true.
That is so true. i love it
yes and you compare both of you and then dis the other person if they are better than you
iwill be using this one often dude i like it!
its because u are comparing them to yourself
But how are you defining yourself? The statement leaves that unclear.  And who says what that definition is, or whether it is good or bad?
you say what that definition is because your the one judging and it can be good and bad
means something inportent and truethful
Paula G
wow how true is that ...
do to others as you do to yourself!!!!
I'm just judging MYSELF ,
& been WORKING :)
You might want to work on those hand writing skills...
But, youshould not be judging another unless its nice or you rich and famous and you got everything in the whole world
There's only one judge and He is coming soon to judge us the real question is are you READY?
People these days do't respect one another and go straight to conclusions before meeting the person..and are very stereotypical. 
yeah i agree with Symone ....
even though its hard not too, the quote is so true...darn it
Isn't that why the cover is there for?! I mean, the cover is suppose to have all the information you need, to know whether you buy the book or not... Do you read the book and then decide you're gonna like it, and then buy it?!... No 
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Ohmygosh that's SO powerful! That is one of the best quotes I have EVER heard!!! :) SO true!!!!!!!!! :) amazing!!!! :D 
I think were all a little guilty sometimes. Sometimes we can't control what we think & say, but we should try to inprove. Guilty.
what you say is what you are...............
ohh....thats really cool. imma try 2 memorize that...
You are really giving your views and your perception of another and that only defines you and only your own self
Absolutely, as if you are looking in the mirror!!
So you are the one who should be judged
very thought provoking. Aren't we all too often guility of this?
thats almost true because u can be another kind of person like Russian or a different language (not trying to be racest) so not very true but almost true
wow..i was blind the whole time..little did I know I was pointing one finger to t victim n 4fingers remain pointing at me..fanku for sharing....
It's not the judgement that is wrong. It is the assumption that your judgement is correct that is wrong. -Eric Traynor
Every one needs to read that and understand wat it says then go appaligize to all the people they been rude to 
+Eric Traynor The reality of life is that we all make "judgments" on a daily basis.

The problem and challenge for every individual is NOT "assuming" their decisions are correct but which "standard" to base their "decisions" on.

And sometimes the right "judgments" are the hardest to live with.

The worst and most incorrect "assumption" in life is that your judgments dont matter ... because they always effect you and others.
wow so true but then the judgers out there are just goingg to read it and ignore it... sad the people these days
Thank you for that judgement on other people Wayne :-)
i love how it contradicts itself :)
This is a wonderful quote.  Never thought of it in that way but how true it is!
Wow, I don't want to forget this one!!!!!!!!!!
good example of bullies imean sometime you can tell that bullies or bigger meaner people are just making fun or or teasing or just judging you because they dont feel good about themselves whether they think their ugly or fat or anything they dont like about themselves they pick on others to make themselves feel better to make them seem like they dont care about what they look like or feel like but sometimes they really do when they should except themselves for who they are
that's damn very true.........but people don't understand.......
 absolutely Right................
that is very true i wish people would actually listen to it
that's why we should stop judging others... ._.
@ Katherine Fuller: As so many others have said, when you judge a person, it defines you as judgemental.
what is the true definition of a definition any way?
However judgment isn't negatIve; it's inherent and another word for "guess" or "assess"; we simply need to remember to treat all well and fairly.
I don't have any right judge because i am not god, so e shouldn't judge others.
Phyisician heal thyselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you no that we don't need too judge noone at all because when you do that they are so mean that out her in life that is not lucky too have nice cars or a house why don't some people put your foot. in there shoes. and fill how life is in the big city some want to be like they are all that well you not everyone wants to put on a show that you happy you have it so easy in your life but you never no that some want to be better then others. but this is the wy i will say no i am no better then. noone don't need to judging. one other the only one can do that and time will come is when you not going to like when he judging others and the only one is be judging all of us is god
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