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It's Black Friday tomorrow, and we are taking part in the Bitcoin Black Friday Deals!
Are you a user of Bitcoin and desperately need to stock up on some more Queal? No worries! Check out our deal below and make yourself or someone else a happy camper :)
P.s. We know Black Friday is technically tomorrow, but go ahead and use the deal tonight if you can't wait ;)
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We are extremely proud to announce the launch of our brand new website 😃 Not only have we improved upon the aesthetics, but the loading times are now super fast!⠀

We've also added an official Queal forum for you to ask questions, talk about your experiences, or simply let each other know which flavour you love most! Check it out here:

Also, if you haven't already pre-ordered your WundrBars, leave us your email so you can be notified once it's available on the webshop! Stay updated here:
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Check out this insightful blog by Floris before you start your weekend!
If you've ever wondered why you just can't seem to lose weight even though you maintain a strict exercise regimen, give his article a read:
Do exercise and weight loss really go hand in hand? Yes, but not in the way that you might think..
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Today, we're proud to launch our brand new webshop!
We've been hard at work trying to create the best customer experience for you, so feel free to give it a go!
As this is our English-only beta version, feedback is always welcome :D
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We're crossing the pond and fuelling a legendary team of athletes at historic Oxford! Check it out below!
Proud sponsors of the Oxford University Lightweight Rowing Club! We're fuelling this historical club with Queal to prepare for their upcoming race in 2017.
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🎅It's that time of year, folks! 🎄

In celebration of the upcoming holidays, we are hosting an official giveaway of 10 Choco-Vanilla WundrBars and 5 bags of December’s Limited Edition flavour Hazelnut Happiness!

Starting today, all the way up until midnight on the 19th of December, you can enter the giveaway in multiple ways and increase your chances of winning some delicious Queal and WundrBars. To find out how you can win, go here now:

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Friends, family, or colleagues bugging you to try your Queal?
Refer them now and receive a €20,- discount for each person who orders! On top of that, they will receive €10,- off their first order :)
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Ladies & gentlemen, we have a winner! Congratulations Kieran Mann, you win €200 worth of Queal and WundrBars! Quote of the winner: ''I feel very happy to have 85 free meals :)'' We're sure you are! Enjoy your Queal & WundrBars :D
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Hey guys! Ever wondered what new ideas there are on the functionality of food? Read about it in our new blog:
What's the difference between functional food and food with a function? We explore food innovations that are taking the world by storm!
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We've got a brand new Limited Edition Flavour for you this month...
Say hello to Perfect Pineapple (with a hint of coconut)!
Head over to our webshop to grab a few bags and celebrate the summer :)
Don't forget, subscribers receive a free bag of Perfect Pineapple as their Premium Item!
Improve your life with an Order of Queal Normal - quick, tasty and complete meals
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Queal - Quick Meal - a quick meal that you can eat whenever, wherever!
Queal - quick, healthy and affordable meal replacement shakes!

Join us in the food revolution and benefit from the convenience, save on time, money and eat healthy. 

It is our mission to bring convenience all around Europe in a way that Soylent has done for America. Can food be convenient, cheap and healthy at the same time? We believe it can, and should be! 

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