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Now that I think of it, I think it is so true!
Stephen Hawking is one of my personal heroes. What a mind!!
Quiet people are the most creative but are always the one's unheard. you learn to love it though :)
+jasmine Rice people just don't recognize the amazing idea's of the silent defenders in our world today, you have to be bossy, mean, or important to be listened to and i find that a shame because the quiet are always wiser.
yeah true......u r right +Amirah Elayan they have a lot to say but they cant because of there nature .....and other people thinks that they r rude , an attitude problem , ego etc
Like me =)
At least thats what I like to think sometimes lol
+Derek Preston sometimes i like to think like that too. I'm normally the quieter one in my group(s) of friends, so they don't know about the loud ideas i have. LOL
+Amirah Elayan  that is so true one day people will start listening to the quite ones and listen to what they have to day.
+Amirah Elayan I'm quite when i'm alone and with nobody i know. Like in class when i have no friends with me.
But whenever im with my friends im actually the exact opposite. Im the loudest lol
then my mind must be extremely quiet...ssh don't awaken it. : )
+jasmine Rice i pray i will see the day. If only that day will come sooner. But i find that some experiences, such as bullying, make a person bolder, stronger, and more heard. 
+Derek Preston im only loud and outgoing with the people that know me very well, other wise i am pretty shy-ish/ quite. But in class, i participate and stuff but i'm normally the quite attentive one. ya know?
Strong mind is nothing without willpower
Be quite don't means necessarily no willpower, but is importante think about it and take it into consideration.
+Amirah Elayan Dont wait for that day to come. Go out there, and make yourself heard.
'Cuz if you wait, that day might never come, and if it does, someone else will speak out for you.
"If you want something done, go do it yourself. Dont wait for others." - Mi Padre
+Amirah Elayan I know exactly what you mean, cuz im the same exact way. But if someone were to come up to me and start talking, then i would respond and have a conversation with them. But im not the kind of person to go up to someone alone and start a conversation.
+Derek Preston I was actually one of those who experienced bullying and i have become bold enough to run for class president the upcoming year and i plan on changing the school, make it a more active and socially involved place. I also would like to start an against bullying project to help other people who were bullied like me, but i may not be launching that until later. 
seems like every one is quiet person here :p
he would say that, Stephen you still owe me a twenty for that lunch, it was supposed to be your shout, and you have my Yale tie still!!!!
+Amirah Elayan  yahh but silent person usually writes a lot or share there feelings a lot  .....what do u think??
+Amirah Elayan Well good for you! =)
I too have experienced, and was involved in bullying. Not to another person, but to myself (Not trying to put the attention on me).
So now, i am aspiring to be a UFC Fighter.
I also help people with their problems =)
Im glad you are doing something to help prevent bullying. What grade are you in by the way?
Im just starting my Freshman year in college next month.
If you are interested, you should listen to a song called 'Make It Stop' by Rise Against.
And also, check out the 'It Gets Better Project'.

Anyway, i gotta get some rest. Im up too late.
See you tomorrow
+rehaan shaikh I'm one of those people, im a bookworm and i write a lot. I like poetry because its the easiest way to show my emotion but not too much of it, but you have a point and not a lot of people are quiet like that but im sure there are more than we think there are
+Derek Preston Wow! i hope you make in your dream and remember it's okay to just be yourself and you shouldn't be afraid to accept who you are. And believe it or not, im in the 7'th grade! i hope you succeed in college, and life can always get better! you just gotta make it happen :) hope we can chat later, bye :)
im sorry, but i feel pretty popular at the moment LOL :)
lol......but i guess u just sharing ur thoughts & that's great .....
+rehaan shaikh it's good to share your thoughts and share with others, also, make friends in the process, which i think i did!
True that take it from a perfesional!
quite people maybe he is mute 
And Not only the loudest, but also the fullest
And that's why people with the loudest mouths become the rulers of this world. Quite people don't need the recognition.
Based on my experiments with different types of people, I can't see any direct correlation between being wise and being quiet in one way or other! I tend to think it's just another favorite myth!
I was told by a high school friend that I was quite in high school and I am kinda shy in social situations. That's why I have been putting off that date someone wants me to go on with for the past month.
Exactly because they think of everything they want to say, and have angry thoughts
Yeah I keep telling my other personality to shut up.  But they won't listen.
Isn't he one of those scientology kooks?
Ron Pye
Its true, "Empty barrels make the most noise"
well,im a quiet gurl.but not sure if i hv the loudest mind. :D
munju s
yes...because in talking thinking is half murdered
if it's stephen Hawking who said that, it is statistically true..
I have a loud mouth.. My mind must be quiet.. 
ok ok..i agree...bcoz I'm a little quite..
not exactly. i am rlly loud and i have a loud mind. but yh quiet ppl do have rlly loud minds
I am kind of quiet... but not outside. Outside I seem to have mental problems. Don't worry. I'm crazy.
yes indeed  .... i am really quiet and shy type of person in reality and i like it this avoid me from many things :)
How do you know!? May be quite people have the soundest mind. 
Jot Sat
The opposite is true as well...
million times true 
love this post shall cherish it forever
no im sorry. im wrong quiet ppl have the loudest minds coz they dont show their loudness. loud ppl do.
dorio x
Quiet people is here in G+
true.... i like to be quiet as well but some people will not let me be.
indeed all things are possible with GOD :))
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Fun but wasn't in austin court silent n silence moments or dear inthe court they monkey whant to talk crown prosecutor to mr plod complants v over sea r to a probry officer 2pints to look fore some thing thats not happing to get a jugd ment prosecutor looking fore a grass n frence hopper go n find i sheek more everdences on the way idefrend barresta told mr bacon vire judg get ur ever dence it s go to trial end out closed open in cut case ..
they feel what in their heart!!
We quiet ones have the loudest minds. It's cause there are too many excellent ideas going on all at once. Too many to choose from.
That's cool cuz I am a quiet guy!
It can be true but I think those who are quiet are stingy ones cuz they don't let others know what's on their mind.
Stephen hawking
He's the guy that invented time isn't he?
Loudest minds???
What does that mean?
Im not saying anything but in my mind Im cursing you out.
100% correct idea and don't 4get an empty vessel makes aloudest noise.!
Like the shooter from the batman movie in colorado
Keep searching.. Eventually all your science will lead you straight back to God. In the beginning there was absolutely nothing but even Hawking's theory says that all energy must be balanced. So there had to be an absolute everything to balance the absolute nothing and therefore the basis for the big bang. That absolute everything was God. And he still is.
Is statistics speaking here? Otherwise it looks like a relief of the nerd!
It is true.. my mind doesn't stop because I don't air my thoughts 
thankfully we can't hear their louds minds lol.
Like my elementary teacher used to say, "Empty wagons make the most noise."
quiet people are like pressure cookers!
they keep all in their mind.......
on one fine day when all the pressure builds up and they are ought to blast! which is meant by loudest mind!
or may be their loud minds snatch away their voices!
god has nt given me tat gift:( anyway i ll try t b
Is this really????!!!! hahahaha
True That!!! I know alot of people who need to THINK BEFORE THEY SPEAK!!!!!
not always
taht aint 100% true.
that is about 7% true!!!!
morgs p
also they have the most sadistic
insulting to someone who is loud and crazy... like me.
That is so true! The sweet ones are always the geniuses
Yeah, tonnes of hours used in meditation. Am not surprised.
yess absolutely but dont forget exceptions :((
oops... am not sure thats is true
Quiet People Are Harmless,They Mind Their Own Business.
I totally agree being a cp quad means I can't actively make purposeful movements apart from involuntary movements or spasms eat or speak without artificial means but I am certainly very active mentally and and am the ultimate observer therefore very obsevevent and quick witted when my communication device is set up for me.
ohhh. that must be why all my friends are super smart but they are so shy and quiet.
Living in silence n observing life teaches One to think! before you speak!!
I know who Stephen H. is!! It's a man who studies the universe but he is paralizied (did I spell that right?) so he has to talk through a computer. In his mind, is the universe!
Awww You Are So Right M graza
M Garza Sorry For The Typo Mistake
quite true,
also some of them have anger management issues :-]
honesty is the best policy .............. kEEp iT Up
So is it true that "loud people have quiet minds" by Yaseen Suliman 
I prefer to listen. I can never express my thoughts very well anyway.
That's not always a good thing, Mr. Hawking...anyone familiar with psychosis? That's a VERY loud mind lol
So true cause they don't say it out loud
My cousin is both loud and loud-minded! that did not sound right! she also has a loud mind!!! lol :D
That quote has seriously made my day.
True. I have a friend that is very quiet and she is always coming up with plans that are so much fun.
true really true......but only some people believe it
everyone always says im the quietest person that they know...i usually just say that quote and they understand... (: 
I wonder how he would know. He doesn't know everyone!
makes no scene and i read it 5 times 
That is so true, im like a dogg i might not speak but i understand `[|:0)
but i still think its true
Not always but I see your hes point ;) (I'm talking about me btw.)
What is his definition of "quiet" and "loudest"? It is too abstract. 
I've seen quiet people with absolutely nothing going on upstairs.
That describes me :) I would be so quiet in class, yet I would always think outside of the box...
yeah i never say a peep during school, but it's a whole lot different around my friends and family.......... :D
I think of myself that way...quiet in class but I can be so loud at home or just by myself and my friends.
couldn't have said it better myself!!
Being quiet gives a chance to hear God speaking to our loud minds.
I do for sure. How to do make your mind stop? 
I have always heard that the ignorant shouts, the smart one listens and the genius shuts up... The problem is what to do with the people/person that shout and can't be ignore?
my minds all over the place! screaming and shouting but nothing escapes my lips...
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