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Measure. Improve.
Measure. Improve.


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Dimensioning QueueMetrics Call Center Suite for Asterisk PBX

#QueueMetrics monitoring suite for #Asterisk PBX is not an especially resource-hungry application and is built to be quite thrifty, but as a tool that can be used in multiple ways and to run possibly very large reports, it is sometimes needed to do a little analysis beforehand.

While actual numbers depend heavily on the specific usage patterns, there are some general guidelines one can follow in dimensioning.

Discover how with this new tutorial:
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Asterisk Satisfaction Survey video presentation AstriCon 2018

AstriCon, the longest-running event devoted to all-things #Asterisk, celebrated its 15th year in Orlando.

In 2018 Loway launched a customer satisfaction survey in order to understand the broad trends impacting on Asterisk based call centres.
Which PBX model is the most used worldwide? Are customers and users satisfied? How big are Asterisk call centers?

These are questions that this satisfaction survey, unique in the Asterisk market, answered for the first time.
Results were presented by Loway's Founder in a live session during #AstriCon Orlando.

Watch the conference on
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Discovering QueueMetrics: first steps after installation

Measurement is the first step leading to improvement. In the last ten years QueueMetrics sets up modern standards in performance measurement and reporting for call centers based on #Asterisk technology.

With this video tutorial you will learn the basic configuration steps after QueueMetrics installation.
How to set up queues, create users or agents and perform ICON Agent Page first test.
Watch the video at

Try QueueMetrics free at and send us your precious feedbacks!
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Asterisk in the Contact Centre Satisfaction Report 2018 Results

In 2014 we released the first #Asterisk #callcenter satisfaction survey. We ran the survey as a tool to analyze satisfaction on existing #QueueMetrics users. But results went on the direction of an overview of the Asterisk call-center industry in 2014 - 2015 (

In 2018 we launched a similar survey and planned to offer it not just to QueueMetrics users but to the Asterisk contact center worldwide community.

The results are finally here!

Discover now "Asterisk in the Contact Centre Satisfaction Report 2018".

Visit the survey page at
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IVR: The Call Center Warm-Up Band

Tips and tricks for a successful IVR management.

Discover the secrets for an effective #callcenter #IVR management and activity tracking in this new article by Allison Smith (@voicegal) for the QueueMetrics monitoring suite technical blog.

Read it now:
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Did you take already our Guided Tour? Discover the key features of QueueMetrics monitoring suite for #Asterisk!

Learn how more than 200 metrics, custom reports, wallboards and the agent panel can enhance your #callcenter business.
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#Asterisk #callcenter management tutorial and e-book 2018 series

Learn how you can monitor calls and events in real time, generate accurate reports, run effective outbounds campaigns and analysis with a small budget investment or how you can supervise your agents daily workflow improving customers and agents satisfaction.

Every month a new e-book for you.

Read them now free at
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Managing agents pauses with QueueMetrics #callcenter suite

What is the advantage of using the Icon agent page of #QueueMetrics to manage pause codes?

QueueMetrics suite for #Asterisk call centers lets your Agents manage their own pause status, allowing you to track reliably and consistently their working day.

Pause codes can be customized to suite your needs and are designed so you can run reports with them included.

Learn how in this new tutorial:
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Train, analyse, improve! QueueMetrics Certification Training 2018 Series

New QueueMetrics 2018 Training Program live now.

Learn the essentials of QueueMetrics Asterisk callcenter suite with a live training course with our engineers.

Loway instructors will teach you how to install, configure and get the best from QueueMetrics monitoring and reporting suite.

Certification is included, allowing you to bring a new skill set to your job profile and company knowhow.

QueueMetrics Training is an online course. The 16 chapters include several hours of contents, plus question-answer sections.

Discover it now
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QueueMetrics Free Webinar series live now!

#Asterisk #CallCenter Management with #QueueMetrics webinar series.

Tune in for free and learn the answers to these questions:

How can you monitor calls in real time, generate accurate reports and analysis with a small budget investment
How can you supervise your agents daily workflow in deep details
How can you increase your customers satisfaction

and much more!

Subscribe now!
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