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Prepare Your Website for the Shark Tank

Getting featured on Shark Tank is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don't let it go to waste. Not only will you be in front of some of the most coveted and connected entrepreneurs across the country, but you will also be in front of their 7.9 million weekly viewers.

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A little introduction to our company and what we do!

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Using Twitter Ads for Keyword Research

SEO and content strategy are all about creativity and understanding your audience. We've detailed a quick method to get some keyword insights out of Twitter's ad platform.

What creative ways can you use these suggestions to drive your content strategy?

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Is Facebook For Business Dead?

I don't think so, not in the least. Facebook is still the single best resource for targeting. With feature rich post content and specialized ads there is a still a huge opportunity for business on Facebook.

Don't follow hype, make an informed decision for your business.

10 Reasons to Keep Using Facebook for Business

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How Some Companies Succeed at Converting Visitors yet Fail to Earn Great Customers

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Cater To Your Users

It's time to stop focusing on being flashy and impressive. Keep your copy simple and your images clear for an improved user experience.

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Change up the Focus of your PR Strategy

Press releases should be about providing, good, consumable content to the media. There has been a flood of companies rushing to create template-based, boring PR that are devoid of any real value.

If you want to generate buzz, earn backlinks and reach a wide audience it's time to be creative, stand out from the crowd and present your news with strategy!

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Leverage LinkedIn for Outreach, not just Networking

This offers some great insight into the ways that LinkdedIn can be using as a prospecting tool for link/blog outreach.

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All Official Social Networks Branding Assets in One Place

This is a very well put together compilation of both assets and resources. Save yourself the time of searching or digging through documentation, bookmark this today!

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5 strategies behind awesome customer service on social media

Brands in all types of industries are turning to social media for customer service for a number of reasons

- customers are there asking
- rapid response time
- personal touch

Check out these 5 strategies to implement in your social media service

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