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The past couple of weeks I've been working on DataSync's rewrite in silence, but I decided it was time to let you all know what I'm working on. As I mentioned on Play I started from scratch, rebuilding DataSync from the ground up with it's current/future features and the latest Android features in mind (like the Jelly Bean notifications).

Though there's quite a lot to do many features are already implemented, like flawless (two-way) app/file/directory syncing with Dropbox, Box and FTP(S). I'm currently working on the backup/restore logic while I wait for a new second device to implement WiFi/Bluetooth syncing.

That's it for now, but I'll be posting some screenshots later today ;).
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Hey Quint, just come across datasync and was wondering if those who bought the datasync+ will have to pay again? I'm guessing that app wont be developed further now?

Also sorry for the break in, I had the same thing happen to me only a week before you!
I still have my Android keystore, so the rewrite will "just" be an update. The DataSync+ key will continue to work, though it'll probably be updated as well ;). (Long story short, no need to pay twice!)
Ahh sweet, if it's the same app thats cool I thought the key might have gone with the code.

Thanks for the update. I'd like to feature the app on a post in the near future, do you think I'd be better off waiting for the new re-write if it will be a bit different? I guess depends how long/different it will be :/

Are you on twitter too btw? The link in your about me didnt work for me
It's been a while since I last updated my profile, I've deleted my Twitter account since G+ has more or less replaced it for me.

The rewrite is going to be quite different, it'll do the same thing in the end (sync apps/files between devices), but it's much more refined and intuitive. Once I have a second device to start working on WiFi/Bluetooth it shouldn't be long until I can get a beta out here ;).
Ok cool, looking forward to it!

You should put a link to your g+ on the app listing btw, no way to get directly here from there! :-P
As soon as I find a more mature library! Implementing Drive would currently mean manually parsing and sending messages. Right now that'll just take too much time, time I really need to get the core functions back up ;).
Would love to see WiFi direct feature. Possibly connect via WiFi direct using NFC to connect the two devices and send over WiFi direct. Would also love to see the ability to schedule file sync
Currently using the app having trouble with mine craft can't sync the saved games because they are on sdcard if I sync the folder they are in will it copy it to the right place on the other phones sdcard
Scheduled file sync will be available with the rewrite, so watch the Play store!

Currently, syncing files will replicate the directory structure on the default external storage. Apps should be able to find it there. The rewrite will let you configure that path if for whatever reason they won't ;).

I have tried to get WiFi direct working before, but at that time I wasn't able to get a socket open on both devices. Once the rewrite is feature complete I'll give it another shot.
I hope you're using SVN this time around ;)
I'm using a private git repository and run hourly backups to a local harddrive and numerous clouds :P
Definitely, all in all a positive experience in some ways. Learnt why to run offsite backups and the rewrite is working much better :P.
Hah, ditto. When I was burgled I lost 2 laptops, 5 phones, 2 cameras and 2 tablets, but no data or photos! Insurance can replace the gadgets.
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