Hi, I'm Quote and I'm too lazy to make a real pinned post lol
Until I innevitably get off my ass and make one though here's some extremely basic information

≫ My name in real life is London. I go by both Quote and London so whichever you prefer is cool and good
≫ I'm male, and 16 years old until July 20th, 2018
≫ I like Cave Story, Zelda, and Halo above all other vidya
≫ Hangouts kinda sucks for everything besides video calls and I prefer talking through either Discord or private posts on this website
≫ I have been here for 4 FUCKING years now god help me
≫ I am a level 87 internet wizard please fear me

I would tag people but that would become over quadruple the size of any pinned post I will ever make
I'll find a way to shout out all the cool people one day
Anywho, if you'd like, you can add me on shit

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/quoteisdumm/
Alternate Account: https://plus.google.com/111593651441961028459
Discord ID: London #9306

That's all lol
Thanks for reading!
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