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He never had to deal with Sprint customer service :p
Before you attribute insipid quotes to Hemingway, figure out who actually said them.
Those are all really true it's like a cause & effect 
per sha
hmm its ok but more quot r there that r great in wisdom
After you tried everything than try to invent the impossible. 
amazingly intelligent words. ones to live by
And before you quote, read the source to confirm that it is correct...
thats what i lack most....sometimes i never think....and all that i do goes on a wrong direction....gosh....should put this into my mind....
Kay C
love it
Beautiful words.
This is a subset of "Cause = Effect = Cause" etc.
Probably everything is a subset to this.
Which suggests my comment could be interesting & tedious at the same time.
Just like Life
hai samantha wong i m priya
"Men are buying the #1 Romance Novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey' because of Anastasia Steele's voice narrated by Becca Battoe"~Sam Botta 'On Air with Ryan Seacrest' plays AUDIOBOOK of "Fifty Shades" during Katie Couric interview, she imitates Anastasia Steele. Christian Grey even named in the LOS ANGELES (AP). Those "High heels are pleasure with pain," Christian Louboutin tells Grazia magazine... "Men have contributed to the immediate number one status of 'Fifty Shades of Grey' because of Becca Battoe, she is the voicenarrating Anastasia Steele. For the first time, men are buying romance novels."~Sam Bott
in short, "Think before to speak"
Aw, as for this quote, easier said then done...
Is the last point validated to be true..

i guess not...contradicting a bit
before i see this i did not know about my life
"Before you spend, earn" So no mortgage loans! Live with your parents till they die.
This is freakin stupid who wants to read this shit?
that is true man. There are lot of pipo who don't do that.
I'm not taking any advice from that drunk!
Thank you for this quotes...I want to add one thing "before you read, take your mind to do the written."
Before I followed some lines from this .. But now, i planned to follow all lines .. inspiring lines..
...and, before you shoot yourself in the head with a twelve-gauge Boss shotgun, read the inspirational quotes supposedly attributed to you.
Before you quote confirm the source. This is William Arthur Ward...
BEFORE YOU write..Reseach..BEFORE you question..REASON.?
+Jonathan Wiggin --------- No, no, you've gotten it all wrong. These were all things said TO Hemingway; he never listened.
and what Hemingway did to himself? did he really tried these?
To learn to forgive pray
Before u judge look n the mirror
Before u cause pain study ur own hurt
Before you wear, dry. (Ernest Me)
That right! You remind whatever you do.
These quotes, based on common sense, have been around a lot longer than Ernest Hemingway. Its what Christianity and Islam promote but we don't want to mention religion or we'll be accused of being fanatics.
nice but just for fun

to sum up in one word 'WOMAN'.
in other words, be prudent.
Itna sochenge to train nikal jayegi...

not pragmatic...
I do believe in this message and I try to live by it as well. I sent it to several of my friends along with my own message. Hopefully they take it to heart and think about what it says. :-)
superb thought...........:-)
Sound words of wisdom and a wonderful mantra for living life.
terrific thoughts..
That doesn't sound like Hemingway to me. It's too cliche-ish and mundane. He was on a much higher plain than that. Heningway was a thinker, not a tinker. That level of thought is straight out of the fifth grade.
these quotes giving some motivation......................
Saying is easy but following very hard .........for this world
OHO.................such lessons are too hard to learn!!!...:()
Kt lulu
that is awesome
i'll keep that in mind Mr.
sure U know dis by heart, cose u show dis in ur ....................hypoc...
wonderful quote
very well said....agreeing!!!!!!!!1

Overall rating
Ah Yen
it is really good!!!
... Ya right in everything we do there's always a reason either bad or good...
real truth of life very true.
It is so True : Listen, Think, Earn, Wait, Forgive, Try - I like all
Said by a man who committed suicide.
I think a lot before "react" on this quote. So I says - Great, Practical quote
like that...............................
For real....wish the world could think more like that....
Hey! hello! someone giving ME this message... esp.,.. 4th n 6th lines??/1!!!! ;)
How true every word in the quote. We need God every hour for guidance on life's journey. 
In the begenings we colleck save n plane at the finesh canit hold it nore take it with ur water n storegd the Gost Rider ..
like this and always follow this
Workng to unigte uru to reap them rewards growe.ur n
Own veg ture fly bhy s rent n own shered garden growe m reap ur reward s ..
That's right, but not in some cases. A good reminder
I agree. These are very wise words, and a very thoughtful quote.
very wise from a man who gave up and shot himself ?
Please comment on my new pic on HOME! practicing my modeling skills.......... thanks!
you may listen to `given up` minds, so also ACT when your conscience allows you provided you don't harm anybody
Live your life by these words and you'll live the best life possible
Before you Die Live N to live you don't have to do all above.
Good message for all ages
Yeah dat perfectly right.....
then you won't be able to do anything
Some how this piece of crap disabled me don't know how this shit works but that's so fuked up 
Yeah! My dear missing patience, don't leave me alone.
profound words from a man who quit on life. the irony is palpable.
profound words from a man who quit on life. the irony is palpable.
The only time not to try before you quit, is when you want to fight an addiction, but then, to have an addiction to something, you had to have tried it first, wouldn't you've?
I have reached the age where I've become invisible to a certain part of society, great !! Now get on with it.
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