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What I actually needed now :)...After reading this I kinda feel that I need to work harder to make it a worth ........
Thanks for the Post  ^_^
that's how life works
Sometimes I wonder about this. Is it really worth it.
+Ricardo James , it depends.  I know my goal is not easy, have to work hard for it, but it will be worth it.
The good thing about that is that if you stick with it you tend to value those things a lot more. 
Nothing is easy in this world.
But if you've done your best. Feel satisfied
closes eyes It is not easy, but it is worth it. It is not easy, but it is worth it. It is not easy, but it is worth it.
if it's not easy then turn around and paddle downstream away from the world of cringe-worthy quotes
It is not easy, but it is worth it.

OK, it didn't work.  What do I do now?!
It don't work in one day it work in a long run you need persist. 
Them you will have your recompense! Of perseverance 
that makes alot of sense
Don't tell me what to do!
yah quit telling people what to do
So, if you just say it everyday, it's easy, so not worth it, but if you carve it into your arm, it's not easy, so worth it.
Anything u think is too hard to do! 
That, that, that , that, that , that, that , that, that , that, that..
why is there always one person that makes everything about god...really....
I am grateful that one person is out there to remind me..
and you need reminding....sounds sad to me if you do for something you believe in....
Every day can be filled with challenges, thank you for your perspective. I love new food for thought. I will work on my shortcomings. Blessings to you and yours!
Wow never though of that Motto Luv it!!!!
I love reading quotes like this...
Very true,always remember ,others have it worse and yet do not complain.
Thank you! Very inspirational and exactly how I am living my life!
just what i need to do going through a un wanted divorce
what ever .... still need to face it
Those first 4 words is the definition of middle school. 
m a student of accounts its 2 interesting bt whn i cnt solve it i getting bore how cn i repeat the same sums
i wil. . .good inspiration. . .
I agree. It makes me feel... stronger on what I do, like there is nothing that can stop me from following my dream
wut doesnt kill you makes you stronger :)))
to paraphrase, every day we must do things that aren't easy, but they are worth it;  we have to remind ourselves every day.
This is dedicated to my hard working children and grand children. You all know this is true. Keep on plugging

Solo discurpa hablo espanol i entiendo lo q me escribes 
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