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or better forgive them to give yourself a release, unforgiveness is a great burden, you will be helping yourself more when you forgive
I have completely forgiven you Elbie because I know you're a very unhealthy person. I will never forget what you did to me and you will never be in my life. Ever.
For the record.
Very true, although, I would recommend forgiveness in any case because it frees you from bitterness, which is toxic to you and your health.
It's definately a good thing to forgive. It's frees you, :)
i know right like if a boy breaks your heart and like you like them you'll put up a fight and forgive him
ya...but when my boyfriend dumped me i 4gave him but its like he hates me now 4 some reason!
whoever posted this they probally speek the truth
Ilka V
So true....
I tend to do that. So far, it's backfired in my face though.
Some people we can only forgive i know god say forgive and forget we gotta walk by faith not by sight so what i'm saying we can forgive those who forgive us
of course, but you forget afterwards at what you were angry at
Or you forgive them so you can completely cut them out of your life and you move on without them.
interesting... forgivness means to me you keep moving forward.
we have to forgive and forget because if we keep thinking about and we keep forgiving we r going to get no where in life , you no what i am sayin,
+1 if you get me.
Yes but there are people who don't deserve to be forgiven. I know, forgiving people frees the person who forgives, but still. i know of a few people who I forgave and they kept doing the same thing over and over. So I finally got sick of it and said, enough!
yeah right and if thats what you have to do then do it you know
definitely! they still can't figure out why I walked away, though! What, do I really have to spell it out repeatedly for people like that? It gets repeditive and just completely ridiculous!
right you know and some people dont get that. soo all you have to do is talk to god and he will help you
thats a very good quote in my opinion =P
Forgive them, for you, then love them from a distance.... a very long distance.... again, for you.
it is so true....idk how many times ive done it
something about God- he always listens and he always answers prayers; sometimes not in the way we hoped, but always pointing us in the right direction. Sorry, not trying to get all religious on people!
really should we even want people in our lives that were always having to forgive?what kind of life is that fof us?idk,just a thought..
true but if you keep forgiving them then they obviously mean alot too you in some way, shape or form ..?
totally true. My husband's very forgiving as well. Sometimes though, the best thing any of us can do is to walk away. for our own sakes.
yeah i guess so ... wow! we could debate about this for hours! lol
i do think it is a quote that really makes you think about it ...
I do this to one particular person
do what? always forgive them?
Cayte M
There are some people you cant ever stay mad at 4 long.
oh i know that feeling! i have a couple of friends that i always get annoyed with but then i forgive them like straight away!
If u pray 4 sum 1, 98xs,and the on the 99th time it becomes meaning...... #juz sayn:-)
A very long distance? How about from across the continent? Or perhaps another country altogether? My hubby and I are gonna wind up doing something like that at some point here. All that's happened is we forgave, then we got used.... enough is enough! +1 me if you agree!
Or you forgive them because they are family that you love even with all their warts. 
are we talking about toads here? lol, jk. But even with family, there should be a limit. yes, family's forever, but family using u could be forever too!
Even if they aren't the best for you, still u forgive and move on :-))
So true. That is what I do to my best friend Ashley. o.e Usually...
Family isn't always compiled of people you'd choose as your friends.   I've learned that most family gatherings go better with a glass of wine or two.  Even offensive comments don't harsh my mellow.
true most times i forgive cause i feel guilty for not and it bothers me 
I made that mistake, realized that maybe i shouldve stayed mad, because they hadnt changed
one too many times for friends of mine.
I know if your best friend of twenty years betrays you...... I know if I didn't forgive her, I would have done something that could have landed me in prison for a very, very long time. And NOBODY is worth that!
to forgive ia a good thing,,,, to let them remain in your life isnt
Alex M
I guess...
never. Id rather be alone that surrounded by treachery.
and sometimes you want someone in your life because u forgave them!
let be honest here, sometimes you really enable forgive people because they 
a)have something you want
b)they provide either income/ financial support, protection, sexual satisfaction ...etc etc
c) your too lazy to kick them the hell out of your life and put up with their shit and make yourself feel better by telling yourself you "choose" to let them stay and you "forgive" them when all your really doing is firmly planting your head in the sand.
and sometimes you dont forgive people because the wounds they left runs much to deep
totally true that happened to me yesterday  
Bearing a grudge against some1 just complicates ur own life so sometime we have to forgive ppl just to feel unburdened! 
When the man I love left me and my 7 year old homeless and pennyless,then lied to his friends and family. He made me out to be a psycho path. I already had trust issues. He made them worse. It has been 4 months and he started in with he loves me blah blah over a month ago. 'Hen roped The "rug" out from under me again, today. So he is a sociopath. He doesn't love me and I just want to die.

It's so true and so wrong at the same damn time
Yea. Also,it pays to forgive.
the crappy part is, it's 100% true :/
Forgiving because you want something (like the person in your life) isn't forgiveness, it's a business deal; that's fine, but forgiveness doesn't come with conditions
+Kymm Reynolds 
Sometimes suicide seems like the only way out. It is usually but not always well thought out before somebody actually carries it out. Suicide is endemic where I live and it usually people under 20 who are the victims.
I forgive, but I have to work on the forgetting part. Got a elephants memory
Yes we are agree if you forgive anything in your life no matter what and we agree forgive anyone who hurt them.
Depends on the nature of the thing, if we let it pass it's because we heal quicker, but true forgiveness comes from god.
or because you need to forgive and forget them!
Resentment only hurts the one who resents. The word resent means to relive the event so you should do your very best to forgive and forget.
I Know That Is SOOO true even know I Didnt Have That Someone in my life:(
Yes it's true, but you have to forgive because of you! Resentment is a very bad feeling! Keep love in your heart :) 
Yeah..just forgive and forget.
Applesolutely ! Sometimes even when you don't.... but wish you could
Dumbasses find a better man leave garbage on the curb where it belongs
Everyone wants it, few give it, but it is a very good thing to ask for and to do and the best of us do it without even being asked.
True. Sometimes the best thing to do is bury the hatchet and move on. It tends to make you stronger as a person anyway.
if you don't forgive people it eat away at you. Jesus forgave the people that put him on the cross.
True... But we forgive because our Heavnly Father forgives us.
Renee W
yeah!!! i supposed :) <3
My dad n I were on the outs he wrote me a letter n said no longer want contact nor do I love you. I called him we spoke about our issues. I forgave him then he forgave me. We worked it out. Best thing I ever did him to. Load off my shoulders. He passed away six years later. It's never to late for the power of forgiveness.
thats my mate.... i will never forget u...everyday just another day...
Codependent.  A better reason to forgive: If I don't, that means I play god, thinking I know how another should be.  So, I try to remember to forgive, so I can be free.
God says all for give all for get to
Love your self to love others amen.
Irone mike ¿
...And sometimes you do not.
That is so true. My mom has treated me like shit my entire life, but no matter what the occasion I still give up every chance I get just to spend time with her. I guess it's because you want to feel loved, you want to feel important in that somebody's life.
Secrets aren't lies unless you tell them
My saying
BTW it's a little dumb I got it from a book
yea and sometimes your blinded with love and they keep twisting and twisting without remorse. 
Jesus Christ forgives when you want to be in his life.
A secret life is because you are portraying a false you to who ever your keeping secrets from. 
sometimes you forgive simply because you care too much not to.
Not really i forgive because God has forgiven me many times and plus they have the power when we keep holding on to the forgivness
really that is not so i forgive and forget because i think they deserve my trust again not because i want them in my life.
Elle C
You need to forgive everyone who did something that made you bitter even if they are not part of your life.

It makes life easier to have no enemy at all.
To really forgive is to FORGET. Not forgetting is just waiting for a rainy day. Carrying something is added weight masking what may be.
that is true but even if we dont really like them doesnt mean we shouldnt forgive them
not true!!no matter what happened you forgive that person because u loved them.
sometimes it's too complicated to forgive, but I know that if I don't forgive, I will most likely regret not having them later on in life. ;P
if you do that, it's just because you're weak!
And hopefully they will appreciate it
that true ....also me i do that thing...?"|
I've done it but shouldn't have let them back into my life
Hard to forgive when you've been hurt, but so true when it comes to certain people that you still desperately want in your life...
Same here I always am a the forgiver again and again, I can't seem to say no to people.
slowly as we evolve, we learn to tolerate all sorts of people, without getting affected!
It's true, you have to choose your battles wisely and decide what matters most at the end of the day
i don't forgive people i hate people i can afford to lose one more person i don't need only family stays in i'm not heartless
sometimes you forgive ,cause it enable you to move on.
because love each other ......make their life is good..
That's so true. People should do more forgiving.
I'm still working on the forgiving thing. Its just not easy, when you still hurt.
That's the true You try and try still want them in your life!!!!
True bcz they matter in your life, jst have faith in god tht things will be alright soon and until u get shattered how will u get to know about your strength.So till tht time have smile on ur face. :0)
its have to love everyone.
yes true...even tho you know the truth...
forgiveness and trying to understand each other is the KEY
True, but there are some things I can forgive but never forget, and I may never see that person the same way again.
always forgive and always love, because love can cloud any mistake between us
You should forgive and forget. 
i wish that this wasnt true at times....
Not because we give forgiveness we still want too the relation.but in my openion everybody deserved a forgiveness......
ohh. dat sounds ryght. But i never really thought of it like dat.
Forgive people they will forgive us at some unknown time.
Yes to a point. Everyone has the capacity to hurt but not everyone learns the lesson from it and simply says "I'm sorry". Those who can't say those 2 words don't deserve to be in my life.
Forgive and forget in some situations
But why forgive and let the person who wronged you think it's right what they've done and carry on
Doing wrong to others 
Strange way of thinking! I hope I never act like that.It is totally injustice to yourself and relations.
I totally agree with this..& would like to add a side note..# And because we Love them.Love can help heal along with time..
TO The Love of My Life~
This is soooo true! Quotes Everlasting has a lot of unforgettable ones:)
IT'S TRUE................
You bet you do. In time you get over the pain and realize you miss them. Life is too short to be without the ones that matter to you.
Good ! Forgiving n forgiving will make us feel lightly--
Laura B
have you really forgiven though? that's my question!
We can forget and forgive to the ones we love,just because we love them..
i love you jb sike i love greyson but justin is cute
True that,but this people must also learn not to keep on pushing their limits thinking they will forever forgiven.
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